Broke girl

New York....who doesn't to live in New York...the city that never sleeps. Yellow taxis. People passing by in the streets always in a hurry. I love this city! And I love my job! I have my own apartment, my independence and I feel happy.
My life is basically working. I work at The New Work Times. And I am always working.
But one day my life got upside down when I got fired!!!!
I don't have a job, I don't have money....not even to pay the rent! Now I don't have an apartment!
Thank God I have Betsy by my side. She is the best best friend ever. I am moving to her apartment! Just one I am going to live with her and her stupid boyfriend, Liam....


21. It's not a date

Liam’s pov

It was at night and Skye was in her room getting ready…it has been more than one hour… I know she is going to a date,with that guy,Brandon.He has a weird name…I mean Brandon it’s not a nice name,anyway,I saw her today, after she ran away, sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee with him…in our place! I mean this is our place to drink coffee after our run…Brandon shouldn’t be there,I should! This pissed me of more than I imagine and worst of all is that she just pretend that nothing happened…she didn’t even try to explain to me why she left this morning in a hurry! She came to the living room and….ow! She was…..amazing…so hot….

Skye’s pov

After the coffee in Starbucks Brandon invited me to a party…in fact it was more like a dinner…it was her mother’s birthday and he said that it was always really boring so he invited me hoping that being my side will make the party cooler...

So after one hour trying many clothes I finally decided to put a black dress…my prada’s heels, my hair was messy in a nice way and my make up was more natural. As soon as I got to in the living room Liam looked at me

“Hey” I said


“So…do I look nice?”

“Yes…you look really nice”

“Thanks” I said smiling “So, can you borrow me the key?I don’t know what time I will come back,so I don’t want to wake you up…”

“Oh” he handle me the key

The door opened and Betsy showed up

“Hey…ow! You look hot girl !Where are you going?”Betsy asked

“To a date” Liam answered

“It’s not a’s a party…” I said

“It’s Brandon’s party…”Liam said

“Brandon? Who is Brandon?”Betsy asked

“Her boyfriend..”Liam continued

“Ok, stop Liam! He is not my boyfriend and it’s not his party!It’s a dinner for his mother’s birthday and he invited me so he wouldn’t be bored .Just this!” I said angrily

Why Liam is so annoying…it seems like he want this to be a date…so does he want me to date Brandon? Is it? So I will dated him…

“I should probably go…”I said

“Ok…have fun. And tell me later everything about Brandon…”Betsy said

“Bye” I said

I closed the door and the last thing I saw was Liam face…and he didn’t look happy…

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