What happens when the guy who could send the whole world into tragedy (probably the most dangerous person in the world) finds out about Ariel? The daughter of his worst enemy? (Who is also evil)


1. Ariel Grace Rain

I don't exactly know what my mom does for a living. When ever I ask she gets all weird, and says she helps people. Oh sorry! Let me introduce myself. I am Ariel Grace Rain.

I have curly brown hair. I'm super fat, but everyone tells me I'm skinny. I don't believe them because the mirror wouldn't lie and nether would the scale.

I weigh 100 pounds and I'm only 17. Don't judge I know I'm fat.

I go to school at Kute Academy. Weird name I know. It's like cute but with a K. We stay the night Monday-Friday we go home Friday for the weekend.

Ok guys, thanks for reading I'm going to write a lot before publishing (you are welcome) so you don't have to wait. I will evenly post everything though. Thanks for reading check out some of my other stories ;p :)

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