Heart Attack


1. She's Not Afraid

The alarm blares and I knock it into the floor. I look at the time and I see that it's 6:30am. I roll over and throw a pillow at Charlotte. She rolls over and looks at me and says,

"What in the name of nandos?"

"We have to get up remember we have to be to work at 8 and I know how long you take to get ready."

"Don't be saying anything to me about taking forever to get ready, you take just as long as me."

"Not when I set my clothes out the night before like I've been trying to get you to do."

"Don't sass me missy"

"I'm the fucking sass masta!"

I get up off the bed and head towards the bathroom after grabbing my white button up shirt, black body con skirt, red bow earrings, 'loki' ring, my anchor/infinity sign/braid/love bracelet set, black thick framed glasses and my black ankle boots. I turn around and see Charlie getting out of bed and she goes to her wardrobe and gets her gray dress, pink blazer, pink heart earrings, 'love' ring, mulit-colored bracelets, dream catcher necklace and her gray toms. We both go to each of the bathrooms and get ready for work. About an hour later we both walk out and we walk out of our room and head downstairs. We get into the kitchen and see our parents standing there making breakfast and I say,

"Hey mum, hi papa!"

They look at us and mum says,

"Good morning loves I see you have special things planed for today?"

"No we have work today"

"Oh, well you girls look very beautiful"

"Thank you mum"

We grab a bite to small bite to eat and then we head out to our cars, both of us have black land rovers and then I have my dark red metallic mini cooper and Charlotte has her black metallic mini cooper. I hop in my mini cooper and Charlie hops in her land rover. We pull out of the driveway and we pull onto the highway and head towards the mall. I turn on my radio and what comes on "She's Not Afraid" by One Direction. Were driving down the highway singing our hearts out. We pull into the mall and get out of our cars and we walk up to each other and I say,

"So you were listening to she's not afraid also?!"

"Was it that obvious?"

She smiles at me and we continue our walk into the mall. We get to the store and we see our manager standing there with a masive smile on her face and she says,

"It's a pleasure to meet you girls are you excited to be working here at The Glitter Source?"

Charlie looks at her with a big smile and says,

"We are so massively excited to be working here. When we found out that there was going to be a new store and it was going to be called 'The Glitter Source' we both knew that we had to apply here. then when we did apply and we were the first ones you called for a job. We you so excited!"

She looks at her and smiles. She turns and leads us into the store. We walk in and about fangirl, its so amazing in here. We walk through the store to the office and she fills us in on where we will keep our stuff. We walk back out from the office and see that there is a big group of people looking around the shop. My manager looks at me and says,

"Well here is your first costumer"

I smile and walk over to the group of people and say,

"Welcome to the glitter source, how can I help you?"

I see a guy with a fedora, an oversized sweater, black skinny jeans, white converse and a pair of orange ray bans; one with a green slouchy beanie that says irish, gray jeans, black high tops, an ugly christmas sweater and a pair of blue ray bans; one with a dark grey slouchy beanie, skinny jeans, a colorful striped sweater, blue vans and a pair of white ray bans; one has a black beanie, black jeans, a red sweatshirt, all black high top adidas and a pair of all black ray bans; and the other has a black and purple batman snapback, blue jeans, a black sweater, black high top converse and a pair of dark purple ray bans and the big guy with them was just wearing a black baseball cap, black shirt, gray button up sweater, blue jeans and running shoes. The boy with the red sweatshirt walks over to me and says,

"You don't seem very shiny to be working at a place called the glitter source!"

"You would be rather surprised, I can be shiny if I wanted to. I should be asking why there is a group of guys in a store called The Glitter Source?"

"I actually don't know why we are here."

I smiles at him and the guy in the gray slouchie beanie and white ray bans walks over to me and asks,

"Do you have anything that I could get my girlfriend? Something maybe pink or in the same color range as pink."

I turn to him, smile and say,

"Yeah, if you go over to the left side by the purple section you'll find all our pink colored stuff."


I smile as he walks away. I look at the guy standing in front of me and as I'm about to walk away he grabs my hand and asks,

"What kind of perfume are you wearing?"

I look at him with a weird look and say,

"It's called 'Our Moment' it's One Directions perfume they came out with. Why?"

I see a small smile creep to his face and he shakes his head. I look down and see that he still has his hand on mine. I see that he has a tattoo on the side of his hand so I lift his hand to get a better look at it and when I do his sleeve goes up a little and it reveals more tattoos. I see some of the tattoos and I recognise them instantly. I look up at him and he's looking down at the floor and I slide his glasses off his face and I whisper,

"Zayn, I'm not going to scream out that ya'll are here; I would never do that to you. I don't think I could even if I wanted to."

He looks at me and smiles and I put his glasses back on his face and I say,

"Well I am at work and I should probably get back to working."

"Will I ever see you again?" he asks

"I don't know maybe, will I ever see you again?"

"I would sure hope so"

As he's about to say something else Niall and Liam walk over and Liam says,

"Come on! Someone has figured out we're here"

He looks at me with a look that says 'did you tell someone.' I look at him and say,

"Like I told you Zayn, I would never do that to you and i couldn't if I tried."

"Then who did?"

