Summer Love


1. The Beginning

I'm laying in bed looking up at my walls and I think back to the time when it all started. It started two years when they auditioned for XFactor, those were the days that I remember the most. Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson became the center of my universe. They auditioned for XFactor and as soon as I heard their voices I knew that they would go very far in their career. Adora, Ayden, Darcy, Emaline and myself have watched every single episode of XFactor they have been on and we have been following their journey along the entire ride. On the day July 23, 2010 at 8:22 p.m. the judges made their decision and they just said that One Direction got third place. Yes, they said that they got third place and I bet that you just know our reaction. We were beyond furious, we have followed these boys all the way along on their journey through the XFactor adventure. From the sugar in the beanie, to the introduction of the onesies, to Protesting like Jimmy to SUPERMAN to the energy juice. Well now it's two years later and they have had so much success. Like always we have been there for the boys the entire way along. Through the breakups, the drama, the rumors, the hate, the tattoos and everything in between. I look from my queen size bed across the room at Adoras side of the room at all of her Harry Styles posters and I see her laying there smiling like an idiot at the poster she had our dad hang above her bed and I say,

"You do realize that we will never meet them right!"

She's looks at me and throws her throw pillow which lands half way in between our beds and says,

"Bite your tongue, I will meet my future husband one day!"

I laugh at her and get up off my bed and I head to our closet. I walk in and I go to my side of the closet and I pull my blue drawer open and it reviles my Tanner Patrick outfit ( I change in my closet and I grab my camera and my brown leather messenger bag and I walk out of my closet. Adora looks at me and she says,

"You know you're never going to meet him right?"

I look at her and say,

"Well you would be surprised because he is in town and since I got him to follow me on twitter, we have actually been dming and we planed to meet up in person."

She looks at me jaw dropped and says,

"Well isn't that something?"

"Yeah it is we're also meeting up with a couple of other twitter friends."

"So what you're saying is that it's a big twitter friend meet up?"

"Yep sure am"

I walk out of the room and head down the hallway towards the kitchen. I get into the kitchen and I go straight to the cabinets and get my captain crunch just the crunch and grab a bowl and go sit at the counter. I pour my bowl of cereal and I hear my parents come into the kitchen. They walk in and my mom says,

"I see your meeting up with Tanner and everybody else today?"

I look up from my phone and smile. I finish my cereal and I put the bowl and fork, yes you heard right, in the dishwasher. I grab my keys and I tell by parents by and head out the door to my dark purple challenger with dark blue interior. I start the car and I pull out onto my street, which I swear is like the Directioner control center of the world and my house is the head quarters. I take full responsibility for turning every girl and a few boys Directioners, since we have the biggest house on the street and we have the huge theater room we would all gather here and watch XFactor every week. I pull out onto the highway when my phone starts screaming superman, you got to love Louis! I plug my phone into the car and I see that I have a new twitter notification and its from Tanner,

"Waiting for @1DsMysticalAurora to get here #HurryUpWomen"

I favorite and retweet it and reply,

"Well if Mr. @TannerPatrick doesn't calm himself I'll turn around and go home!"

"No! @1DsMysticalAurora Don't go home! We've had this planed for a while."

"Golly kid! @TannerPatrick I was kidding I'm on my way J"

"@1DsMysticalAurora Good! I'll see you in a few."

"@TannerPatrick Yeah, you will"

I get off twitter and I press shuffle and "Die Young" by Ke$ha comes on and I start singing along. I get to town and I pull up to the restaurant and I get out of the car and I see Tanner standing outside and I get on twitter and tweet,

"@TannerPatrick is so oblivious to me standing like 2 feet from him #ObliviousMuch!"

I put my phone back in my bag and I stand and watch as Tanner pulls out his phone smiles as he reads the tweet. I look at him with a big smiles as he looks up and sees me. He walks over to me and pulls me into a hug as everybody else walks up. We walk into the restaurant and sit down and talk. I look at everybody sitting around the table and I smile because these are the ones on twitter that I tweet with the most besides my sister and three best friends. These are my twitter besites. I look at tanner and he says,

"So what do you think?"

"What do I think about what?"

"Were you not paying attention"

"No, not really"

"What we were talking about was us doing a video together."

