Unexpected - Larry/Lirry

Harry Styles, the unpopular loner. Louis Tomlinson, one of the most popular guys in school. Liam Payne, one of the most liked and hated people of high school. These three get themselves in something neither of them expected to happen.


1. Chapter 1

"I want you running, not walking, Styles!" Coach Allred yelled across the gym.

Harry stopped to catch his breath with his hands on his knees. He took heavy breaths in attempt to get his breathing back to normal.

"In through your nose, out through your mouth." He looked up and saw Louis give him a small smile along with his advice.

"Put your hands on your head as well," with that Louis' winked and kept running his laps.

Harry stared at him for a while and smiled blushing at the floor.

He then took Louis' advice and in a few minutes Harry was able to finish the laps coach gave them.


"You alright, mate?" Harry pulled his head through his shirt and saw Louis, once again.

He nodded trying to avoid eye contact. It was just them two in the locker room and Harry didn't want to make it awkward, though, he seemed to be doing a terrible job.

It was weird for Louis to be talking to someone like him. Louis was very popular and very attractive, to everybody else as well. His kind isn't usually seen talking to someone like Harry. Harry was quiet, shy, smart and not everyone's cup of tea. He didn't do well with Louis' type never knowing what to say or do. Besides, those people made Harry uncomfortable and it made Harry's situation worse since he had a small crush on the Doncaster lad.

Louis smiled and stood there, wanting to say something else, but decided to keep to himself. Harry closed his locker grabbing his backpack wanting to get out of the locker room. His back was now to Louis.

"Harry," Harry was a bit surprised Louis knew his name.

"Yeah?" He slowly turned around not yet making eye contact. He was a little nervous.

Louis' blue eyes met with Harry's green ones and they just stared at each other for a few seconds. Harry's breath hitched and it was becoming quite hot in the locker room.

Harry has never seen Louis' eyes and boy, it was about time. Harry really enjoyed looking at Louis' eyes and he almost smiled. Almost. Good thing he didn't.

Louis finally snapped out of it and Harry now looked at the ground. He was growing more uncomfortable by the second.

"You forgot your phone," Louis stretched out his arm with Harry's phone in his hand. Harry grabbed his phone.

"Thank you." Louis nodded and left the locker room.

Harry couldn't help, but feel a little mad. He was expecting for something to happen. What was he thinking? Of course nothing was going to happen. Harry immedietly felt stupid for thinking Louis might make the first move.

Harry walked out the locker room and bumped into somebody. "I'm sorry," he quickly apologized and met with another pair of blue eyes. "Oh, it's okay," Niall smiled at Harry, "I wasn't looking."

Behind Niall came another guy. Harry immedietely knew who it was. Liam. Not that Harry was a stalker or anything, but he knew that Liam and Louis went out for quite a while in the year before. They had a nasty breakup and since they were both very popular it got the whole school talking.

Liam reached Niall and put a hand on his shoulder. Niall turned around and Liam brightly smiled at him, but his smile quickly faded as soon as he saw Harry's face. He tried ignoring Harry, "Hey mate, wanna hang out later?" Niall nodded and Harry seemed to realize that he had nothing to do there.

Harry started to walk away, but was inturruped by Niall. "Hey!" Harry turned around and saw Niall motioning for Harry to come back. 

Harry started getting a bit nervous, but went along with it and was soon back with Niall and Liam. 

"Want to hang out with us later? We're going to a party," Niall asked. Harry was taken aback with the invitation. He looked at Liam and caught him glaring at Niall and frowning. 

"Thanks, but I can't." Niall pouted and asked, "Why not?" 

"Well I-" 

"Please, he has nothing to do. He just doesn't want to hang out with us," Liam cut him off. Harry was surprised. 

"Uh, no-"

"What does Curly here have to do? Nothing. He has no life," Liam cut Harry off once again and Niall glared at Liam. Liam shrugged. 

Harry turned around and started to walk away. He wanted to get as far away as possible as he could from them. He was walking quite fast and all of a sudden felt a hand on his right shoulder. It was Niall who had his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. 


Harry just looked at Niall and soon enough Niall was back at his normal breathing. Harry looked back and saw Liam standing there looking annoyed. 

"Look, man. He didn't mean that. He had a bad day, I'm sorry," Niall explained. 

"It's okay," Harry responded. 

"Do you still want to come to the party?" Niall hopefully asked. Harry thought about it; he had nothing to wear, his parents probably wouldn't let him, and he doesn't know how to act a party so he's not sure how that would work out. Niall patiently waited for his answer. 

Harry sighed and gave up. Niall did ask him twice and even apologized for Liam's behavior so the least Harry could do was accept his inviation. 

"Yea, sure." Niall smiled at Harry's answer and patted him in the back. 

"That's great! Okay, give me your number and I'll text you the details."

Harry reached in his backpack and fumbled with the stuff till he finally found his phone. Harry needs to start keeping it in his back pocket, but that would be a waste since he doesn't text anybody besides his mom and brother.

Harry handed Niall his phone and Niall punched in a number giving it back to Harry. 

"Okay, well I'll see you later, bye!" Niall walked back to Liam waving off to Harry. Harry was really confused and surprised at the fact that he accepted to go to this party and that Niall even talked to him.

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