"I don't know but it was really nice meeting you Zayn and I really hope that we will see each other again some day"

He starts to say something when he's dragged away by Paul. I see him turn and give me one last smile before he's dragged out of sight. I walk over to Charlotte, Eleanor, Eliza and Felicity and I say,

"Well that was interesting!"

I turn to see our manager walking over to us and she says,

"Well Lizzie, you did a really great job with those costumers. Charlie, Elea, Eli and Lici you did a great job with stocking."

We all smile at her and then look at the time and we realize that Zayn and the boys were here our entire shift. We all stand in different spots in the store and our manager says,

"Well girls you all did a fantastic job for your first day. You all can go ahead and head home."

I look at her and say,

"Thank you we had a lot of fun today. We'll see you tomorrow"

We all walk back and get our stuff and as we start to walk out of the store she waves at us and we all wave back. We're walking through the mall and we decide that we're going to get food from the food court. As we're walking to the food court I feel someone walk up behind and put their arms around my waist. I freeze in my tracks and I try to turn around and I feel a hand slide over my eyes and the person allows me to turn around but with their hand over my eyes as I try to walk away the person leans by my ear and whispers,

"Your still not shiny enough"

I smile and I pull him into my arms and I kiss his neck and I feel him shudder and he pulls his hand from my eyes and I see him look at me over his sunglasses and his eyes shine and he smiles and leans in and says,

"I should probably tell you this, but I have a girlfriend"

I pull away and look at him and just walk away. I catch up with the girls and they look at me and Elea says,

"What happen Lizz?"

I look at her and say,

"It's nothing"

We all keep on walking and we finally reach the food court and we all stand there and try to decide between Nandos, Subway, Zaxby's, A&W and Fat Wally's. We all couldn't decide as a whole on where we wanted to eat so we all went our separate ways, I went to nandos, Charlie went to subway, Elea went to zaxby's, Eli went to a&w and Lici went to fat wally's. I walk up to the line in front of nandos and I can tell someone is behind me. I turn around to see Niall and Liam standing there, they give me a smile and I turn back around and I feel a hand lay on my shoulder. I turn and see that it's Zayn. I turn back around and just put in my headphones and press shuffle and their song 'Little Things' comes on. I'm standing there and when it's my turn to order I tell the girl what I want and she gives me a number. I walk away from the counter and head back over to where my friends are sitting. I sit down and I look at Lici and I text her and say,

Lizzie: So one of the guys who came into the shop today was the one who stopped me ealier

Lici: Are you serious!?

Lizzie: Yeah and he was acting all cute and cuddle and interested in me and then when I made a slight move he threw the g bomb

Lici: He has a girlfriend?

Lizzie: Yeah and whats worse is that he lead me to believe that he didn't

Lici: That's fucked up girl!

I look up to see her giving me a apologetic look. I start to say something to her but then I hear my number being called out. I stand up and walk up to the counter and I see Zayn standing there waiting for his food and he smiles and says,

"Didn't think a girl could eat so much."

I look at him and say,

"Well I didn't think I guy could lead a girl on so much"

He looks at me baffled and before he can say anything back to me I walk back over to my seat. The girls look at me and I just start to eat my food. I'm sitting there eatting when I feel someone tap my shoulder. I turn to see that it's Zayn, I turn to the girls and say,

"I guess I'll meet up with you guys later."

Elea looks at me and says,

"Okay girl have fun"

I simply state,

"I won't"

She gives me a weird look and I get up and throw away my trash and I grab zayn's hand and we walk out to my car. I get in the drivers seat and he gets in the passengers seat and I turn and say,

"What the hell is your problem Zayn?!"

He looks at me and says,

"I don't know Elizabeth, I really don't know. I mean I thought I was in love with my girlfriend and then I met you today and I don't know what happened. I just started to rethink my entire relationship."

"So pretty much with you just meeting me, you started to rethink your entire relationship?"

"Yeah, it's crazy I know but there is just something about you that's different from Perrie. The weird thing is, I like it a lot"

"Zayn, I like you a lot. Like a lot a lot, but the fact that you have a girlfriend is killing me!"

He looks in my eyes and takes my hands in his and says,

"I know love it's killing me too. I'm gonna go back to my hotel and facetime perrie"

"Why don't you just come back to my house and you can do it from there and you can tell the boys they can come over too"

He pulls out his phone and texts one of the boys telling them that he was going to come with me to my house and that they could follow us there. He puts his phone back in his pocket and he turns and looks at me and says,

"The guys are parked on the other side of the mall they're going to come meet us and then we can all head to your place."

I start the car and as soon as the radio comes on it starts to play 'Heart Attack.' I look at him from the corner of my eye and I see a smile form on his lips. I turn my head and face the window and I see another car pull up next to us. I see that it's the rest of the boys and I start to pull out of the parking lot. I start my way down the highway back to my house and I look in the review mirror and see that the boys body guard is trying to keep up with me. I slow down a little to let them catch up and right as I slow down its time to turn onto my road. I make the turn and see that the rest of the boys are still behind me. I make my way down the street and I turn into my driveway and Zayn lets out a gasp and his jaw drops. I lean over and push his jaw up and I get out of the car to find everybody else already standing there looking up at my house in shock. I look at them and ask,

"What never seen a nice house before?"

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