Learn To Fly

*IN PROGRESS* Lucy Payne has been lonely ever since Mason, the guy she once loved, cheated on her. She was like an angel, but she forgot how to fly. Now, it will take a guy worthy of her, so she can 'Learn How To Fly'. Who would've thought that the guy that would fix her broken heart would be Harry Styles from One Direction.

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2. First Chapter- Death


  What exactly is death? If you were to search it up then you might find something like this:



The act of being dead.

noun: death; plural noun: deaths


  Maybe death is an option, life is just not worth it anymore. Everything I ever loved is gone, my dad died two years ago, my boyfriend left me for someone else, and my mum is just so distant. I'm an only child and I have no one to talk to about how I feel.


  I used to have a best friend, he was my cousin, but he then auditioned for the X-Factor and left me all alone. Last time I saw him, it was two years ago, in my dad's funeral. I just wish he was here, maybe that way I wouldn't be alone. I sound so selfish, I can't stand myself. Liam, my cousin, is off somewhere living his dream and here I am trying to wish his fame away.


  I'm just a terrible person. Terrible could be my middle name, but no, it's Anne.


  "Lucy?" my mum called from the living room. I walked to where she was and, as always, she had her eyes glued to the TV watching the news. I really don't know why she watched the news all of the time. Maybe it was because she liked it, but her expression was always so blank. I used to think that she watched it in hope of maybe finding my dad in there.


  "Yes, mum?" I asked looking at her intensively, in hopes that she might look at me. Ever since my dad left us, she hasn't made eye contact with me, which I hate. It makes me think that I did something wrong, that I failed her as a daughter. "Liam is here." she said glancing slightly at the boy- correction, man sitting in the opposite couch from her.


  I nearly choked. He looked so different. A short beard was grown and his hair was now quiffed instead of it being down, like it used to be all of the time. "Liam? What are you doing here?" I asked. My mum got up and left, leaving the both of us alone. How did I not see him standing there before? He grinned from ear to ear. "I have great news."


  "What news?" I asked sitting down. "We're going on a tour!" he cheered putting his hands up in the air. I smiled, "That's... That's great, I guess. So you only came to tell me that?" I asked. That was odd, he never really visited very long and he only came to tell me that he was going on a tour? "Okay, let me say that again." he says, "I want you to come on tour with my band and I."


  My eyes widened. "Y-you want me to go on tour w-with you?" I stuttered. He nodded, "Yeah. My mum tells me that you and Aunt Carol aren't doing very well, so I figured it would be good if you came and toured with me and my band. That way, both you and Aunt Carol can have more of a distraction." he said. A distraction? I didn't know I needed that, I'm distracted enough.


  "I don't know if I should leave my mum alone." I said unsure. Knowing my mum, she might do something crazy, like, I don't know, suicide. "It'll only be for three months and you know my mum, she won't leave Aunt Carol. Come on, I know you'll enjoy it." he encouraged. Maybe I did need it, nah, I doubt it.


  I shook my head. "I'm sorry, I just can't leave my mum just like that." I hesitantly said. It would be nice to spend time with Liam, and get to know his band mates, but what will happen of my mum if I leave? "Go on, Lucy. I think it would be good for you." my mum said coming in. For the first time, in a long period, she looked me in the eye and I could've sworn that I saw the smallest of smiles curl on her lips.


  "Yes, Lucy. Trust me, you'll have the time of your life." Liam grinned. "Will you be okay, mum?" I asked looking at her. A full smile appeared on her lips, a real one, as she said, "I'll be perfectly fine. Now say yes to Liam and then go pack your stuff." she spoke. I looked at Liam and sighed. "Fine, I guess I'll go." I hesitantly said. He cheered and stood up. "Good, 'cause we're leaving tomorrow at five. Be ready!" he chirped and skipped out of the door.


  I turned to look at my mum. "Go on, pack your stuff." she smiled. I ran up to my room and grabbed two suitcases from my closet. Okay, so I'm going to need under garments, shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, swimsuits, my tooth brush, towel, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, shoes, socks, hair straightener and curler, and earrings. Wow, that's a lot to pack for only a couple of hours.


  I opened my cabinets and grabbed all of my clothes and dumped them in one of the suit cases. On the other suit case, there was all of my undergarments, swimsuits, shower stuff, hair stuff, etc. After packing, I was finally done. I brushed my teeth, set my alarm clock to 4:30 in the morning and then drifted off to sleep...

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