Midnight Memories


1. midnight memories

I'm walking down the hallways to my first period class with my two bestfriends, Azura and Daveigh. I'm listening to them rant on about how their familes are going to the bahamas together. They stop and look at me and Daveigh asks,

“Hey Bentley! Are you paying any attention?! We asked you if had any special plans for summer break”

I look at them and say,

“No I don't have anything special planed! I mean unless my parents...”

Before I can finish the statement we hear our principal come over the speaker and say,

“Bentley Sapphire Brooks to the office right away!”

I let out a sigh and I hear things whispered around the halls but as I'm walking away I say to Daveigh and Azura,

“You've got to risk it to get the biscuit”

I turn around start my way down the hallway and Azura says,

“Girl you have been haning with your brothers too much!!”

Right before I enter the office I see her through the crowd, she sees me looking at her and so I flip her the bird. I enter the office and I see my parents and brothers standing there. I stop in my tracks and say,

“Uhhhh, what's going on.”

They all look at me and my mum says,

“Well babe, we have some big news to tell you”

I look at my brothers with a scared expression and Jai says,

“Bents, we're moving to California”

I let out a scream saying,

“FUCK NO!!!”

I turn around and walk out of the office and make my way back down the hallway. I get to my locker and I find that Azura's brother James is cleaning out my locker. I walk up to him and as soon as he hears my heels he turns around and says,

“I'm so sorry Saphs. They knew you would be so against going they asked me to clean out your locker for you.”

I look into his brown eyes and I say,

“Well of course I would be against it, I mean we're moving half way around the world!!"

As he finishes cleaning out my locker I slide down the wall opposite of the lockers and I just bury my face in my palms and start to cry. I hear footsteps walk up and I look up to see Daveigh and Azura standing there and Azura asks,

"Why is my brother cleaning out your locker and why are you crying?"

"Well girls, come to find out the reason why I got called to the office is because my family had come to tell me that we are moving to California."

They both stare at me with wide eyes and say,

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"Yeah, apparently we're moving over there. When we are I couldn't tell you and honestly I don't want to go!"

"Hell I wouldn't either! Your whole life is here!"

I look from them to see James standing in front of me with a backpack full of the stuff from my locker hanging off one shoulder and holding a binder full of the pictures that were hanging up. I look from him to the girls then back to him and I see he has a hand held out to me to help me up. I take his hand and he pulls me into him for a hug. We step back from the hug and he still has my hand in his and we walk toward the office. We stop in front of the door and I look at him and say,

"James I don't want to move!"

"I know you don't princess. I know you don't"

"Can I live in your closet?"

"What so that everytime you leave the closet you can say you came out of the closet? I would rather you stay out of the closet"

I give him a 'really' look and we both let out a sigh and walk into the office. I see my brothers standing there and I ask,

"Where are mum and dad?"

Luke looks at me and says,

"They're in the office talking with the principal"

"About what?"


"What the hell did I do?"

He shrugs and as soon as we get done talking our parents walk out of the principals office. I lean up against the front desk and my dad says,

"I see you found James"

"Well yeah, I was going to get my stuff for my first class and well there he was cleaning out my locker."

I sit on the front desk and they all just look at me and I say,

"Wey Hey! I'm moving 8,000 miles away anyways what more do I have to fucking loose?"

I swing my legs back and forth and just put my headphones in and 'Talk Dirty To Me' by Jason Derulo comes on and I lean back on my hands and I purposly lean on the intercom system and I start to rap the song. I'm just swaying back and fourth to the beat of the song. I see my brothers and Skip look at me and smile and start doing the dance we came up for it. The principal and everybody else in the office start at us and I grab the intercom system and I hold it up and start the big rap part,

"2 Chains!

Dos Cadenas, clothes are genious

Sold out arenas you can suck my penis

Get with arenas, guns on deck

Chest to chest tongue on neck

International oral sex

Every picture I take, I pose a threat

Board a jet, what you expect?

