Broke girl

New York....who doesn't to live in New York...the city that never sleeps. Yellow taxis. People passing by in the streets always in a hurry. I love this city! And I love my job! I have my own apartment, my independence and I feel happy.
My life is basically working. I work at The New Work Times. And I am always working.
But one day my life got upside down when I got fired!!!!
I don't have a job, I don't have money....not even to pay the rent! Now I don't have an apartment!
Thank God I have Betsy by my side. She is the best best friend ever. I am moving to her apartment! Just one I am going to live with her and her stupid boyfriend, Liam....


6. Kicked off

Skye's pov

More one week since Betsy visit and I am still lying in the I won't get up! I am sooooo depressed!

Someone knock the door. Who is? I know it's not Betsy because she has the key, she never knocks the door...I gathered all my strength and got up, walked to the door,I opened it and it's Josh, the owner of the apartment(my apartment is rent)

"Hey Josh"

"You one day to pay the rent"

"Ou...hold on...I know it expires tomorrow but I've lost my job it's been a hard month but I will pay later!"

"Hold on Skye! I think you don't understand. This will be the third month that you don't pay the rent! In our contract says that if you don't pay the rent for 3 months you will need to leave the apartment..."

"What?3 months? Are you crazy? I have paid the others two months!"

"Oh really? Because I haven't receive the money of it! Do have the receipt?"

"Yes I have! I 'll pick it. Just a sec."

I opened the drawer where I put bills and receipts. It must be here...I am sure I paid this...right?!No I paid it...I can't remember...but I am sure I paid it...oh! Shit! I saw two bills...the rents of the last two months...they were there in the drawer...I haven't paid them! I completely forgot about them! I was so busy with my work that I forgot to pay the rent! How I could forget this?!?!?!?I am so screw!!!No, no panic...breath Skye...ok I don't have a job...but I must have some money on the bank...I just need to go to pay at least one month, so I won't be kick out of the apartment....

I came to the door and told Josh that I would pay the rent.

As soon as he left I went to the bank.

I freaked out when I realize that I didn't had money to pay the rent! I didn't had money at all! I am broke !And I will be homeless!!!!!

I panic!!!!!I was trembeling! I didn't know what to do! So I called Betsy


"Betsy! Help me!"I said crying

"Gosh! What happened? Is really serious? Can you explain very quickly?"she asked

"Yes...I forgot to pay the rent for 3 months and now I realize that I don't have money! I am broke! And now I will be kick out of my apartment!!!I am desperate!!What am I going to do?!?!?"

" can move to my apartment! Liam is living there too but there is an empty can stay there...the apartment is not big but there is room for us 3..."

"Really?!You don't mind?!"

"No it's I really need to go, the the news will be live in 5 minutes....I'll send a text to Liam telling him the news and you can already pack your things and go....anything you want just call him ok?"




Ok soooooooo....I am going to live with my best friend!...And her stupid boyfriend....


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