Broke girl

New York....who doesn't to live in New York...the city that never sleeps. Yellow taxis. People passing by in the streets always in a hurry. I love this city! And I love my job! I have my own apartment, my independence and I feel happy.
My life is basically working. I work at The New Work Times. And I am always working.
But one day my life got upside down when I got fired!!!!
I don't have a job, I don't have money....not even to pay the rent! Now I don't have an apartment!
Thank God I have Betsy by my side. She is the best best friend ever. I am moving to her apartment! Just one I am going to live with her and her stupid boyfriend, Liam....


35. Getaway


Skye's pov

"Where is Betsy's earring?!"

Betsy's sister shouted.Everyone looked around

"It's here Lily"Betsy said


"Lily you are more nervous than me! Remember I am the bride not you...the last thing I need now is a nervous cool of..."

"Ok sorry I am everyone ready?"

She looked over the room.The hotel's room was full of girls, all the bridesmaids, Betsy's cousins, her aunt, her grandmother, her mother and me....

"Yes everyone is ready..."I said 

"Good, we should go" Lily said

"Ok"Betsy said

Everyone looked gorgeous, the dress, the makeup, the hair...and Betsy...Betsy looked perfect.

"Skye can you help me here?My high heels are really high and this dress is really long...I can't walk by my self..."

"Sure" I said moving from the girls and walking by Betsy's side

While we were walking I could only think on Liam...and the kiss...we haven't talk to each other since this morning....after what happened in the park I ran to the hotel and helped organize the last details...

"Are you ok?"Betsy asked

"I am fine"

"You are liying"she looked at me "You can't lie to me, I am your best friend!Tell me"

"I can't!I am sorry I can't do this."I said and run

"Skye!Skye!"Betsy called trying to run

I kept running.Tears were falling on my face 

Betsy grabbed my arms. She had taken of her high heels 

"Skye what is happening?"

"I can't go to the weeding"

"What? Why?"

"Because....I love Liam..."

"You what? "

"I love him! I kissed him today and it was so perfect! But he is your fiancé and...I just...I just want to say you have an amazing fiancé ,and you are the luckiest girl in the world, so please give some attention to him more often...don't let your work spoil your relationship..."

Betsy said nothing, and I just ran away



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