Broke girl

New York....who doesn't to live in New York...the city that never sleeps. Yellow taxis. People passing by in the streets always in a hurry. I love this city! And I love my job! I have my own apartment, my independence and I feel happy.
My life is basically working. I work at The New Work Times. And I am always working.
But one day my life got upside down when I got fired!!!!
I don't have a job, I don't have money....not even to pay the rent! Now I don't have an apartment!
Thank God I have Betsy by my side. She is the best best friend ever. I am moving to her apartment! Just one I am going to live with her and her stupid boyfriend, Liam....


27. The columnist

Skye's pov
I woke up and saw that my Twitter was full of notifications
He is right you are so talent
Congrats ?!for what?!
I've kept reading the tweets
Ryan Martin is right. Broke girl is the best blog ever. She is a really talent writer
What?!Ryan Martin?! Does she means the Ryan Martin? The most amazing and famous columnist?! The one that everyone reads?!? Have he write about me?!? No way
I keep scrolling my notifications and someone tweeted a link and said
Congrats Brooke girl!
I opened the link and there was the columnist of Ryan Martin
The numbers of blogs had been increasing, everyone can have a blog, it is really easy. There are blogs about everything. There are the bad ones and the good ones.
I've never been a fan of blogs but when my 17 years old daughter had shown me the blog Broke Girl I've changed my opinion.
Broke girl talks about feelings and how life can get crazy some time in unique way.
The way she writes about her love life, her best friend weeding plans and the love of her life(that happens to be her bf's fiance) make you cry and laugh!
It's so good, I just can't stop reading it. I am anxious for her next post. So I recommend to everyone go check the blog.

Ow! Ow! OMG!!!AAHHAHAHHAH!!!Ryan Martin loves my blog!!!!! He wrote about my blog!!!!!!!
I checked the blog and the numbers of readers were getting bigger! It doubled!
"Skye!" Liam called
"Come in"
"What are you doing?"
"You won't believe what happened!"
"Ryan Martin wrote about my blog"
"You mean the Ryan Martin?"
"Yes! He said he love it! And now my blog is a success!! Everyone is talking about and reading it!!!!"
"Ow!!Congratulations! You know we should celebrate, we should go to Starbucks"
"We do that everyday."
"I know but you like to go there, don't you?"
"So let's go!"
We went to Central park first to run and then we went to Starbuks.
When we got back I've had an email, it was from Seventeen Magazine!!! I read it and they wanted me, Brooke Girl, to write a column for them! They said  if was interested I should call them. Of course I was interested !My own column on Seventeen Magazine! And this mean I would have a job!!!
"AHAHAHA!" I screamed happily
"What happened?"Liam asked running to my room
"Seventeen Magazine wants me to write a column for them!"
"You, you?"
"No. They don't know that I am Skye Adams, I will sign as Broke Girl”
"Oh anyway this is fantastic! So you've got a job!"
"Yes!!!Now I will have my own money and I will be able to rent an apartment"
"So you will leave me..."
"Liam, you have Betsy, you two are going get married and I can't live here forever..."
"I will miss waking up and see you in the morning..."
I hugged him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Oh he has no idea how much I will miss him...


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