Teenage Dirtbag


1. The Beginning

Adine, Mackenzie and I are three sisters who grew up in southern Texas, originally from California. We moved to Texas when we were just a baby so all we knew was the Texan life. That was until one day when we were on our way home from one of the road trips our parents loved to randomly spring on us last minute. We were all jamming out to the radio because surprisingly our parents liked the same kind of music as us, who can say they share the same music taste as their parents, when 'A Drop In The Ocean' by Ron Pope came on everybody shut up because they knew this was my favorite song. We were driving along the highway when we saw a care swerve ahead of us and before we could an 18-wheeler swerved over the median and hit our car head on. I screamed as I was pulled out of the car by a person from a van that stopped to help us. He set me to the side and went back to help his friends pull out my sisters and our stuff. I try and stand up, but I look down and see blood going down my leg and my wrist, to get to my parents when I'm pulled back from the car as it explodes by a pair of tan arms. He whispers in my ear,

"Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie they're gone."

I collapse into his arms and just sob as I look up I see my sisters making their way to me and the guy releases me and my sisters take me into an embrace and the guy and his friends then wrap their arms around us. I hear one of them say faintly that they will stay until the police arrive. We're standing there in a big group hug surrounded by our bags next to what's left of our escalade. We're still standing there as we hear sirens come closer and closer. The cops get to us and the ambulance pulls up and they come to me first and put my on a stretcher and I look up to see the guy who pulled me out and I see that he has gorgeous green/brown eyes, not hazel but actually green/brown eyes, gorgeous smile, dark hair styled in a fohwark look alike with a blonde highlight going through the middle of it, and I see a tattoo of a phrase in Arabic and I reach up and run my finger over it and as my hand falls he grabs my hand and says,

"It means Be true to who you are"

As soon as he got done saying this he slowly let my hand fall on the stretcher and the paramedics pushed the stretcher into the ambulance and closed the doors and I said to them before we left,

"Wait!!! What about my sisters!!!"

The paramedic said,

"They will follow behind us."

I lay back and I just wait for us to get to the hospital. The phrase that he said rings through my head over and over again, Be true to who you are. I lay there and wonder why he got it in Arabic. We get to the hospital and I'm rushed into the ER and I see my sisters run in behind us and Adine yells,

"We will be right here until we can come see you!"

I raise my fist up in the air as a sign of okay. We have always done this since we were little kids. They rush me into emergency surgery because my leg and wrist broke when the 18-wheeler hit us, how the other two didn't get hurt is beyond me. All I remember was getting to the hospital, Adine telling me that they will be there until they can come see me and them rushing me into the surgery after that it's all a blur. I open my eyes and all I see is white and I close them back and I slowly open them again and I'm slowly getting adjusted to the light and I see Adine and Mackenzie and our bags sitting in the chairs that were in there. I try to say something but it comes out as more of a gargled mess. I reach for the glass of water on the table next to me and chug it down in no time and I say,

"Adine! Mackenzie!"

They look up and see that I'm finally awake and they rush up to me and Adine say,

"Cat! You don't even know how worried we were!"

I look at them with an apologetic look on my face and then it hits me the guys that helped us I look around the room and Mackenzie says,

"They didn't come."

I look at her and say,

"What are we going to do now, we turn 18 in two years we can't live on our own here."

Adine says,

"They called grandma, she's on her way out here right now."

I look at them and smile and say,

"Looks like were finally getting to go home"

They laugh at this and the doctor walks in holding a bouquet of red and white roses and he says,

"These just arrived for you Ms. Scott, you haven't even been here 5 hours and you are already getting flowers."

He sets them down and I see that there is a card. I pick it up and it says,

'I really do hope you get better soon! Remember Be true to who you are. With love, Bradford Bad Boi Zayn'

I get done reading this and I start to cry. The doctor walks up next to me and says,

"Well Ms. Scott you have a cast on your wrist and leg, right now it is just the cloth and we wanted to wait for you to wake up to put the hard cast, what color would you like it to be."

