1. chapter 1

I wake up to my parents screaming at each other again. They have been fighting a lot lately. Ever since my brothers left their fighting progressively got worse. It's summer so of course I thought I was going to get to sleep in. I roll over and try to go back to sleep, but fail epicly at it. I get up out of bed and walk into the bathroom that's attached to my room. My old bedroom didn't have a bathroom in it but since my brothers Niall and Luke moved out I moved into their old room. Lukily the walls are dark blue and light blue chalkboard paint in my room just like in this one. I start the shower and strip down and get in. I'm sitting there letting the water hit my back. I sit there and think about how good everything was when my four brothers lived here. I finally stand up and grab my pink grapefruit shampoo and conitioner and wash my hair and then I grab my loufa and the axe body wash, that one of my brothers left, and wash my body. I get out and wrap a towl around my body and walk back into my room. I walk to my wardrobe and pull out my black leather jacket, black veil brides tank, red bandeau bra, black cut off shorts, knee high gray socks, bring me the horizen vans and my black beanie that says 'dope'. I get dressed leaving my jacket on my bed and walk back into my bathroom and do my makeup with a dark black smokey eye and a dark plum lipstick. I stand in front of the mirror and look at all the tattoos and peircings I have. I have a rose on my shoulder, a feather and the words 'wild & free' on the inside of my right arm, a small cross on my left hand by my thumb, a heart with an infinity symbol through it on the back of my left arm by my elbow, a small anchor on my right ribcage, 'we are the fallen angels' in arabic on my left collar bone, my nose peirced and I have spider bites on the right side of my lip. I put some moose in my blue and green hair and blow dry it to give it messy waves and I put my 'dope' beanie on. I walk back out of my bathroom and into my room to find my brother Luke and his three best mates and bandmates Ashton Tomlinson, Calum Malik and Michael Clifford. I stop in my tracks and Luke stands up and I embrace my younger brother in a hug and say,

"Bub you have to get me out of here!"

He pulls back and looks in my eyes and says,

"I'm trying sis, I promise I really am"

I look at him and pull him into another hug. He releases me and I look and see Michael, Calum and Ashton sitting on my bed. I shake my head and walk to my bed and lay down with my head in Calums lap and my feet in Michaels lap. I look up at Calum and smile and he smiles back. and I hear Luke ask,

"So how bad has it been since we all left?"

I let out a sigh and say,

"Bub, it has been shit!!!! You would know that if you, niall or liam ever answered my phone calls like Andy does. He's the only one out of you four who has talked me since you left me here."

He looks down at his feet and I hear someone from the doorway say,

"Well if you werent such a slut maybe your brothers would want to talk to you. To think I was one away from all boys!"

I look up to see my dad standing in the doorway. He looks at me with my head in Calum's lap and says,

"See you just can't seem to stay away from guys can you, you little slut?"

I get up from the bed and walk out onto my balcony and start crying. I put my headphones on and start to listen to my music. I press play and some black veil brides comes on and I just sit there listening to them and day dreaming about meeting Andy. I'm sitting there and I feel a hand on my shoulder I turn to see my brother andy standing there. Before he could see the tears I turn around and face the ocean. I have always loved the fact that we lived right by the ocean. I look to my left and see andy sitting there. I look away and start to climb over the balcony and I hear andy say,


"What the hell does it look like I'm doing, I'm going to the beach!"

"Does mum or dad know?"

"Do you really think they would miss me if anything happened to me? You saw the way dad treated me."

His face drops and I just continue my way over the balcony. As I'm about to jump down I hear a voice from behind me say,

"Don't you usually use the front door to leave your house?"

I turn my head a little and see non-other then Andy Biersack standing there. I jump from shock and I let go of the balcony and I wait to feel the ground and I look up to see bright blue eyes and I realize Andy had caught me from hitting the ground. I stare into his eyes and he sets me down and I say thanks and I turn and run away. I run all the way to the beach and I go sit on my jacket and just listen to music. I'm watching the waves and see out of the corner of my eye someone sit down next to me. I turn to my right and see a boy with blue eyes, white gages, plaid board shorts, no shirt and some black headphones. He looks down at me and I ask,

"Can I help you with something?"

He looks down at me and smiles and says,

"I was just going to see if you were okay, you seemed pretty upset when you ran up here"

I look down at my feet and say,

"Yeah, you could say that"

"I'm Drew by the way, and is there anything I can do to help?"

"I'm Darcy and if you could make my father realize I'm not a major slut like he thinks I am that would be fantastic!"

"Why does your dad think that?"