"Yeah that would be cool"

"Really, that's cool"

"What song are we going to do?"

"Well since I know how big of a Directioner you are, how about we do a One Direction song"

"Which one?"

"You choose"

"Yay! What about either Heart Attack, Irresistible, Magic or She's Not Afraid"

"What about we do a mash-up of Heart Attack, Magic and She's Not Afraid."

"Yay! This is going to be fabulous!"

I look at everybody and James, Brad, Tristan, Dan, Cameron, Tyler and Chris look at me and Tristan says,

"You're going to need some guitar players."

I look at Tristan and say,

"True! Would you guys like to help with the video?"

They all look at me with wide eyes and they say,

"Yes, are you kidding us"

I smile at them and I look up and see Adora, Ayden, Darcy, and Emaline walk in. I pull my phone out and text Adora,

"What in the hell! Did you follow me?"

"What are you talking about"

"I'm out to lunch with my twitter buds and I just watched you walk in"

"Oh your at this restaurant"

"I told you before I left this morning"

"Oh! my bad"

"Yeah your bad! Just don't come bug us!"

"I don't even know where you are so don't worry"

I put my phone back in my bag and I turn back to everyone when I hear someone behind me say,

"Oh My Gosh! Aurora Sykes is that you?"

I turn around and see Cher Lloyd, Cody Simpson and Little Mix standing there. I get up and I pull Cher and Cody into a hug and say,

"What are you guys doing here?"

CS: "Well we were in the area and we remembered you saying something about your little meet up"

"So you decided to be my lunch crashers"

CL: "Yep sure did"

"Where does Little Mix come into the picture"

CS: "Well I'm dating one of them"

"Awwe, Well come join the party"

We walk back to the table and they join us. I sit down at the table and Cameron looks at me and says,

"So when do you want to start on this video?"

"Um, I guess whenever we can"


I turn back to the rest of the group and I see Cher and Tanner talking and cutting up. I turn back to Cody and say,

"I think I see a new couple in the making!"

He smiles and turns back to talking to Jade. I smile at them and I see Dan talking to Jesy and Tyler talking to Leigh-Ann. I smile and I pull my phone of my bag and get on twitter and I snap pictures of everybody,

"Aww look at Tanner and Cher, do I see a new couple on the rise?"

"I love Cody and Jade together!"

"Aren't Dan & Jesy cute!"

"Tyler and Leigh-Ann match made in heaven"

"I think Perrie wishes Zayn was here! #JustSayin"

"Poor Cameron, Chris, James, Tristan & Brad"

"And then theres me J I'm perfectly happy with just being with my friends!"

I get off twitter and log into Facebook and post the pictures,

'Tanner and Cher too cute!,

I love Cody and Jade together!,

Dan & Jesy are so cute!,

Tyler & Leigh-Ann match made in heaven!,

How much you wanna bet Perrie wishes Zayn was here?,

Poor boys! I love Cameron, Chris, James Tristan & Brad they are the best!,

Then me! I'm happy with just hanging with everybody'

I get off Facebook and I put my phone back in my bag. As I put my phone back I see that I brought my camera. I pull it out and I snap pictures of James, Brad and Tristan, Cher and Cody, Dan, Cameron, Tyler and Chris, me and Tanner, and one of Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Ann and Perrie. I put that back and I see that we've been here for three hours. I look up at everyone and say,

"Guys and Gals! We've been here three hours we should probably get going."

Cher and Tanner look at me and say,

"Yeah, maybe we can meet up another time"

"Oh yeah! I start work Monday so I'll have to see what day I have off"

"Okay well we'll all be in town for a while"

I stand up and grab my bags and I head to my car. As I'm about to get in my phone screams "She's Not Afraid" by One Direction. I pull my phone out of my bag and I see that I have a new twitter notification. I'm standing against my car when I hear someone clear their throat in front of my. I look up to see Perrie and I say,

"Hey Perrie what's up?"

She looks at me and says,

"Well everyone left me while I was in the lou"

I look at her and say,

"Well do you need me to drop you off somewhere"

"Well they kind of left my stuff here and they didn't tell me where we were staying cause Jade and Jesy know some friends here"

"Well love, would you like to come stay with me?"

She looks at me with shock in her eyes and says,

"Would you really let me?"

