Just Cant Let Her Go


1. Chapter 1

I wake up to “Homeless” by the almighty ginger himself Ed Sheeran. I get up out of bed and walk into my closet and look around trying to figure out what to wear. I try on my white and teal supras, off-white skinny jeans, love cupcake tank, teal varsity jacket and black hipster glasses. Then I try on my nude heels, boyfriend style jeans, sleeveless white lace shirt, maroon bowtie, maroon suspenders and my Irish flag sweater. I decide to wear this as I walk down the stairs I smell chocolate chip and nutella hotcakes, toasted bagels with nutella and freshly squeezed apple juice. I sit down at the large oak table and eat a stack of hotcakes, two bagels and drink three glasses of juice. I get up from the table go use the restroom, tell my parents bye and go out to my car, which is an all black range Rover with zebra print interior, and I head to school. I pull into the parking lot and park next to a line of cars that look familiar. I get out of my car and put my headphones on and play my Ed Sheeran playlist and the first song to come is “The A Team.” I start towards the office to get my schedule and I hit the shuffle all button and “Started From The Bottom” by Drake pops up on the screen. I slide my phone into my back pocket. Out of the corner of my eye I see a blonde hair green eyed boy smiling at me. With everyone looking at who he’s smiling at I set my stuff down, turn around, and run up to him and he catches me in one of his hugs, that I haven’t had in I don’t know how long. He sets me down and as soon as my feet touch the ground I’m pulled into a backwards group bear hug and I know instantly who it is, Beau and Zayn. They set me down and I hear a squeal and I say,

"OH fantastic! Here comes the rest of the brigade!"

After they attack me in hugs and Avery tells me how much she loves my outfit, I finally say,

"We should probably get to class."

They look at me and shake their heads in agreement. We walk to our first class, which we have all our classes together imagine that, as I sit down with Cody on my left, Beau on my right, Zayn on Cody’s left, Avery on Beau’s right and Connor in front of us. I look up and see the most horrifying creatures ever walk in the classroom door, Liam, Siva and Tyler P. They see me and walk over to us and Liam says,

"Well, Well, Well, will you look who we’ve got here guys? Our little love puppet is back from Well wherever it was."

I sit there and just stare at them in disbelief and finally say,

"Listen here! I am not still nor will I ever again be your love puppet! Because if you couldn’t tell I have new group of men in my life."

I look at Connor, Cody and Zayn who look like they’re about to burst, and finally my eyes land on Beau, who quickly grabs my hand and shots Liam, Siva, and Tyler P and evil grin and kisses my cheek. By now everyone in the class are starring at us then I hear Siva’s awesome but overly annoying Irish accent say,

"Looks like there’s a new couple at Hollywood Prep."

I’m still looking at Beau and ask angrily,

"What if we are a couple? Do you have a problem with it?"

I look at them and shake theirs heads no. They walk over to their seats and hang their head. I turn to my left and look at Cody and ask,

"Did that really sound like me and Beau are together?"

He looks at me and just shakes his head. Before I could say anything the bell rang starting class. We sit through the class with stares from everyone and finally the bell rings for our second class. I walk out and go to my locker which is in-between Cody’s and Zayn’s. I put my books up and get my stuff for second period when I feel a hand snake around my waist. I turn around and see Connor smiling at me and I say,

"Connor you just about got slammed into a locker!"

He looks at me and smiles apologetically and says,

"Sorry love I thought you would have heard my footsteps"

"Well I would have but I was spaced out."

"What were you thinking about love?"

"Just how I want to be home asleep in my bed" I lied

He looks at me and agrees. I turn around in his arms and hug him tightly to me and whisper,

"I’ll tell you later k"

He nods and we walk to our second class. I walk in and see some blonde slag sitting on Beau’s lap sucking his face. I start to around and I run into a group of guys I’ve met briefly before, Austin, Brad, Tom, Louis, Dylan, and Jay. I look up and see stripes and I know it’s Louis and I look up at him and he walks over to some seats and he pulls me down next to him and he just holds me while I cry. I feel someone sit next to me and I turn and see some curls poking out from under a beanie and some scruff on his face and I grab Jay’s hand and he rub circles on the back of mine. Austin sits on the other side of Louis and Dylan sits on the other side of Jay and Tom, Brad and Connor sits in front of us. I look up from Louis’s neck and see our principal Simon Cowell and assistant principals Olly Murs and my favorite one Nick Grimshaw standing there and Simon speaks up and says,

"Okay class I know your probably wondering why were in here. Well we are here to introduce you to your new chemistry teacher Mr.Ed Sheeran."

