You and I


1. chapter 1

'Ugh...another day.' I thought as I climbed out of bed to get ready for school. My phone goes off, telling me I have a text messgae. So i walk over to my dresser and check it.

Lillie: Wake up, sunshine! It's anoter new day!!! :)

I giggle as I answer back

'yeah, yeah I'm awake lol'

I sit my phone back and go to get my clothes for the day and shower. I walk into the bathroom and turn the radio on and "some nights" by fun is playing, so I start to sing as I jump in the shower. After my shower, I get dressed and walk over to my mirror and apply my small amount of make-up just base and mascara. As for my hair I never do much with it besides through it up on top of my head. So, just like every other day in the week I walk down the street to school. When I finally get to my locker I see that Harry is at his. Harry is the most popular boy in school and he just happened to have a locker next to mine. I started to put in my combination when he said something to me,

"Hey, emily ann how are you?"

"I'm good thanks for asking! How are you"

"Oh well you know"

"Haha no I dont know. You haven't told me yet"

"Haha well I'm good!"

The bell to go to first hour rang and we both said our goodbyes and headed off. I sat in my normal seat like I did in every one of my classes, in the back on the right side of the class closet to the door. My friends started to come in loud as ever. Journey is making Lillie laugh probably from some joke. Emma-Kay and Lanablu are talking about something they over heard in the hall,

'Lanablu: Yeah, today is his last day till he leaves for london!

Emma-kay: We should wish him good luck or more like emily ann here should wish him a very special good luck

Lanablu laughed and the other girls did too. I looked at her confussed.

Me: What?

Lanablu: Harry is leaving tonight for XFactor.

Me: So why does that mean I should wish him good luck?

Journey: Because dumby, you like him and you see him after every class and in almost every hour after this one!

Me: And I say again....Soooo...haha

Journey: Just do it Emily!'

Right then the teacher walked in so we had to shut up. The next 45 minutes felt like forever! This was for sure the most boring out of all my classes. I hated english and I didnt care much for the teacher either. Just then the bell rang. Thank the Lord! I left my friends behind because I was still frustrated at them for bothering me about Harry. As I rounded the corner to my locker I saw Bailey leaning against it talking to Harry. I walked up behine her and waited for her to move but after a few seconds I got pissed off because she hadn't moved.

Me: Umm...Excuse me" nothing

A Me: Excuse me!" ....nothing again

So finally I said,

"Could you please get the fuck out of the way!!!"

She turned to look at me, but then turned back. So I walked around so I was in front of her Harry looked at me with a sad face and said,

"Sorry, Em"

"That's okay Harry" I looked at Bailey and said, "look bitch get the fuck away from my locker and have your stupid convo somewhere else! K bye!"

She gave a look that couldv'e killed me but said to Harry and did her slut walk all the way around the corner.

"I'm so sorry." Harry looked so sad and sorry

"It's okay. Don't worry about it"

"You ready to go to class?"

"Yeah, let's go"

We always walked to second hour together. It never failed. As we walked I said,

"I want to wish you a good luck tommorrow, Harry"

He looked at me and smiled,

"Thanks, Emily. That means a lot."

We head off to second hour and when we walk in we go our separate ways. I walk to my seat on the oppisite side of the room and he walks to his. I sit down and pull out my binder for that class and as the teacher begins to teach I start to take notes. The class goes on for another hour and finally the bell rings. I gather my things and I look up to see Harry standing in front of my desk. I smile at him and say,

"Hey Harry, whats up?"

"I was just waiting to walk to next period with you"


"Yeah, of course"

As I start to get up I trip over my feet and Harry catches me before I can face plant into the floor. I look up at him and smile and mutter a thanks. He puts his arm around my shoulder and we walk out of the class together. As we walk down the hallway we have all eyes on us. We walk past my group of friends and I look over to them and give them a wink and I hear Lanablu says,


I look up to see Harry smiling down at me and I turn my head so he cant see my blush. We continue our way to class when Bailey walks in front of us and says loudly,

"What the hell are you doing with my man slut h...."

Before she could finish the sentence Harry speaks up and says,

"Listen here Bailey, Emily Ann is not a slut! She is more of a women then you will ever be and if I hear about you talking shit, bulling her or anything like that while I'm gone, I will not be happy. Honestly I never really liked you anyways!"

Her jaw drops and I look from her to Harry then back to her and he does the unexpected he turns me to face him and says,

"Emily Ann, we have been walking to class together everyday for as long as I can remember. I want to say that I have honestly started to fall for you and why it took me this long to realize it, is beyond me."

I look up at him with a confused look and he places his hand on my cheek and runs his thumb over it and he leans in and places a light kiss on my lips. He pulls away and I feel a smile start to show on my face. I look up at him and as a tear starts to fall down my cheek I whisper as he puts my arms around his neck and his around my waist,

"Harry, I don't know what to say besides that I can't believe this and I had fallen for you a long time ago. I just didn't want to say anything to you because I knew you would be leaving soon."

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