Broke girl

New York....who doesn't to live in New York...the city that never sleeps. Yellow taxis. People passing by in the streets always in a hurry. I love this city! And I love my job! I have my own apartment, my independence and I feel happy.
My life is basically working. I work at The New Work Times. And I am always working.
But one day my life got upside down when I got fired!!!!
I don't have a job, I don't have money....not even to pay the rent! Now I don't have an apartment!
Thank God I have Betsy by my side. She is the best best friend ever. I am moving to her apartment! Just one I am going to live with her and her stupid boyfriend, Liam....


4. This is not mine

Skye's pov

I woke up...and's more like a hangover....I admit I had some drinks last night...I!

I took a shower, changed my clothes, pick my bag and went to Starbucks...

I was waking calmly to my work when my phone rang


"Skye! Where are you? You have to come here now!!!!!!!"Rosie said angrily

Why is she so angry? Anyway I went fast to the newsroom.

Everyone was looking at me...this is weird...

I went straight to Rosie's office

"You want to talk to me?"I asked

"Yes..."she said" Please close the door" I closed the door...she continued "Can you explain me what is this?!"she asked handing me the today's newspaper

My text was there...I look at it and realize that the text was...different...wait...this is not mine!

I read it and it says

"Imagine the worst job ever...that it's mine. The New York Times' officer is full of tired journalist that can't sleep more than 4 hours because they stay working all night long. Of course there is the boss...the editor in chief,who simply go everyday to her home when she finish her work and let us here working the whole night!...."

The text continued with more horrible was true but the readers didn't need to know this....

"This is not mine!"

"Well you send it to me last night..."

"Why did you publish it?!"

"I didn't read it !I was really busy so and it was already late so I just direct it for the publishing house. Your work is always so good...I thought I didn't need to review it!"

"Bu-t...this is not my text! I didn't wrote this!"

"Oh really?!So how you send me this? Why did you do this? Do you want to lose your job?"

This works make me shiver! I can't lose my job! This work is my life!

"Please don't do this!"I begged

"Well...I don't have a choice! This is hard for me too! My job is to review everything before publish it! I have a boss too! And he is really angry! Sorry Skye..."

She opened the door...that was it...I got fired !I've lost my job...and probably my career too...after all who would hire a girl that write a text criticizing the place where she works?...

I went to my desk, picked up my stuffs, put all on a box and walked to the elevator thinking "How this happened? How did someone sent the text to Rosie?....I remember last night I sent MY text, not this shit, and ran to the restaurant to meet Betsy...did I closed my email? Did someone send another text to Rosie from my computer?"

While I was thinking the elevator's door was closing and the last thing I saw was Lindsay smiling and waving at me...

Oh.My.Gosh.I can't believe on this....I can't believe that little bitch did this to me!


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