I perk up when I hear the name and I ask,

"Uh Mr.Cowell are we talking about the almighty ginger Jesus himself ed sheeran?"

"If you are referring to the singer ed sheeran then yes I am talking about that one"

I look at Avery who is now sitting in-between Brad and Tom and I say accidentally to loud,

"Are you kidding me! I’m going to be taught about chemistry by the freaking Almighty Ginger Jesus himself, I legit was just listening to him this morning when I woke up, on the way to school and when I got here."

After I say this I look up and see him standing there and I stare jaw dripped and he says,

" ‘ello class my name is Ed Sheeran and I will be your chemistry teacher this year. If your wondering why I’m teaching chemistry its because I’m on break from touring for a year and I thought thought I would try something different so for all you sheerios out there I’m still gonna be doing my music I’m just going to be doing it and teaching."

Avery and I let out a breathe we didn’t know we were holding and I look up and Mr.Grimshaw was looking at me I smile awkwardly and he let’s out a little laugh. I look at Mr.Cowell and he says,

"Since it looks like Ms.Johnson.and Ms.Scott are the only ones excited about the new teacher I will let them help him get settled in"

We look up at him and smile and Mr.Murs says,

"Okay Well we have some other teachers to introduce. We will check in on you Mr.Sheeran later in the week."

Ed nods his head and the principles walk out. I look at Avery and we get up and walk up to his desk and I say,

"I just want to say what an honor it is to meet you and that we are huge sheerios and I want to welcome you to Hollywood Prep Mr.Sheeran"

He looks at us and smiles and says,

"Please call me Ed, Mr.Sheeran sounds to old. Thank you girls for the warm welcome."

I smile and say,

"So do you need help taking role?"

"Sure love."

I look out to the class and I say,

"Okay so you saw where I was sitting right?"


"Well that row goes Dylan,Jay,Me,Louis, Austin and in front us it goes Connor,Brad,Avery and Tom. The other table is Leigh-Anne,Perrie,Beau,Cody,Zayn, Eleanor and Cher."

"Okay I know Louis and Zayn cause I’ve worked with one direction before but it may take me a bit to learn the other names."

"That’s fine you can call me either Ava, Ris or AJ, Avery you can call her either Ave or Avery, Dylan either Dyl or Dylan, Jay either JayBird or Bird,Louis either Lou, Louis or BooBear and Beau either BoBo or Beau."

"Alright thanks that’ll help a lot."

"No problem one more thing you might want to stop them two from eating each others faces." I say pointing over to Beau and Perrie

He sighs and says,

"Oi! You have to stop now!"

I look at him in shock at how serious he was being. They look at him and Beau flips him the bird and I finally get fed up with him and say angrily,

"He said to stop and plus I’m pretty sure the rest of the class myself included doesn’t want to see you sucking the face of some slag"

He looks at me and says,

"Your one to talk Avarice, being all cuddly with Connor in hall and then sitting on Louis’s lap here in the class."

"Are you kidding me, the only reason why I was hugging Connor in the hall was because he came up behind me and hugged me and I almost slammed him into the lockers and as for sitting on Lou’s lap I was crying because I walked to see you sucking face with that fake-ass blonde haired slag!"

By now I’m furious and I’m leaning over his table in his face. He looks up at me and see’s that I’ve been crying and his face drops and he says bluntly,

"I don’t know why you started crying, it wouldn’t have worked out between us anyways"

"Oh really? Why is that?"

"Your not my type"

"What’s your type then, bad dye jobs, shorts that show their underwear, vnecks so low you can see straight down the shirt without even meaning to, no curves? Because what were you telling me over summer break? Oh yeah that I was the kind of girl that was your perfect girl, I had curves in the right places, I didn’t wear clothes that you would see only in a strip club, I barely wear any makeup, I don’t try super hard to make friends, do I need to continue with the list Beau? Or was everything you told me a lie?"

He looks at me and says with a straight face,

"Yeah it was, I don’t date girls who weigh over 130"

I look at him in disbelief as tears start to fall again and I ask Ed,

"Can I go talk to Mr.Grimshaw?"