"Red" I state

He shakes his head and walks out of the room. I'm lying there staring at the flowers when Mackenzie asks,

"Who are they from?"

I look at her and smile and say,

"My guardian angel!"

She looks at me with a confused look on her face and says,

"Your guardian angel?"

I look at her and say,

"Yeah, my guardian angel, he told me to be true to who I am."

I look at Adine and it clicks with her and she says,

"It was the guy who helped her out of the car at the crash site I remember seeing her touch his tattoo on his collar bone and him saying that it means Be true to who you are."

I smile and Mackenzie looks at me for a minute and then she finally gets it. The doctor walks back in with some nurses who are holding more flowers. He walks up to me and says,

"Ms. Scott there are more flowers for you, and are you ready to get the hard cast on?"

I look at him and shake my head yes and he starts working on my wrist first and then he moves down to my leg and I start to read the cards on the flowers,

Blue Daisies- 'I hope you feel better! May the luck of the Irish be with you! Love the leprechaun, Fresh Prince of Mullingar Niall'

Red Daisies- 'I hope you feel better and Remember you may not be plastic, but you are fantastic! Lots of love, Sass Master from Doncaster Louis'

Purple Daisies- 'I hope you feel better! Live your dream and never give up! With love, Wolverhampton Hustler Liam'

Orange Daisies- 'I hope you feel better and remember Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind! Lots of love, Holmes Chapel Homie Harry'

I laugh at the cards and lay them with Zayn's and I look at Adine and Mackenzie and say,

"I haven't even been here for 5 hours and I'm already tired of this place!!!! When do I get to leave?"

The doctor walks back in and says,

"You'll get to leave when your grandmother gets here meanwhile you have to stay here?"

I look at him and say,

"Well meanwhile can my sisters go home and get me a few things?"

He looks at me says,

"Well I don't see why not"

I look at him and fist pump the air and I look at my sisters and say,

"Are you ready for my list?"

They look at me scared and say,


I smile and say,

"I want you to get me some of my scrap booking stuff, my laptop, my phone charger, my red jack wills shirt, dark blue jack wills shorts, my red sparkly toms, my red beanie, red links of london bracelet, my blue jack wills gym bag new not old, my camera, my mini printer, my baby lips chapstick and Niall my penguin"

They look at me as Mackenzie types this all in her phone to remember it. They walk over to me and kiss my forehead and they walk out of the room heading to the house. I'm lying in the bed and I hear a knock on the door and I see that it's my nurse. She walks in and says,

"I heard about what happened and I am so very sorry for your lose. If there is anything I can do for you just press the little button above your head."

I look at her and smile and say,

"Thank you and is it possible to get a couple more pillows and blankets for my sisters because I don't think they are going to go home until I am."

She smiles and says,

"Yes, I understand why they wouldn't want to leave you."

She walks out of the room and returns with three extra pillows and two extra blankets. I smile at her and as she walks out my sisters walk in with my stuff. I look at them and smile and through my fist in the air as they bring it to me. The doctor walks in again and I hand him my camera and ask him,

"Take a picture of us."

He shakes his head and turns the camera up towards us and snaps a picture and hands me the camera back and I look at it and smile as a tear falls down my check. I look at Mackenzie and Adine and ask them,

"Line up my flowers would you?