I shake my head yes and I grab her bags and put her bags in the trunk. I walk back around and tell her to get in the car. We both get in the car and before we pull out I check twitter and see that my new notification was,

"@1DsMysticalAurora How did you manage to get all of them to hang with you?"

I favorite and retweet it and put my phone back in my bag. I pull out of the parking lot and head towards my house. I pull out on the highway and I press plan on my Pandora. Before I could realize my One Direction radio starts playing and I see Perrie out of the corner of my eye and she's smiling. I smile and start to sing along to "Irresistible" I see Perrie holding up her phone recording me singing. I sing along to the rest of the song and when it finishes Perrie looks at me and says,

"Wow! Have you ever thought about auditioning for Xfactor, The Voice, American Idol or any of the shows like that?"

"Yeah, I've thought about it but I haven't gone through with it because I get nervous singing in front of a lot of people"

"A lot of people get stage fright, take Harry for example he performs for how many people each night and he still gets nervous before performances"

"Yeah but he had Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn there to help him with it."

"So what your saying is that if you were in a group you wouldn't be as nervous?"


I hear my phone from my bag and I grab it and answer it and its my mom.

"What mom?"

"Where are you?"

"On my way home with Perrie"

"Who's Perrie!"

"You remember the guy Zayn from One Direction?"

"Isn't he the one who has all those tattoos on his right forearm?"

"Yes Mom, that one well anyways it's his girl"

"Oh okay! Well is she staying for dinner?"

"Well actually the people she was with left her at the restaurant and they didn't tell her where they were staying so I told her she could stay at the house"

"Well that's fine honey"

"Mom I'm about to pull in"

"Okay sweetie see you in a few"

I hang up the phone as I pull into the driveway. Before we get out of the I look at Perrie and I say,

"Perr you might want to put on a hat and sunglasses"


"Well because I swear this street is like the Directioner control center of the world and my house is the head quaters"

"So what you're saying is I'm walking into a very dangerous situation?"

"Yeah pretty much and Zayn and Paul aren't here to protect you"

I take my beanie and sunglasses off and hand them to her. She puts them on and we get out of the car. We walk around the car to the trunk and get her bags. As we walk to the front door I hear someone say behind me,

"Vas happenin' Payne?"

I turn around and see one of the many Zayn fans from the street and I say,

"Oh not much love"

They wave and keep walking. I look at Perrie and nod my head towards the house and we make our way inside. I walk in first and yell,

"Mummy I'm home!"

As we walk towards my room I see that Adora, Ayden, Darcy and Emaline are in the room. I look at Perrie and say,

"You should probably stay out here"

She shakes her head and I walk into the bedroom with her bags. I set them down by my bed and Darcy looks at me and says,

"Who's bags"

I look at the bags, which aren't girly surprisingly, and look at her and say,

"Zayn Maliks"

After saying that I start to walk out of the room buy when I get to the door I stop and say,

"Haha just kidding."

She flips me the bird and I walk out of the room and Perrie is standing there with the hat and sunglasses off. I walk down the hall and go into the kitchen. I see my parents standing there getting things ready for dinner and I say,

"Hey rents!"

Mom looks at me and says,

"Hi sweetie, is this Perrie?"

"Yeah," I say as I look from Perrie to my parents, "Perrie this is Mummy and Daddy Sykes."

She walks over to them and tells them that its nice to meet them. I smile at that and then I ask,

"So mummy what's gonna be for dinner?"

"Well I was thinking of using the Peri-Peri Nandos sauce."


I walk over and hug them and I tell Perrie,

"Lets go to the theater room"

She looks at me and says,

"You have a theater room"


"Okay then"

We head towards the theater room and we put in the movie Pitch Perfect. Were sitting there singing along when Perries phone starts ringing and she pulls it out of her bag and it's Zayn wanting to facetime. She looks me and says,

"Do you want to facetime him with me?"

"Yeah sure"

She accepts his call and she pulls me into the shot. I look at the phone screen and I see none other then Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. Perrie looks at me and smiles and says to Zayn,

" 'ello Zayn, I want you to meet my new friend and bestie Aurora Sykes. She's the girl in the video I sent you earlier."

I look at her and say,

"You sent the video of me singing to the boys?"

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