"Of course you can love."

I walk over to my table and say,

"Can you guys meet me outside the office after class?"

I hear a chorus of yeahs and sures as I grab my purse and head to the front office. I walk in and Mr.Cowell and Mr.Murs are standing there talking and Mr.Cowell asks,

"Avarice what’s wrong sweetie?"

"Is Mr.Grimshaw in his office?"

"Yeah go on back"

I walk back towards his office and I knock and I hear a faint ‘come in.’ I walk into his office and I see him standing there and he sees I’m crying and walks over and pulls me into a hug as we sit in his chair. He looks down at me asks,

"What’s wrong babe?"

"Beau" is all I say.

"What did he say this time?"

"Well hold on Avery recorded it I’ll have her send it to me."

I pull out my phone and text her,

'Her I know you recorded my fight with beau can you send it to me I want to show grimmy'

I look up at him and see he’s smiling that I use the nickname I use to call him. I feel my phone vibrate and see my phone blowing up with texts,

'austin; cody hit beau!

brad; zayn hit beau!

tom; Jay went after beau

dylan; you need to get back here it’s a fucking riot, Jay Cody and zayn are beating up Beau


avery; quit being all lovey and get back here and stop this!!!!!’

I look at Grimmy and hand him my shoes and say,

"I have to get back there cause I know how their tempers are"

I run out of the office and down the hall and into the room. I stop when I see Jay, Zayn and Cody throwing hits at Beau. I’m standing and I hear Avery say,


I then do the unthinkable and right as one of them are about to throw another hit I step in front of it. I’m standing there waiting for the impact but I don’t feel anything. I look up to see three pairs of eyes looking at me and I say,

"WHAT THE HELL GUYS! JUST BECAUSE I WALK OUT OF THE ROOM DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BEAT THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF BEAU! I mean yeah I felt like hitting him in the face but just because I felt like it doesn’t mean I’m going to. Guys go sit back down at my table and I’ll take care of him"

They walk away with their heads down. I turn and look at Beau and ask,

"What caused them to start beating the shit out of you?"

"Well when you walked out I may have let it slip that…"

"That what Beau?"

"That me and the boys had a lot of ‘fun’ with you this summer while in Melbourne"

"WHAT THE HELL BEAU!!!" I scream as I smack the shit out of him.

I let out a long sigh as I walk away from him and over to Ed’s desk. I get to his desk and I turn to Beau and say,

"Now if I ever hear my name or any of their names out of your mouth I won’t be here to stop them next time. So Ed can I go get my shoes from Mr.Grimshaw cause I kind of had to take them off to get here as fast as I did."

He looks at me and smiles and says,

"I know I’m not supposed to say this cause I’m your teacher but that smack was awesome and Yeah you can go get them."

I turn to walk out of the room but as I get to the door Mr.Grimshaw and Mr.Cowbell are standing there with my shoes. He hands me my shoes and I put them back on and Mr.Cowell asks,

"Avarice why exactly did you run out of the office shoeless?"

"Uh-mm, well Mr.Sheeran needed me right away and I wouldn’t have been able to get here fast enough so I just took them off and ran."

"What did he need you for so urgently?"

"Uh-mm he needed help working the projecter and since Avery is computer illiterate she text me and told me to get back fast."

"Well did you help him with the projector?"

"I was about to but I realized I was still shoeless so I was gonna come get my shoes and then come back and help"

"Oh Okay but what happened to Mr.Brooks?"

"He fell"

"He fell?"

"Yeah he fell a lot, he is actually rather clutzy."

He just shakes his head and I smile at him and walk up to Ed’s desk and say,

"So about the projector"

He looks at me and smiles a cheeky little grin and whispers,

"I know how to work the projector but that was a good cover up."


I stand there and I lean over the desk and pretend to help him with the projector and I can feel a pair of eyes on me. I turn my head to see Grimmy stairing at me. I pull out my phone and send him a text,

'Avarice: quit starring at my arse

Grimmy: what makes you think I was doing that babe?

Avarice: probably because I could feel a pair of eyes on me and when I turned to see who it was you were the only one starring at me!

Grimmy: Okay so I was what are you going to do sue me? :P

Avarice: don’t tempt me grimshaw lol just dont get caught next time

Grimmy: lol Okay I’ll try not to but you should probably clean up Beau he looks pretty bad

Avarice: Okay can I take him to your office?