Her pussy so good, I bought her a pet

Anyway, everyday I'm tryna get to her got her saved in my phone under 'Big Booty'

Anyway, everyday I'm tryna get to her got her saved in my phone under 'Big Booty'"

I hand the intercom system to Beau and he sets it down and I just walk out of the office saying behind me,

"Fuck this shit! I'm outta here."

As I'm going to walk out of the building I see four guys that I recoginize and I turn and walk back into the office. I see them walk up to my brothers and James. My brothers and James are facing them and I mouth to James,


I'm standing behind them fangirling and I see Beau say something to them and I see them start to turn around and I stop fangirling and see Ashton turn around first. I look at him and he gives me a smile and I smile shyly back. I turn bright red and I turn around to leave the office and I feel someone grab me by the waist and whisper in my ear,

"Where ya think ya going love"

I turn around in the persons arms and I see that it's Calum and my face turns even more bright red. I look at him and say,

"Well I was goinng to go outside because it's kind of stuffy in here"

"Why would you want to go outside alone?"

"I wasn't going to be alone my two best friends were going to go with me"

"Oh okay, I guess I'll let you go outside then but if your not back in 10 I'm coming to get you and I won't hesitate to throw you over my shoulder"

I look at him with a scared look and he lets me go and as I turn around I hear him say,

"I like your shirt by the way!"

I smile and make my way out of the office. I see Daveigh and Azura standing there and Daveigh asks,

"Why are you so smiley?"

"Well for one Calum Mother Fucking Hood just held me in his arms and told that if I wasn't back in the office in 10 minutes he was going to come out here and get me and he wasn't going to hesitate to throw me over his shoulder."

"Wow..what happened next"

"He let me go and as I was walking out of the office he yelled to me that he liked my shirt"

"Well what happened next."

"He let me walk out of the office."

She looks at me with wide eyes and Daveigh smiles. I turn around and see Calum, Ashton and James looking out of the office door. I look at Calum and I give him a smile and a wink and I walk out of the doors in the front of the school. I walk outside and lay down in the grass and stare at the clouds as they roll by. I put my beats on and 'Oh My Goodness' by Olly Murs comes on and I just lay there and mouth the words to the song. I see from the corner of my eye that Daveigh and Azura had sat down on either side of me. I look at them and I they hear which song is on and we all start to sing the word, well they had me sing and they sang quietly beside me. We're all just laying there singing and enjoying our time together when next thing you know I feel someone lift me up off the ground and throw me over their shoulder. I take my beats off my ears and I let out a laugh and say,

"I guess you weren't kidding when you said you wouldn't hesitate to throw me over your shoulder.

I feel him chuckle and he carries me back into the office where I find my parents, brothers, James and 5SOS. They are all standing there laughing at how ridiculous we are. He sets me down and as my feet land on the ground I loose my balance and before I can hit the floor I feel two arms wrap around me. I look up and see Luke and I reach up and poke his lip piercing and I say,

"Do you realize how of your fans are going to go crazy when they see that?"

He laughs and he sets my flat on my feet. I look around the office and my eyes land on my parents and I say,

"Can you answer me two things, When are we going and Why are we going"

They all look at me and my mum says,

"Well sweetie, I know you don't want to go but we are moving next week and it's because you're brother and the boys new management is there."

"So what you are telling me is that I have to pack up and leave everything I know and love because of Beau, Jai, Luke, Skip and James?"

I look at James in disblief and I turn and walk out of the office and I hear Calum say,

"Bentley where are you going."

"Away from here"

I walk out of the school and over to the car. I take my heels off and put them in the back seat and I start my way to the beach. I'm walking down the road and I hear someone run up behind me and I turn and see it's James. I turn back around and keep walking. I hear him say,

"Princess! I am so sorry! I never thought they would make you move too!"

I stop and turn and say,

"Really James! I have to leave because of you guys do you really think I want to talk to any of you right now!"

