Unexpected - Larry/Lirry

Harry Styles, the unpopular loner. Louis Tomlinson, one of the most popular guys in school. Liam Payne, one of the most liked and hated people of high school. These three get themselves in something neither of them expected to happen.


2. Chapter 2

Louis' POV


"Louis!" I look over my shoulder and see Zayn coming towards me with something in his two hands. I grin as he hands me a red cup full of alcohol.

"I thought you weren't coming," Zayn brings his cup up to his mouth. I just shrug and take a drink out of mine feeling the familiar burning sensation in my throat. The bitter taste making me scrunch up my nose.

"I needed to get out, you know?" I look at Zayn and he nods, understanding what I mean.

"Couldn't stand it?" I know exactly what he's asking. I nod, not bothering to lie to him. He knows me well enough to see through my lies. We have been best friends for most of our lives after all.

"Well, then you might need another drink," he points at my now empty, plastic cup.

I look at it and nod. "I'll be back," I leave Zayn and make my way towards the kitchen. Typical Zayn party. Big house party with a crowded kitchen. Just the way it's supposed to be. I squeeze through the bodies until I reach the fridge.

I open the fridge and skim through the various type of food. I find what I'm looking for and grab the drink. I fill my cup to the top and return it back to its place. Closing the freezer I go back, but stop when I see the door open.

The door opens and I see some familiar faces. Niall comes in and everyone starts greeting him. He high fives a couple of guys and says 'Hi' to a few giggling and blushing girls. Liam comes in after him. He greets a few people and gives others a dirty look. Typical Liam. He sees me and smirks. I just roll my eyes and see someone I didn't expect to see here.


Harry walks in receiving a few weird glances from people, but he ignores them and trails behind Niall and... Liam. I thought Liam hated Harry. Well, you can actually tell Liam isn't happy. He's frowning, but then again, Liam always frowns.

My eyes follow Harry. His curls are now careless waves and he uses his hand to move the hair away from his eyes and face. He's wearing skinny jeans with a beige blazer, underneath the blazer he's wearing a blue button up shirt. His white converse are a bit dirty, but can still be used. 

Harry sits on a couch listening to Niall and some other guy's conversation. He doesn't say anything until I see Zayn coming to him. He hands Harry a cup and Harry smiles. I keep my eyes on them.

Zayn seems to make small talk with Harry. After a few more minutes it doesn't seem like small talk. I realize I've been standing in the same spot so I sit on a chair, my eyes never leaving them.

Zayn sits next to Harry. They are obviously having a great conversation for Zayn to sit with him. Zayn says something and Harry immediately starts laughing.

Why is he laughing? Zayn isn't funny.

My eyes make their way to Liam. He is looking at me and he's looking pissed. I guess he noticed I was looking at Harry.

Liam stands up from his seat on the couch and walks to me. He grabs and chair and sits next to me. I roll my eyes.

"What? I can't sit next to you now?" he smirks.

"I don't think it's a good idea," I take a drink from my cup. Liam fake pouts and gets closer.

"Why?" I sigh and sternly say,"Liam..."

He puts his hands on the air in defense and says, "I know, I know. I'm just talking to you. Nothing more," he smiles and whispers, "just yet."


"Liam..." I breath out in between kisses.

"Hmm?" He continues to kiss me and I do too. It's so passionate and it practically makes me melt under his touch. Liam is sitting on top of me and his hands make their way to my hair. He plays with it and I moan into his mouth.

I enjoy it, how could I not? I spent some of my best nights with him. I can remember it all clearly.

I somehow get some sense knocked into me and I realize what I'm doing.

I stop kissing him and try pushing Liam off. "Liam, we can't. We have been over a long time ago."

He shakes his head.


"Can't we please talk this over? Like you said, it's been a long time. Can't we work things out?" he asks. I shake my head, "No. I'm sorry, Liam, but no."

I push him off of me. The look on his face shows signs of hurt and anger. "Sorry," I say, but he looks away. After a minute or two of silence I'm not sure is he's even going to say anything. He's now looking at the ground and I sigh.

"Liam you kn-"

"No!" he cuts me off and tears start appearing in his brown eyes.

"Can't you see that I still like you!" He's obviously angry and hurt. I can't help, but feel a little guilty.

Before I'm able to say anything he leaves. He grabs another drink and disappears from my view.


Harry's POV


"How come I have never talked to you? You're pretty cool," Zayn tells me. I'm actually quite surprised how well this night has been going. My parents let me come and I found a decent outfit to wear. Niall has been really nice to me and Liam hasn't said anything offensive, but I'm pretty sure Niall gave him a talk of some sort. Zayn started talking to me and it seems like he actually enjoys my company. I could say that I enjoy his too.

"I don't do this sort of thing much, you know? It's just school, homework and family. Not much," I explain. Zayn nods in understanding.

"Well, then I need to start inviting you to all my parties. You could go out more," I nod with what he suggested.

"I'll be back," Zayn says and leaves. I drink from my cup only to find it empty. I attempt to stand up, but Liam gets in front of me and hands me a full red cup.

Liam sits next to me and observes me. I eye the drink carefully wandering if he spiked my it.

"Just drink it," Liam says laughing. "After you drink it," I try to give it to him, but he doesn't grab it. Liam shakes his head which makes my suspicions grow bigger.

He furrows his eyebrows in frustration. "Fine, then don't drink it," he tells me. "Drink mine instead since you won't drink yours and it would just be a waste," he suggests and I grab his cup and replace it with mine.

He shakes his head chuckling.

I bring the drink up to my mouth, hesitating a bit, but eventually end up drinking it. It would be stupid to spike your own drink. Unless he knew I would not want the one he gave me and spiked this one instead. That's stupid though.

"So, Harry," he says getting my attention.


"Wanna play beer pong?" He asks and my eyes go to the table full of alcohol filled cups and drunk teenagers surrounding it.

"I don't know..." I've never played it.

"Aww, why not?" he pouts.

I shrug, "I don't know how to..." My voice trails of a bit at the end making it barely audible.

He chuckles a bit. "Then I'll teach you. It's better than sitting here doing nothing," he tries convincing me.

"Um... I don't know... I was talking to Zayn..." I explain.

"Zayn is the host of the party, he needs to talk to everybody," I feel a bit hurt, but ignore it and consider my options. Sit here all night being bored or have Liam show me how to play beer pong and get insanely drunk. I decide on the latter and stand up.

"Sure, let's go," Liam leads the way and I follow.

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