Grimmy: Yeah it’s open first aid kit is in my bottom draw’

I look at Ed and he whispers,

"Were you just texting Mr.grimshaw and did he call you babe?"

"It’s a long story and I’ll tell it to you sometime but right now I’m going to take Beau and clean him up some so people don’t ask to many questions"

"Okay that’s fine, do you want to get coffee before school and you can tell what went on between you and grimshaw."

"Alright that’ll be fine, give me your phone"

He hands me his phone and I put my number in it and text myself from it,

'Unknown: the almighty ginger jesus Ed'

I save his number and I walk away from the desk and go over to Beau and I reach my hand out and he hesitates to take it but finally does and he asks,

"Why are being so nice to me when I was so nasty to you"

"Because Beau I still love you and I’m going to be the bigger person here"

"Where are we going anyways"

"To Mr.Grimshaws office so I can clean you up so people don’t ask to many questions"

As we walk past Mr.Cowell and Mr.Grimshaw, Mr.Cowell asks,

"Where are you two going"

"I’m taking him to the nurses to clean him up some"

"Okay but the bell is about to ring so when it does go to your next class"

"We will Mr.Cowell I promise"

We walk out of the class and start down the hall and into the office. We get to Grimshaws office I sit Beau down and walk around the desk and get the first aid kit and I walk back around and I sit down on Beau’s lap facing him. He looks me and asks,

"Why are you sitting like that"

"Well darling I did spend an entire summer with you and your family and I know how you don’t like being taken care of and remember this was the only way I could to help when you face planted in the rocks and in the yard and.."

"Okay I get it just please be careful I’m hurting pretty bad I think they cracked some ribs"

I look at him with a sad face and say,

"Im always careful with you and really do you blame them for doing what they did? They are only looking out for me just like the way you, jai, james, skip and Luke did while I was in Melbourne. You do remember that summer don’t you?"

He looks at me and takes my cheek in his hand and says,

"How could I forget, that is my favorite summer ever!"

I look into his gorgeous eyes as tears threaten to fall and I say,

"Then why did you say that everything you told me that summer was a lie? You don’t truly know how much that killed me on the inside. When I saw you this morning I was beyond ecstatic because it was the first time I had seen you since that summer and when you were smiling at me the way you were I seriously wanted to just kiss you right then and there."

"Then why didn’t you?"

"I didn’t know if you would have kissed me back or even if you still had feelings for me because you and the boys have been on my mind constantly since I’ve left."

I finish and he wipes away the tears that fell and he says,

"You don’t think I haven’t thought about you! You have been all I could and can think about since that summer."

I’m sitting there starring at him and he starts to lean in and as his lips are about to meet mine I stop and say,

"Beau I can’t just pretend that you didn’t say those things to me. So I’m just going to get you cleaned up cause the bell is literally about to ring in like three minutes."

He looks at me with sad eyes as I pull out the first aid stuff. I finish up and I’m putting the first aid kit back when he pulls me back on his lap. I look at him and ask,

"What are you doing?"

"I just want to remember this moment where we were somewhat friends again before we have to go back out there and act like we hate each other again."

As I pull him into a hug Mr.Grimshaw walks in and asks,

"What is going on here?"

I look at him and say,

"Well sir, we are savoring this moment where we are somewhat friends again before we have to go back out there and act like we hate each other again"

He looks at me and I get up off Beau’s lap and I pull him up and whisper I his ear as I pull him into a hug,

"I really want to be friends again but it’s going to take a long time for me to trust you again. I’m taking you to the doctors after school to have your ribs checked out. Also if your wondering I’m not telling the other boys about what you said which they are probably going to find out anyways so I would find them and tell before someone else does. I love you Beau I really do."

"I love you too Ris"

We pull apart right as the bell rings and as I walk out I give him one last look saying don’t forgot about this afternoon and he gives a small smile. I look up to see Austin, Brad, Tom, Louis, Dylan, Jay, Avery, Cody and Zayn standing there giving me a look and Zayn asks,

"What the hell was that look and smile about?"

I look at him and say loud enough for him to hear,

"He may have been a dick to me but I still really care about him and since it was pretty much my fault he might have some cracked ribs due to the fact that yall almost beat the life out him I told while I was cleaning him up that I was taking him after school to the doctors to be checked out."

