Return to Hogwarts

Imagine that you are me.

Yes, me. I am Rose, Rose Weasley and this year my life got totally amassing! Follow me to Hogwarts, were my uncle and my mom work hard every day. My Uncle? He is Harry Potter. My mom? Hermione Granger!


1. The Start

I stood on the platform shaking. I was nervous. Wow, I have never felt that emotion before. I feel like I am on the verge to insanity. My palms sweat, my face stings, it feels like there is a slug lodged in my through squirming up my tongue. 

 My mother secured my bag across my body and stood tall looking into my eyes. She looked to my father standing just left of her. He stood staring at a blond family just a few meters from us. 

 "The Malfoys... what a horrible family. You better beat Little Scorpio at every exam this year Rosey." He said "I am so glad that you inherited your mothers brains.". The tall blond man tuned and looked out at my father. He began walking towards us. "Great now he's coming this way.".

 The blond man stopped in front of us. "Weasleys." He looked at us "Granger" He said turning to my mum "I see you have a first year. She looks so much like her mum. I also have a first year. Scorpius, come along." a young, tall blond boy with thin limbs and knobby knees steeped out from be hind him. 

 "He looks just like his father." My mum said "Have a great year Scorpius. Come on Rose, lets go and find James, Albus, Lily, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry.". 

   When we all found eachother we borded the train together. Teddy, Victorie, Albus, James, Roxanne, Fred, Lorcan, Lysander, Lucy, Molly, Louis, Dominique and I all together. But no Scorpius he snuck down the train and found an empty compartment. That's when I decided to go check it out.

                                                 My conversation with Scorpius Malfoy
"Why didn't you sit with us?"
"I just didn't want to"
"Are you to good for us? Think pure bloods are so great? Tell that to my awesome muggle born Mum!"
"No I just......................................................................................................."
"don't make the right choices. Yeah, I know all about your family."
      Now that I think of it, I guess I wasn't well, very nice about that. Maybe I should make an effort to befriend him. I walked back in. "Lets start over." I began "I am Rose, Rose We..." I was interrupted "Weasley." he continued my sentence. "How did you know?" I asked. "Ur, hair, freckles, skin." he said. "Yeah... " I said. "Wont your dad like kill you if he knew you were here?" he asked sinking into the seat. "Probably not, how did you know he didn't want me near..." I asked, he held up a pair of extendable ears and grinned. "I see." I said "Not exactly like you're father... our parents don't NEED to know.". "Not what I expected from you Weasley." he said "Not exactly like your mum..." we both laughed. I saw James nearing us. "quick under the seat!" I yelled. As Scorpius hid under his seat I casually walked into the hall. "There you are lets go!" James said "Fred was about to eat a Puking Pestal! Come on!" He said and ran down the hall. I winked at Scorpius "Our little secret" I whispered to him and walked in just in time. 


The train screeched to a stop at the Hogwarts Platform. I stepped out holding my cat named Tiger and looked to find Scorpius. Nowhere to be seen. I then began to search the train. You know the saying, no man gets left behind no matter how awful his parents are. Okay, maybe not that last part. But no matter how I put it, it still applies. I looked through the trains. I couldn't find him in the compartment he was in before. That was when it hit me, well it actually grabbed me… by the ankle. 
    “Shhhh!” a voice said as it pulled me towards it. “Its just me, Scorpius.”
    “You bloody toad!” I screamed at him.
    “I can’t go.” he whispered. 
    “Why?” I asked “Aren't you excited?” 
    “Not really. You see I don't want to be sorted into…” He started. 
    “Slytherin. I know, but its not you its your family.” I finished for him. 
    “Not actually. I actually am scared to-to not get into Slytherin. My dad would kill me.” He said for himself.
    “It’s fine.” I said “It doesn’t matter. If I know one thing about your father it is that he is way more forgiving than he seems. He is known to… move on…” Who was I really kidding. He would be in Slytherin. It is just a given fact. The part about his dad was true though. He has forgave many people. “Come on! We’ll be late!”
    “Okay, Granger.” he said “WEASLEY!” he quickly corrected himself.


I stood with Scorpius’ hand in mine staring up at the massive walls to a giant castle called Hogwarts. It glowed with the past folded in it. It was like a book. A mystery, a fiction, a romance and many more hidden in the pages. It showed fear and bravery, friendship and hate, Love and war, happiness and sadness, loyalty and turn. It cast its shadow over us like a cloked dementor, and it will be our home.

    “You best go first.” Scorpius said shoving me forward.
    “Why me?” I asked.
    “Er… you’re a Gryffindor, and you are smarter than I am.” He lied.
    “Not yet I’m not! You are as good as I so…” I began tapping him on the sholder.
    “We should go,” He started.
    “Together.” we said both at the same time. My hand dropped from his sholder and before I knew it my hand was in his once again. Our eyes glanced down. I saw a serpent ring on his finger. We both looked up and our eyes met. That was when Albus came and draged us along.
    “Well come on then! Let’s get this over with.” Albus said dragging us into the castle “It’s fine Rosey, we wont have any reason to hang with the Slytherins during school.”. Thats when I stopped and let go of Albus’ hand and stood back.
    “He happens to be my friend. Also DON'T CALL ME ROSEY!” I yelled. Albus grabbed my hand again and yanked me away. When I next looked up I was in the Great Hall and the headmaster called my name. I stood dead in my tracks.
    “Rose Weasley” He repeated “Rose?” I stumbled to the stool. 
    “Here!” I said tripping. A roar of laughter was heard around the walls. I could pick out Scorpius from the crowd placing his palm on his forehead. 
    “Another one of you!” The sorting hat yelled “I thought we would be done with these Weasleys Gryffindor!” I exhaled hard.I joined all of my friends and family at the Gryffindor table. 
    “Scorpius Malfoy!” the Headmaster yelled. My fingers crossed. 
    “Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor.” I whispered. 
    “Many secrets, strong, Brave, sly. Oh you’re a Malfoy, correct?” The sorting hat said.
    “Er yes, sir… hat.” Scorpius answered. 
    “Slytherin!” It yelled. Scorpius’ eyes closed lightly, I couldn't tell if it was from relief or disappointment. 

    Life is so confusing.

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