This is an O2L fanfic


2. jet legged

Trevor pov

I looked down at my phone "we'll do it but you have to be in our show" is what the tweet said. I typed back "sure why not".

Jennea pov

I look down at my phone "sure why not" yay. After a lot of more tweeting we all exchanged numbers. We texted practically till our thumbs fell off and we found out that we don't live to far away far away from them we live in cottonwood LA and they live in Honeycomb LA litterly a 5 minute drive. So Talia's mom is going to dive us even though we can drive our selves she doesn't trust us.( that dirty minded women ).

Connor pov

I was so excited for this trip ecspecially because I get to be on the same row as Desha. She is the Hottest out of all the hipster team girls. We get first class seats we pretty much take up all if it except for like 5 seats and I know Tyler Oakley and Joey graceffa is in our plan but I don't know who else.

*skip to night of the flight*

Talia pov

" mom me and Jennea are gonna go get the guys" I said. "k be back in 10 minutes" she replied. "we will" I said. We went to their house picked them up and headed to my place. "We will be back so make yourselves at home" I told them. We were all wearing PJs I was wearing a white cropped top and booty shorts and the girls pretty much wore the same. We walked into the living room. " okay if we want to go to Hawaii I suggest we leave" my mom said. "So Hipsta please in one car O2L in the other and I'll drive alone" my mom said.

*skip car ride*

We were at the airport and we boarded. We got first class tickets and my mom got coach. We were waiting in the seating area when...

Alyssa pov

We were waiting around when my boyfriend, Joey Graceffa, came and put his strong arms around my bare stomach. "Hey you" I said before he kissed me. "So you ob this plane" he asked. "Yeah, who you sitting with" I asked. "Jenn McKallister, ( Jennxpenn ). Who do you sit with" he asked. "Jc" I said.

Talia pov

We headed on to the plane I sat with trevor, Alyssa with Joey Graceffa ( however that happened ), Desha with Connor, Ricky with Jannea, jc with Jenn ( however that happened ), Andrea with Kian, And Lauren with Sam. There were more youtubers in first class for example, Beathany Mota, Jenna Marbles, Jennxpenn, Danisnotonfire,Amazingphil,and Tyler Oakley. so we were seated and it was 12:00am,and the flight lasted till 5:00am. It was going to be pretty hard to keep ourselves busy. Well except for Alyssa and Joey and Jc And Jenn who were already making out. It was pretty ironic that Trevor and I were the youngest out of both our YouTube collaboration groups. I was 14 and he was 15. Me and trevor talked a lot and asked each other everything and I was starting to like him I started getting really tired around 2:00 am. I tried my best to stay awake but it took over me and before I knew it I was asleep.

Jennea pov

I was having so much fun talking to Ricky and I noticed that across from us was Talia and Trevor,Tali was asleep on Trevor's chest. Trevor had his hand on her back and the othe one on the mouse of his computer. It was so cute. Anyway I finally fell asleep when I was on Twitter.

*skip to 5:00am*

Trevor pov

I woke up to the lights turning on and the flight attendeds voice telling us we were going to land. Talia was asleep so peacefully on my chest. "Tal, Talia wake up" I said in a soft tone. "What" she said."we're gonna land" I told her. " I'm up" she said opening her eyes and looked up at me. "How much longer till we land" she questioned. "About ten minutes" I said. "Then I'm going back to sleep"I laughed as she fell back asleep. We landed "Okay Talia for real it's time to get up" I told her. "Fine" she said getting up.

Skip to car ride

Lauren pov

We were in the car and I decided to embarrass the girls. "So you and Joey had some serious lip locking"I told lyssa. "Yeah". "But what about that kiss that Ricky gave you" lyssa asked Jennea. "Oh please it was a simple peck on the lips" she replied. "Talia what was with you and Trevor". Jennea asked. "Well I fell asleep and I woke up in his chest" I said.

Ricky pov

We arrived at the hotel and I was SO jet legged

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