I start making my way down the road again. I make it to the beach and I drop down in the sand and start crying again. I'm sitting there and I see out of the corner of my eye someone sit down next to me. I look and see that it's Calum, Luke, Ashton, Michael and 5 other guys I some what recognize. I feel Calum put his arm around my waist and I lean into him and cry even more. He looks down at me and says,

"You didn't know that it was because of beau and the boys that you were moving"

I look up at him and say,

"I didn't even know we were moving until right before I met you guys. I just can't believe they didn't tell me this morning before I left for school instead of coming to the school and making me look like a complete fool"

I take my hat off, throw my hair up in a ponytail and strip out of my jeans and t-shirt leaving me in my bright blue and gray fringe bikini. I'm standing there and all the guys are staring at me and Michael says,

"WOW! How many tattoos do you have?"

I look at him and say,

"Well Mikey darling, I have my diamonds on my arm, my double infinity, my rose on my left shoulder, my peter pan quote 'to die would be an awfully big adventure' on my rib cage, the one on my neck which means 'Serenity ~ Ohm Shanti Ohm - 'Om Shanti' means peace for the all human kind, peace for all living and non living beings, peace for the universe, peace for each and every things in this whole cosmic manifestation,' and then I have my paris skyline from my 16th birthday and my london skyline from my 18th birthday and I plan on getting more!"

They all look at me and one of the other guys says,

"What did you go to london and do for your birthday?"

"We went because i have always wanted to go there and shop so we went and they let me do a lot of shopping. I actually got this bikini while I was there, i have the blue top and gray bottoms at my house."

He shakes his head and that's when I notice he's a brit. I walk over to him and I take his glasses off his face and pull the beanie off and I see a head full of curls and bright green eyes and I fall backwards. He looks at his lap and then back up to me and he says,

"Hey Bentley! It's been a while."

I get up and wipe off the sand on my legs and I stand at the edge and I feel someone walk up behind me and I turn and see that it's ashton. I pull out of his arms walk into the water and I hear him say,

"What did I do"

I turn and say one word,


He looks at me and says,

"How did you find out about that!?"

I give him a look and he says,

"I forgot your a directioner also"

"Yeah, we can find out things like you wouldn't believe and the fucked up part. We have pictures of you two kissing!"

"Bentley, I'm so sorry!"

"ASHTON I FUCKING TRUSTED YOU! I TRUSTED YOU WITH EVERYTHING!!! All it took was one kiss for you to screw everything up!"

"Bentley it had been months since I talked you! I thought we were done!"

By now I'm pissed the fuck off and I'm in his face and crying. I poke his chest and say,

"Ashton it had been months because YOU wouldn't return any of my texts or phone calls!! It was all you Ashton, I was the faithful girlfriend who stayed here and took the hate that people sent me. You don't understand how much hate was actually sent to me emotionally and mentally. I was out of school for almost 2-3 weeks because I couldn't handle it. Then when I finally was able to get back to school the picture had surfaced. Everybody was asking me if I was okay and I had no clue what they were talking about. Finally one day Aura told me she had something she thought I should see. She brought me here one day after school and told me that and she then showed me the picture. You don't even understand how broken I was and still am. I wasn't expecting to see you here today. I wasn't expecting to see you back for a long time. I was finally getting over the fact that YOU CHEATED on me with fucking Styles' sister! Of all fucking people, you chose Harry's sister who was one of my good friends! Ashton, I came to the beach to get away from all the stress from school, my parents, moving, my brothers and most importantly you!"

He's standing there with a shocked look on his face as I walk around to find everybody standing there my mom, dad, brothers, skip, james, azura, daveigh, harry, calum, luke and michael. I walk over to them and I see azura and deveigh are standing there with a towl and my clothes. I walk over to them and wrap the towl around my body and I just break down. I look up at them and then at my family and I say,

"I'll go on one condition."

My mum looks at me surprised and says,

"Anything sweetie"

I look at her and my face goes serious and I say,

"We have to get a house with a basement or attic because that WILL be my room and I am going to go to the beach everyday and if I get a boyfriend, DAD, you can't treat me like I'm 2 anymore."

