Summer Love


2. Movie Marathon and Peri-Peri Chicken

She looks over at me and smiles and i bury my face into my turtle pillow pet i was cuddling with. I peak over the topvof the turtle and i see zayn and liam smiling at me and zayn says,

"There is no reason to be embarrassed, we thought you did a lovely job on the song."

I look at perrie and she says,

"Well would you look at that!"

"Wow, uh-um thank you that means so much."

Liam looks straight at me and says,

"No problem love"

I smile at him and he tells zayn that he has to go. He looks at the phone and says,

"Perrie it was good seeing you again and Aurora I'll see you soon?"

Perrie says,

"Bye Liam"

"Yeah Liam I do hope to see you soon" I reply

He smiles and exits the frame of the phone screen. I look at perrie and then to zayn in the phone and he says,

"Aurora I think he fancies you"

"I think she fancies him as well." Perrie replies

I just sit there and smile at my turtle and I look at perrie and say,

"Well he is rather cute, and what if I do it's not like anything is going to happen, were in two different countries and plus he has a girlfriend and it seems like they'll be together for a while."

"Oh you don't know do you?"

"Know what?"

"Liam and Danielle brought broke up a couple of weeks ago"

"How on God's green earth did I not know about this, I'm referred to as Payne around here why in the hell didn't anyone tell me!!! I created half of these people's Directioner social lives!!"

"They probably didn't know themselves therefore they couldn't tell you."

"But you don't get it, everybody on this block has yalls tweets sent to their phones we should know these things"

"Well he didn't post anything about it"

"But I'm sure she has though"

"Touche I didn't even think about that."

I look at perrie and than back at zayn and he says,

"Well look at the time I got to go babe, love you and I'll talk to you later Aurora."

We say bye and he hangs up and perrie looks at me and says,

"Well that was lovely, so what shall we do now?"

"Movies until supper?" I suggest

She smiles and we walk over to the movie rack and we pick out Pitch Perfect, and The Twilight Saga. We put in Pitch Perfect and as the movie is playing it comes to the part where they are auditioning people and the guys from the there group are sitting together. I make a joke saying

"Oh wow I didn't know one direction was in the movie!"

Perrie looks at me with a confused face and I rewind it a little and pause it on them and I say,

"Okay think about it, don't they remind you of the boys?"

She looks at me and let's out a laugh and says,

"Oh my gosh! Now that you mention it they do. I've watched this movie multiple times and it never registered that they look like the boys."

"It never did with me either until I saw a picture on instagram of them sitting there like that and it said 'I never knew one direction was in the movie' let's just say I liked that picture!" I state

I un-pause the movie and we sing along to it. It ends and we put the first twilight movie in and as it plays me and perrie both quote it word for word. We sit there and while we're watching eclipse perrie says,

"You wanna know something that not even Zayn knows?"

I look at her with a worried expression and say,


"I used to live in the same apartment building as Robert Pattinson and we actually got on well and we would hang out every now and then. We still keep in touch but not much since he got with kristen." She says.

I look at her jaw dropped. She smiles and turns back to the movie. I turn back and start to watch the movie again. We're both pretty much sitting on the edge of our seats during the battle, even though we've both seen the movie multiple times. It's to the part where Jacob saves Leah from the newborn vamp and when it got Jacob in its arms and broke the bones on the right side of his body I let out a small wiper and started tearing up. Perrie turns and looks at me and asks,

"Are you crying?"

"Yes, Taylor is my number one favorite actor out of these movies. And plus I'm Team Jacob, and I cry every time I watch this part." I state

She looks at me and smiles and asks,

"So who are all of your favorite actors/actresses from this saga?"

"Pretty much all the pack boys and Emily, the cullens except rosalie, Eric, James, Riley, umm there's more I just can't think of them." I reply

She smiles and just we were getting back to the movie my mum walks in and says,

"Dinner is done girls. Don't worry I'm going to tell your sister and the others it's done after you two get your plates."

I look at her with a grateful smile. We both walk out of the theater room and head to the kitchen. We get our plates and head back to the theater room. I set mine down and I go change my clothes and out grab perries bags and bring them into the theater room with us. She looks at me weird and I say,

"The other girls are staying the night and I really don't feel like explaining what Perrie Edwards of little mix is doing at my house. So we'll be staying in here tonight."

"What about beds? She asks

I look at her and I pull on the chair and it folds into a twin size bed and I say,

"We can either sleep on those or on this."

As I push a button on the remote and a big circular bed comes up through the floor. She looks at me jaw dropped. We pile onto the bed and we put in breaking dawn part 1 and we eat our peri-peri chicken. The movie ends and we put in part two. We're both sitting there and I'm hugging onto my turtle and perrie is hugging onto my penguin for dear life. It's gets to the "battle scene" and were both crying because it's so intense. It comes to the part where Carlisle "dies" and we both grab onto the each other and start crying even more. The movie ends and were just sitting there staring at the screen and I say,

"Movie marathon done."


I laugh and as I'm. about to say something my phone dings and it's a text from zayn,

ZAYN- hey babe what are you doing

PERRIE- nothing much we just got done eating and watching pitch perfect and the twilight saga

ZAYN- did you cry like you do every time you watch breaking dawn part two?

PERRIE- of course! Lol what are you doing :)

ZAYN- nothing much just hanging with Liam and Louis

PERRIE- we need to get Liam and Aurora together

ZAYN- I know they would be good toether

PERRIE- okay so operation Lirora is ago

ZAYN- Lirora?

PERRIE- yeah they're ship name, like ours is Zerrie , Louis and Eleanor's is Elounor

ZAYN- oh okay gotcha

I look up from my phone see Aurora on her laptop looking at pictures of Liam with a slight smile on her face. I pull up my camera on my phone and i take a picture, a good enough one to get her face and the computer screen in it and you can tell what she's looking at. I pull my messages to Zayn.

PERRIE- OMG look at this (attached picture)

ZAYN- aww that is so adorable, when we get to the states in a few days we'll have to get them together!

PERRIE- wait your coming to the states in a few days?

ZAYN- yeah didn't I tell you?

PERRIE- uh no you didn't

ZAYN- oh well were coming to the states in a few days

PERRIE- smart arse, Well were in Atlanta just so you know

ZAYN- okay love well the guys are starting to get annoyed so I got to go

PERRIE- okay babe love you don't forget operation Lirora is in effect

ZAYN- I won't dear

I put my phone on the charger and I look at Aurora and ask,

"So whatcha doing?"

"Nothing really just on twitter,tumblr, pinterest, facebook and every other social networking site I have."

"Fun, what kind of stuff do you have on your pinterest?"

"Typical fangirl stuff, you know a have board for each other boys, little mix, cher, cody, clothes, shoes, nail designs and pretty much anything else I like."

"Can I look at you one for zayn"

She pulls up her pinterest board for zayn and I'm looking at some of the pictures that she has on there and I'm wondering how in the world do the directioners get these pictures. She looks at me and says,

"Honestly I swear sometimes were better than the fbi."


"You said you wonder how in the world do we directioners get some of these pictures and I answered with I think sometimes were better than the FBI."

"Oh I said that out loud."

"Yeah, I do it to so don't feel lonesome"

I laugh and look at the time and I say,

"Do you realize that it's 3 in the morning?"

"Wow is it really?"

"Yeah do you think maybe we should go to sleep because remember your gonna have to explain to your sister and friends what Perrie Edwards zayn maliks girlfriend is doing in your house"

"Oh shoot I am aren't I"

"Yeah so bedtime?"

"Yes bedtime"

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