"I honestly have no clue, he's thought that ever since I started high school. The worst part is that my mother says nothing to stick up for me."

He looks at me and smiles and pulls me into a side hug. He then notices my tattoos and asks,

"How many tattoos do you have?"

"Well I have 8 of them; I have a rose on my left shoulder, a feather and the words 'wild & free' on the inside of my right arm, a small cross on my left hand by my thumb, a heart with an infinity symbol through it on the back of my left arm by my elbow, a small anchor on my right ribcage and 'we are the fallen angels' in arabic on my left collar bone."

"Wow! How long have you had them?"

"Well I started getting them in june of 2010."

"That's cool, do they have any special meaning to you?"

I just look at him and shake my head yes and I get up and shake off all the sand on my jacket. I put it back on and as I'm walking away I hear Drew say,

"Darcy, Will I ever see you again?"

I turn around as I'm walking and say,

"I don't know drew. Maybe, maybe not. Thanks for listening though."

As I go to turn around I run into to someone with red board shorts, no shirt, a surfboard, and sandals. I look up to see gorgeous brown eyes and shaggy brown hair and I look down and step around him saying,


Before I could walk away I feel a hand on my wrist and he turns me back around to face him and says,

"What's wrong beautiful?"

"Nothing, sorry for running into you"

I pull my wrist away from him and I start to walk away and I run into a guy wearing blue and white board shorts, no shirt and has gorgeous green eyes. I look up at him and then walk away. I head my way down the sidewalk and go to starbucks. I walk into the store and I head over to the counter and order a venti add expresso shot, 9-pump caramel, classic whole milk, stirred, upside down, iced coffee. I get my coffee and I go sit down at a table in the back. I put my headphones on and I pull up pandora and my Emblem3 radio comes on and 'Jaden Live' comes on and I sit there and just listen to the guitar. I pull out journal and I start to write and mouth the words to the songs that play as I sip on my coffee. I hear the bell on the door jingle signaling someone walked in. I look up from my journal to see a group of five guys walk in and they all have hats and sunglasses on. I look back down and see that the next song that comes on is 'Summer Love' by One Direction. I sit there thinking did pandora really have to rub it in that I haven't seen my brothers in over 2 years. I look up to see a guy wearing a off-white long sleeve shirt, black jeans, black boots, a black beanie and all black raybans, one is wearing a white t-shirt, skinny jeans rolled up, black boots, a black beanie and all black raybans, one is wearing a white t-shirt, blue and black blazer, black skinny jeans, black boots, a gray beanie and all black raybans, one is wearing a black snapback, white t-shirt, blue button up, jeans with a rip in the knee, some white supras and a pair of all black raybans, and one is wearing a off white shirt, gray cardigan, blue jeans, gray boots, a black beanie that says 'dope' and all black raybans. I smile at the last guys beanie cause I have one on just like it. I take another sip of my coffee and I look up again and see the guys that I ran into at the beach walk in. I turn my head towards my journal and I see out of the corner of my eye the one named Drew walk over to my table and I look up into his blue eyes and I take my headphones off and ask,

"What do you want Drew?"

He looks at me and says,

"I didn't know you write."

"Well love there is a lot of things you don't know about me. Just like there is a lot of things I don't know about you."

"Well you can ask me anything."

I look down at my journal and put it back up in my backpack. I pick my bag up off the ground and I hang it from my right shoulder as I start to walk out of starbucks. I'm walking by the big group of guys and I run into the one with the beanie same as mine. I drop my coffee and his sunglasses fall off. I look up to say something and I realize that it's my brother Liam. I'm standing there starring at him and I look down and mutter a 'sorry' and I run out of the shop. As I finally stop running and catch my breathe I stop and sit down at a pinic table. I pull my journal back out and start writing again. I look up as I slowly start to cry and I see Liam and the others standing in front of me and he says,

"What was all that about?! You don't just run into someone and then just run off! Are you even listening to me?"

I look up at him and look him straight in the eyes and say,

"You don't even recognize your own sister!"

"I would recognize my own sister because she's more of the girly-girl type"

I look at him with tears falling down my face and as I start to walk away I see my brother Andy run up and he says,

"Darcy Shiane Hemmings! Don't you dare ever do that to me again!"

I look up at him as he pulls me into a hug and I mutter,

"I'm sorry bubby, I didn't mean to upset you. I'm going to head back to the beach if that's okay. Liam didn't even recognize me"

He looks down at me and he then sees Liam standing there with the rest of the boys and he says,

"Hey Liam sup bro"

Liam looks at Andy and says,

"Uhhm hey bro"

Andy looks at him with a dissapointed look and says,

"How could you not even recognize your own sister."

