The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess

My story about Link's adventure to save Hyrule


3. Chatty Villagers

Epona walked into the village, along the stone path. It was a pretty, peaceful little place. There was a large lake where we could fish, and a wooden water wheel that slowly moved around and around. A bridge led across the stream to the Mayor's house. Past that, up the hill, was the ranch. That was where I was headed, but got caught up with a few villagers that gathered around together.

"Ah, if it isn't young Link. Are you going to close down the ranch for the day?" Sera asked, and I slowed Epona to a halt. Sera was the owner of the small store in the village.

"Yeah." I replied, nodding. I was about to go again, but she continued.

"I just closed the shop, myself." she added, shaking her short light brown hair. "I'm sure you know all about the mischievous monkeys that've been coming into the village lately... Those things worry me a bit."

I shrugged my shoulders. I had heard a little bit about them, but never seen them around.

"I'd better lock up tight here... I couldn't stand to have any more goods stolen. Can't trust that good-for-nothing husband to do anything right..." Sera ranted on, and I bent my head so she wouldn't see me yawn. When the woman got started, she went on for ages.

Her daughter, Beth, interrupted.

"C'mon, Dad! You can't catch a silly little monkey?" she complained, dancing around her father.

"Uhh... Well... No. No, I can't." Hanch replied, looking down, ashamed. Sera tutted and diverted her stare back to me.

"Oh... Listen to us babble on. I didn't mean to keep you. All right, off to work with you" Sera finished, with a no-nonsense tone as if I'd been the one keeping myself away from the job.

I gave a small wave, and nudged Epona to move on.


While I was going, they called after me.

"Why don't you stop by and do a little shopping some other time?" Sera shouted.

"I will." I shouted back, eager to get to the ranch before any other conversations started. Fado would be wondering where I had got to. 

"Well... Have a good time at work, Link!" Beth added. I turned my head and nodded.

"...And be careful out there!" Hanch yelled.

I didn't quite know what he meant by that - the village was perfectly peaceful and the monkeys couldn't really do any harm - but I took his advice in mind anyway.

I was just about to cross the small bridge when Colin came running up to me. I couldn't find it in my heart to even feel bored or irritated, he's such a sweet little guy. 

"Oh... Hi, Link. I'm making you a fishing rod, y'know!" he said eagerly, his face bright.

"Wow, really? Thanks, Colin." I replied, with a bigger smile.

"I just need to finish painting it today.Then I need my dad to look it over." he added.

"Okay." I replied. He gave a wave then ran away to finish it. Just as I was about to go, Rusl approached me.

"Ah, great timing, Link! There was something I had forgotten to tell you." He said, I tilted  my head.

"My son Colin is making a fishing rod so the two of you can play together. He should finish it today, so you come get it at the house tomorrow." he explained.

"Yeah, he just told me." I said, nodding towards the little boy who was running towards his house.

He gave a nod. "Now, it is Colin's first fishing rod, so it may not be the best one out there...but you will be kind and use it anyway, right?" he asked, lowering his voice slightly.

I nodded. "Of course."

"See you tomorrow!" he called, waving.

I trotted away, over the little wooden bridge. Uli started talking about the sunset, and the mayor said a few words, and then I was off cantering up the hill towards Ordon Ranch. 

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