Unexpected - Larry/Lirry

Harry Styles, the unpopular loner. Louis Tomlinson, one of the most popular guys in school. Liam Payne, one of the most liked and hated people of high school. These three get themselves in something neither of them expected to happen.


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV

"How are you so good?" Liam asks, slurring his words. I shrug and watch as- I think their names are Ashton and Luke- drink the cups that had ping pongs in them. There is now only one cup left on their side and there are three on our side. It is now the other team's turn. Both of them throw the ball and luckily, they both miss. It's now Liam's and my turn. We both aim and throw. I miss, but Liam makes it and we win. Again. 

"Fuck!" The one with the curly hair says while drinking the last cup.

"Haha! Yeah! In your face Aussies!" Liam yells next to me, pointing at them. 

"C'mon, Ashton," the one with the lip piercing tugs at Ashton's arm and they both leave. 

"Again! Again! Again!" Liam yells, but I refuse. "Liam, I don't want to play anymore," I say.

"Nonsense! We have only played two games. C'mon, one more!" He begs while clinging to my arm. I shake my head and walk away. 

I only take about five steps before I feel someone pounce on me. 

"What the-" I hear giggling and I immediately know it's Liam.

"Liam get off," I try to shake him off, but his arms wrap around my neck and his legs go around my waist tightly.

"No," he says into my ear, laughs some more and I can smell his beer breath.

"Liam!" I whine a bit frustrated. He finally gets off and stands a little bit to close to me. I feel uncomfortable and move to the couch. I sit and Liam follows sitting next to me, not before getting another drink of course.

He clearly won't leave me alone. I look over at him and he's just staring at me and makes me really uncomfortable. I try and focus on something else and I notice Louis was looking at us. He doesn't even try to look away. He just stares at me and I stare back. I'm getting nervous and Louis finally looks away. 

I try and stand up, but Liam doesn't let it happen. His arms go around my neck preventing me from standing up. I look at him and he looks at me with a drunk smile. I frown and look away. 

"Harry," I turn again to look at Liam. Once we are facing the same direction he quickly leans in and kisses me. 

I am honestly shocked and my first instinct is to push him away. I feel my cheeks getting hot and I'm pretty sure I'm red.

He frowns, but leans in again and this time I don't push him away. At first I don't kiss back, but it's not long before I start kissing back. He obviously tastes like beer, but I honestly don't mind. I like the kiss even if it's hot and sloppy.

We basically make out for like five minutes until Liam stops and pulls back. 

He smiles and I, being the shy person I am, avoids contact and feels my face go hot. How am I still shy after that? 

"You're cute. You know that, right?" Liam says and pecks my lips. I shake my head, "You're drunk. You know that right?"

He pushes my hair out of my face and nods before going in for another kiss. He pulls away again and giggles. He is actually kind of cute, too. We have some weird conversation about sponges and I find myself enjoying this. Even if Liam is drunk, I like him. His laugh is so cute and I don't know, but I like drunk Liam. Sober Liam may be an asshole, but once he's drunk he is a much better person to talk to.

"You know Louis, right?" He asks and I nod frowning. 

"Well, don't go near him. He's an asshole. He broke my heart, but I still like him. I think he even cheated on me once, but I'm not sure. But you know what? I like you more. You won't go ignoring me because you're at a party because let's be honest, you don't go to parties. You are much cuter than him you would be a better boyfriend. And I know you would never cheat."

"Right." He giggles and drinks more from his red cup.

My eyes roam the room again and once again land on Louis' eyes. He watched the whole thing. And I'm feeling guilty. Why am I feeling guilty and ashamed. His poker face doesn't allow me to read his emotions and I break contact before standing up and going to the bathroom. I leave Liam, but I tell him I need to pee and he lets me. 

The house is so huge that I have trouble finding the bathroom. There are two floors and the bathroom on the bottom floor, the one I am currently standing on, is occupied and has a long ass line. I go upstairs. I open a few doors and find people either making out, taking their clothes of, or almost going all the way. I apologize and quickly close the door.

Finally, I open the right door and luckily, the bathroom is empty. Those idiots downstairs never even bothered to check up here. Ha. I enter and do my business. I exit, but see Louis was waiting outside the door. I move out of the way, assuming he needed to take a piss, but he doesn't move. And when he finally does, he stands in front of me. 

"So, you know Liam?" He asks.


"Are you guys going out or something?" He raises his eyebrow and I feel a bit disappointed that all he wanted to talk about was Liam. Of course he's going to be jealous. I mean, him and Liam did go out and it's understandable that he wants to know, especially after Liam's and my make out session. 


"Well, I hope you realize that whatever Liam did, he's drunk. And drunk people do stupid things while being drunk," with that Louis walks away. Was he trying to say that Liam's kiss meant nothing? That Liam saying I was cute was just the alcohol speaking?

Well, maybe he's right. Liam does actually hate me in real life and he had too many drinks to even act normal. I don't know why, but that makes me want to leave. Stupid Liam for kissing me. Stupid Niall for inviting me and stupid Louis for ruining my night even if I do like him.

I walk back downstairs and leave without saying goodbye to anyone. I end up calling a cab. It's past curfew anyways. I need to go home. 


 (A/N- Guys sorry for the long wait. I'm not even going to lie and make an excuse, I had no idea what to write next. So I read the story from the begging and then I got ideas and well, here it is. I will be updating more often since it's summer and all I really have to attend is basketball practices and games.

So Lirry or Larry? 

Love you guys 

-Brisa x. )

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