"What are you talking about recognize my own sister"

Liam looks from me to andy and andy says,

"Okay darc go ahead and go to the beach I'll come find you later."

Before I walk away I look at Niall and say,

"I would have thought at least you would have known it was me. Considering how close we were"

I walk away from them as tears fall down my face. I make my way down the beach and I feel an arm wrap around my waist and I look to my left and see the guy with red board shorts and gorgeous brown eyes and shaggy hair. I look up at him and smile and he pulls me into his side more. I finally ask him,

"Wesley why didn't you tell me who you were when I ran into you earlier?"

He looks down at me and looks shocked and I say,

"Yeah, I know you're Wesley Stromberg from emblem3 and I'm not going to treat you any different from earlier. As far as I know you're the same sweet, thoughtful, gorgeous guy that just wanted to know if I was okay."

He looks at me and smiles as we sit down on the beach. I lay my head on his shoulder and he looks at me and asks,

"Do you know how to surf?"

I go wide eyed and whisper,


He lets out a small laugh and right before I can answer I see Drew and Keaton walk up. I look up at them then look away and I say to Wesley,

"I'm gonna go ahead and go. I'll talk to you later"

I get up and start to leave when I feel a pair of arms snake around my waist and give me a hug. I look up and see Wes looking down at me with a smile on his face. I return the hug and as he pulls away and I say,

"Here's my number and text me later *random number*"

"Thanks beautiful, ill text you later."

I walk away from him and start my way back to my house. I'm almost home and I hear Andy walk up next to me. We walk back into the house and I walk straight past my parents and up to my room. Once I get to my room I go straight into my bathroom and wash my face. I walk out of my bathroom to find my brothers Liam and Niall and their friends Louis, Harry, Zayn and Louis' and Harrys sisters Lyric and Sawyer are with them. I look at them and ask,

"What the hell do you want?"

"I really want to apologize for earlier sis! If I knew it was you I would have treated you differently" Liam says

I look at him and I walk past him and walk down to the kitchen and ask my mom,

"When is dinner going to be done?"

She looks at me and plainly says,

"You don't need to eat, you're fat enough as it is"

I look at her and I grab one of my premade ceaser salads and a water from the fridge and head back up to my room. Once I get to my room I walk out to my balcony and I start to eat my salad and I hear someone walk out onto the balcony and I turn to see Ashton standing there. I look up at him and smile say,

"You can sit down you know that right"

He shakes his head yes and he sits down next to me and we sit in silence as I finish my salad. I look over at him and he says,

"You shouldn't listen to your mom! You are perfectly imperfectly beautiful just the way you are!!"

I give him a slight smile and he scoots closer to me and pulls me into his side while I just sit there and cry. He starts to rub circles on my lower back as I sob into my chest. I hear him start to softly sing 'Beaneath You're Beautiful.' I look up into his blue eyes and I say,

"I don't see why you don't sing more Ashy, you have such an amazing voice."

He looks at me and smiles at the nickname I gave him and he pulls me into his side even more and continues to sing the song to me. I look up at him and smile and I hear someone else come onto the balcony and I turn my head slightly and see that it's Luke and the rest of the boys. I turn my head and I lay it back on his chest. I'm sitting there listening to him sing and I just smiles the whole time. I hear someone say,

"What the hell has happened to our sister?"

I recognize the voice as Liams and I look at him and say,

"Well bro, if you wouldn't have abandoned me to go audition for the XFactor this wouldn't have happend! When you guys were still here everything was great and I didn't have anything to worry about, but when you left everything went to hell Liam and today when you didn't even recognize me that hurt. That hurt a lot Liam!"

He stands there shocked and says,

"I already told you sis! If I would have known it was you I wouldn't have freaked out the way did! If any of us knew it was you we would have said something"

"Liam! The fucked up thing about it is that I'm wearing the matching beanie to the one you have on. Zayn! I was carring the backpack you gave me on the same christmas I got the beanie from Liam. Harry! I was using one of the many journals you got me at the same time. Niall! I'm wearing two of the many 'links of london' bracelets you got me. Louis! I was carring the camera and weaing the vans you got me for the same christmas."

They all stand there shocked as I get up and walk back into my room. I grab an old mma duffel bag and a suite case out of my closet and I start putting clothes in it. The guys all walk back in and Ashton says,

"Darcy what are you doing?"

I look up at him as I'm folding some of my jeans and I say,

"If its okay with you and the boys I'm going to come stay with you for a little while to get away from my parents."

He looks at me with a smile and says,

"Babe, you know you can always come stay with us weither the boys like it or not."

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