"Okay sweetie that's understandable"

I put my shirt back on over my bikini and I notice that there is someone hiding behind harry. I walk over to him and move him and I see Gemma standing there and I turn to ashton and say,

"So you brought her here to rub it in my face that you cheated on me with someone who was suppose to be one of my best friends?!"

He looks at me and says,

"How the hell was i supposed to know that she was going to be here?"

"Well you guys are together and from other directioner sources you two text and talk on the phone all the time."

"Who the hell is your source?"

"I would never give them up! Even if I was to tell you, it still wouldn't make me want you back"

I turn around and start my way back to the school. I get back to the school and I realise i'm still in just my shirt, hat and bikini. I walk into the school and go straight to the gym. I walk in and the gym teacher looks at me and says,

"Uh Miss Brooks, why do you not have any pants on?"

"Well Chris, I just got back from the beach because I found out that I'm moving to California because my brothers and their friends new management is there and I went for a swim and I forgot my pants at the beach."

I raise my shirt up a little and say,

"I have my bikini on so don't worry"

He looks at me and shakes his head at me. I look up into his blue eyes and I walk towards his office and in walk and see coach beckham sitting at his desk. I walk over to coach hemsworths and sit on it. I'm swinging my legs back and fourth and coach beckham asks,

"why don't you have any pants on?"

"Well David, I just got back from the beach because I found out that I'm moving to California because my brothers and their friends new management is there and I went for a swim and I forgot my pants at the beach."

He looks at me and says,

"Oh okay so your just walking around the school with no pants?"

"Not really the school, this is the first place I came when i got back"

I'm sitting there and coach Crhis walks in and gets me a pair of basketball shorts from his desk. I stand up off the desk and slide the shorts on over my bikini bottoms. I let go of the shorts and they fall to the floor. I let out a laugh and I pull them up and I tie the strings. It finally hits me that I'm moving and I just break down crying and I feel my legs buckle and before I hit the floor I feel someone catch me. I feel myself being lifted and being sad down in someone's lap. I look up and see coach David and he says,

"Oh sweetie it's going to be okay"

I get up and look at him with tears falling and say,

"I'm moving half way across the world because of my brothers and you tell me everything is going to be okay! I'm going to be leaving everything I know and love to move to a town where I will know nobody."

I stand up and I walk out of the office and into the main part of the gym. I see that there are some students sitting in there. I see that some of the gymnastics stuff is out. I walk over to it and I tie my shirt up to where it's showing my stomach and I take some of the powder for the uneven bars and I cover my hands in it. I walk over to them and I start to do an old routine of mine. As I'm going around the bars I see that my family, the boys, 5SOS and harry are standing there watching me. I finish up my routine and I do my flip off the bars. I land on my feet and I hear applause throughout the gym. I see the balance beem and I go climb up onto it. I start doing some of the basics that I can remember and I do one of the flips that I always love to do. I start to do the small routine I came up with and I see Coach David and Chris standing there. Right before I finish I throw coach chris my phone and say,

"Play 'I Wish' by Cher Lloyd"

He starts the song and I start the rountine. Right before it gets to T.I.'s part I do the finishing touch of it. I do one of the hardest flips i know how to do. I land on my feet and once again I hear applause. I look around see that there are more people standing in the gym. I walk over to the small sink and wash my hands. I walk over to my family and everybody else and I collect my things from them and I walk out of them gym. I go outside of the school and I open the door at the back of the car and I sit down with it open. I put my beats on and I start listening to 'Say Something' by Alex & Sierra. I'm sitting there just kind of thinking about everything. I pull out my phone and I start a video and I say,

"Hey everybody it's Bentley! I just want to let you know if you don't already know that I'm moving to California. I know what you're thinking, why the hell are you moving to california? Well it's because of my brothers and their friends, you may have heard of them they're called The Janoskians. If you haven't go look up their videos! I'm in a few of them, oh who am I kidding I'm in a lot of them. Anyways, I miss everybody like crazy and I promise, boy do I ever promise, that I will come back and visit the first chance I get. I'll try and give some people my address. Well I guess this is going to be a goodbye for a while. I love you guys so much."