They all look at me and Avery says,

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Yeah I’m sure, I mean Avery you know our history so I kind of owe it to him."

I look up and see his group of friends looking over at us and I say,

"Well of to the locker"

I lock arm with Zayn and Connor and we walk to our lockers to get our art supplies. Me and Zayn went shopping for supplies as doomsday we figured other we had art together. We both even found it funny that our friend Andy who has no drawing ability what so ever was the teacher. I look over at Zayn and say,

"Are you ready to see Samuels make a fool of himself!"

"Are you kidding me I have been looking forward to this day all summer."

"Lets do this!"

We shut our lockers and wait for Avery, Cody and Connor. They catch up with us and as were walking away I hear an irish accent come from behind us,

"Oi! Ris!"

I turn around and see Niall and I run,as fast as heels let you, and jump on him and scream,

"My leprechaun! I have art with you?"

"Look like it love!"

He sets me down and I jump on his back say,

"Carry me my feet hurt!"

I feel him chuckle and say,

"That’s what you get for wearing heels!"

"Well I’m Sorry I wanted to look good on the first day!"

We catch up with everyone else and Connor says,

"Wow! You two bicker like an old married couple"

"Awe would you look at that snowflake, we look like an old married couple!"

He laughs and we continue to class. We walk in and I look at Zayn and say,

"I really want give simba some hell today but I won’t since it’s the first day"

He smiles and we find some seats. The room layout is at the front of the room is the teacher desk, on the right and left side of the room are shelves, at the back of the room are the sinks and there are two long tables in the middle. The table on the right there’s on one side Luke, Jai, Beau, James and Daniel or Skip on the other side there’s Connor, Zayn, Myself, Niall, and Cody and at the other table on one side there’s Tristan, Avery, Jade, Jesy on the other side there’s Max, Vic and Kellin. The bell rings to start class and Andy walks in and says,

"Good Morning class my name is Mr.Samuel’s but you can call me Andy."

He turns around from writing his name on the board and he looks straight at me and Zayn and we just smile a big chesser smile. He continues an says,

"I see some familiar faces out there but there’s some that are new to me so how about we go around the room and say a little about ourselves. Okay let’s start with this table."

He points to our table and we start,

"Luke: uh well I’m Luke I’m 18, Australian, 2 brothers and I’m in the Janoskians.

Jai: Hi! I’m Jai pronounced like jay but speed j a i, I’m 18 also, Australian, 2 brothers and I’m also in the Janoskians.

Beau: sup, I’m Beau, Australian, 2 brothers Luke and Jai, I’m also in the Janoskians.

James: Hey there I’m James, 17, Australian, I’m also in Janoskians.

Daniel: Hey I’m Daniel or Skip, 19, Australian, also in the Janoskians.

Connor: I’m Connor, 18, British, I’m in the band The Vamps and my best friend is Avarice down there!

Zayn: Hey I’m Zayn or the Bradford Badboy, 20, British and like a bunch of other things, and well I love to draw.

Me(avarice): Hi! I’m Avarice or Ava Ris or AJ I’ll answer to any, I’m 19, American, moved here with Avery over there and we somehow won our way into this school and zayn none calls you that anymore, Daniel I’m gonna call you baby daniel weither you like it or not I’ve sets called you that, and Connor awe I love you kid your my bestie too and I love different accents!.Oh and Andy I’m gonna call you Simba!

Niall: I’m Niall, 20, Irish, and I think American accents are pretty hot!

Cody: I’m Cody, 20, American also, and I moved here with five of my friends.

Tristan: I’m Tristan, 19, British, also in The Vamps.

Avery: I’m Avery or Ave, 19, American, moved here with Ris and like she said we somehow won our ways into this school.

Jade: I’m Jade, British, I’m im in the band Little Mix with Jesy over here.

Jesy: I’m Jesy, British and like Jade said were both in the band little mix Oh we also won XFactor.

Max: I’m Max, British, 25, in the band The Wanted and Hey Avarice if want to hear a different accent just hit me up.

Vic: I’m Vic, mexican-american, I’m lead Singer for peirce the veil and my best mate is kellin.

Kellin:I’m Kellin, American, Singer for sleeping with sirens and my best mate is Vic.”

