Learn To Fly

*IN PROGRESS* Lucy Payne has been lonely ever since Mason, the guy she once loved, cheated on her. She was like an angel, but she forgot how to fly. Now, it will take a guy worthy of her, so she can 'Learn How To Fly'. Who would've thought that the guy that would fix her broken heart would be Harry Styles from One Direction.

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1. Preview


  This story will be about a girl, named Lucy Payne, that has a broken heart, a heart she doubts anyone can fix. When she was in love, she felt as if she could fly. But when her boyfriend cheated on her, it was as if she had forgotten how to fly. She's been living in her depression ever since that day. When Liam, her cousin, comes visit, he notices that Lucy is feeling a little down, and decides to invite her on tour with him and his band. Lucy hesitantly agrees. Little does she know that on that three-month tour, she will meet the love her life, Harry Styles.

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