I wipe away some tears and I end the video. I upload it to facebook and keek and my phone instantly starts blowing up. I look at it and I just turn it off for now. I put it the pocket of the shorts and I climb into the backseat and I lay down. I look at the sky through the window and I just daydream about what my life is going to turn out like. I'm laying there with my eyes closed and I open them just in time to jai, luke and beau standing there with the door open. I look up at them and I take my headphones out and I ask,

"What do you want?"

Beau looks at me and says,

"Mum told us to come tell you it's time to go and that you need to say bye to everyone you're wanting to say goodbye to."

I climb out of the car and I make my way into the school. I walk through the hall barefoot and I see my group of friends standing around their lockers. I walk over to them and Azura and Daveigh can tell by the look on my face that it's time for me to go. They walk up to me and embrace me in a hug. We pull back and I look at my other friends and say,

"Guys, you don't know how much I'm going to miss you! I'll try to come back and visit as much as I can but you know the whole time difference is fucking nuts!!"

They all gather me in a hug and I start to cry. I pull out of the hug and I walk off towards the gym. I walk in to see Coach David teaching a class. I walk up to him and he pulls me into a hug and I say,

"Well this is it, we're about to leave for LA."

"Okay doll, you'll be back around sometime to see us?"

"Yeah I'm going to try to visit as much as I can"

"You better"

I start making my way to the office as I stop at the door I turn and say,

"You know I will coach."

I turn back around and walk into the office and see coach Chris sitting at his desk. I walk up to his desk and he pats his knee. I look up into his blue eyes as I sit down on his lap and I say,

"I'm about to leave so I thought I would come say goodbye."

I feel him play with the ends of my hair and he says,

"You do know who i am right"

"Yeah, you're Chris Hemsworth the actor. You're just here to study for a role for your new movie."

"Yeah so you know that I'm leaving soon also"

"I know. I also know that since your divorce you haven't even had a kiss."

"How do you know that"

"Well hun, I'm a directioner and I called up one of my friends who knows how to figure stuff out like that and well one thing lead to another and I know a lot about you"

"That's scary"

"Wow, i've been told it's interesting, awesome, amazing, different and scary sexy but never just scary."

"Well I'm going to have to agree on the last one"

"Coach Hemsworth, sir. Are you hitting on me?"

I get up from his lap and I walk towards one of the back offices. I sit down on the desk and I look up to see Chris standing in front of me. I feel his hand cup my face and I smile. I reach up to the back of his neck and I pull his face to mine. I feel his breathe hitch on my lips and I say,

"I'll be careful. I promise."

I bring his lips to mine and I feel his other hand go to the my lower back bringing my closer to him to deepen the kiss. I slide my tongue over his bottom lip asking for entrance. He slips his in my mouth and I feel a hand go to the band of my shorts and I feel them being slid off. I remove my lips from his and I bring my fingers to the hem of shirt and pull it over his head. I run my hand over his chest and I bring his lips back to mine and I deepen the kiss. I feel his hand go up the back of my shirt and roam around my lower back and stomach. I feel his tongue slide over my bottom lip and I decided to tease him a little and deny him. I hear him moan into the kiss and I smile. I love that I have this effect on him. I pull back and look into his eyes and I see that they are a dark sea blue. I lay my head on his chest and he pulls me into a tight embrace and I say,

"I really should probably get going"

"Yeah, we can't keep your parents waiting."

"Well we could but then they would probably come looking for me and we wouldn't them to walk in on that now would we"

"True True."

He cups my face and runs his thumb over my bottom lip and over my cheek and he pulls my lips to his one more time and I can tell there is something different by the way he's kissing me this time. The kiss isn't a kiss full lust and passion but one full of longing. I tangle my fingers in his hair and pull him closer to deepen the kiss. I run my tongue over his bottom lip and he lets it slip in and the kiss starts to get more heated. I feel him pull my bottom lip in between his teeth and I let out a small moan. I feel his chest shake as he lets out a chuckle.

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