"Thank you guys so much for sharing. I guess you should know a little my name is Andy Samuels, British, I don’t even know how I managed to get this job because I have no drawing abilities what so ever, I’m best mates with Liam Payne, Zayn and Avarice."

Everyone in the class looks at me and I throw my hands up in defense and say,

"Hey I never claimed not to know some of the people here!"

They laugh and we just sit and Andy says,

"Avarice can you can here please?"

I get up and walk over to his desk and ask,

"Yes Simba?"

He smiles at the nickname and ask,

"You’ve seen Grimmy hair, Harry, Louis, and Niall clothes Liams attitude and well of course you’ve seen Zayn. You wouldn’t happen to know what’s going on with that would you?"

I look at him as I sit on the edge of his desk and say,

"Well Grimmy was wanting to change it up some, Harry was feeling a little too hot so he geeked it down even though he’s still hot dressed like Marcel, I went shopping with Louis before school started and he asked what he should get to wear so I told him to go sit down by the dressing room while I got his clothes for him and I missed the old Louis so I got his up all night signature look and I kind of took all his other clothes out of his closet and they’re at my house but don’t tell him he doesn’t know, Niall I think he’s been reading all the hate he gets to much cause he’s wearing tank tops and beanies a lot more and as for Liam’s attitude I don’t know what happened to him but I don’t like it at all and neither do the fans I mean Zayn has been becoming Daddy Direction and it’s weird. Simba we need to do something about Liam like now."

"Wait who’s Marcel?"

"Have you not seen the best song ever video by the boys?"

"No I guess I haven’t"

"Oh no, your about to!"

I gasp I pull out my phone and pull up vevo and I hand my headphones to Andy and press play. I hop down off the desk and walk back over to my seat and Zayn asks,

"What was that about?"

"Oh he was just wondering what was going on with all you boys like why Harry was dressed like Marcel, why Louis was wearing his signature look from the UAN tour, why Niall is wearing tanks and beanies, and why Liam was acting more like the badboy of the group and well why you were acting more like daddy direction and why Grimmy’s hair is pink. Oh then he asked who Marcel was and nows he watching the BSE video "

He look at me like he just realized something and he says,

"We have all changed haven’t we?"

"Yes you have Zayn and the fans and myself included don’t like it, except for Louis’s change we love that he’s acting like his old self."

He smiles at that whispers,

"I love that too the thing that’s got me worried is that Niall is reading a lot of the hate he gets and I’m scared he’s gonna do something bad, Liam I mean I saw the way he talked to you this morning that’s not the Liam we know and love and Harry I don’t even know where to start with that boy."

"I think it’s a cute idea that he’s dressing like Marcel it will give people a chance to get to know the real Harry Styles not just hot Harry Styles. Because I think the real Harry Styles is better then the cocky hot Harry Styles, I mean admit Zayn even you noticed how cocky he was getting."

He shakes his head and as hes about to say something Andy says,


I turn and get up and as I’m walking to the desk I trip over a chair and I fall and land on my right wrist and I hear a crack and let out a scream. I hear feet scurrying around me and I hear an Australian accent let out a chuckle and say,

"Now who needs to go to the doctor get checked checked out."

I let out another scream and this time it was one like out of a horror film. The door swings open and Mr.Cowbell and Grimmy run in and Mr.Cowell asks,

"What in the name of all things is going on here and why was there that screaming?"

Andy looks at him and says,

"Well I asked her to come up to my desk and as she was walking up there she tripped over a chair and we think she broke her wrist."

"Sounds like somthing that would happen to her." Grimmy states

I let out another scream and they all run over to me and Grimmy picks me up and carries me to the nurses office and we call an ambulance and they take me to the hospital. I text my parents and tell them to meet us up there. We get there and I see my parents and my mom runs over to me and says,

"How in the hell did this happen?"

"Well mom probably cause I’m a clutz! And well I was walking to the front of the art room and I tripped over a chair.

Authors Note!!!

I know its really long but it would have been a lot longer because i was going to do one full school day but i was typing this on my tablet and it was annoying :( this was named after a song that one direction was going to release but they didn't win the rights to it but I I liked it and it seemed to fit with the direction i have planned for this story :) so here is Chapter 1 of Just Can’t Let Her Go. You will notice some of the people and I can tell you now that the people i make out in this story as bad guys i do not think they are bad guys so i apologize if you hate me for it.

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