They line them up and I snap a picture of them and I see that one of each of the flowers is almost dead already so I take the flowers and I put them in a book, that they brought with my scrap booking stuff, so that they flatten. I then grab my scrap book that I made homemade, I made it out of pieces of cloth that were mine, Adine's, Mackenzie's and our mom and dads. We all wrote something we loved about each other on it so each piece of cloth had five different sets of handwriting on it except mine. I open the book and see that the first page is a picture of all five of us and above it; it said 'Living My Dream, Because I Never Gave Up!' I start looking through the book more and it's filled with pictures of all the events that I've sang and modeled at. I then pick up my red scrapbook and I open it and realize that it was one of my empty ones. I pull out a piece of the paper and write at the top of it my girly script, 'Be True To Who You Are', and I print out the picture of Adine, Mackenzie and I that the doctor took and I tape it down on the page and write at the bottom of it 'Mackenzie, Adine and I at the hospital May 21, 2010 RIP Mom & Dad.' I flip the page and print out the picture of my flowers and tape it down and write 'The flowers from a group of boys who saved us. Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry our guardian angels!' I then get the flowers out of the book I have been sitting on and I glue them down around the page. I have a Mackenzie take a picture of just me in the hospital bed, after she takes it I print it out and tape it to the next page and put under it 'Broke wrist and leg and some cracked ribs. Had to have emergency surgery! O.o Sucks big ones! 'after I get down writing this I leave enough room under it to tape my little hospital bracelet for when I get out of here. After I get done with this page the doctor and the nurse walks in and I smile at them and ask them,

"I know this is going to sound really weird but I've been in a scrap booking mood lately and I have been scrap booking everything so can I get your picture to put in my scrapbook?"

They look at each other then they get together and I snap their picture and I print it out and tape it down in my book and write 'The wonderful Doctor Rathbone and Nurse Rathbone who has to put up with me' I show them the page and they smile and they see that the wallpaper on my laptop was a picture of twilight vampires and werewolves except Kristen. They smile at this and they say,

"Do you want to hear something really ironic about your wallpaper?"

I look at them a little scared at what they are going to say and say,


"You're a fan of twilight I take it?" they ask.

I shake my head yes and the nurse walks out of the room and the doctor just looks at me like I'm on crack. I look at my sisters and they shrug their shoulders not knowing what's going on either. The doctor looks at me and says,

"Well Ms. Scott we have a surprise for you!"

"You can stop calling me Ms. Scott anytime you like, call me Catrina or Cat which ever you prefer." I state

"Well I think I like the name Cat, but that's just me." a voice says walking in the door.

I look up and see none other than the twilight cast except Kristen. I look at my sisters who know I'm about to start hyperventilating and Adine hands me my inhaler and as I start to wheeze I take a puff of it and I wheeze some more but when I try to take another puff it empties. I look at my sisters and say while wheezing,

"Why *wheeze* did you *wheeze* grab the *wheeze* one *wheeze* that was empty"

They look at me and say sorry and Robert walks up to me and he sits down next to me and says,

"Okay Catrina is it, I need you to look at me and take a couple of deep breaths."

I look up into his green/brown eyes and take a deep breath and I slowly start to breathe regularly again and he says one more time,

"One more deep breath for me Catrina."

I take one more deep breath and I stop hyperventilating and I let a small scream that made everybody except my sisters cover their ears. I look at my sisters and I pull out of my phone and tweet,

"HOLY SPARKLES BATMAN!!!!! Who can say they have had Robert Pattinson help them stop hyperventilating?!?!? HMMM? Because I CAN!!!!"

My sisters' phone ding and they pull them out and read the tweet and laugh. My phone dings and I see that they favorited and retweeted it. I then look up and see the doctor and everybody looking at me like I'm on crack. The doctor and the nurse then walks up to me and says,

"Oh! Did we forget to mention that Jackson is our son?"

I look at them dumb founded and say,

"What in the bloody sparkles batman!!! Yes you forgot to mention that!!!!"

They look at me and the doctor says,

"Another scrapbook that's going to be started?"

I look at him and shake my head yes vigorously. Mackenzie looks at me and says,

"I'll run home and get you another one of your empty ones."

I look at her and say,

"Just get me the twilight one!"

She shakes her head yes and they walk out of the room. I sit there and look up into the eyes of the people I have been dreaming to meet. Robert walks up to me and says,

"Well looks like I'm going to start the introductions, I'm Robert Pattinson."

I look at him with a look of I know who you are and he just smiles that crooked smile and steps back but before anybody else could say something I say,

"I'm just going to start by saying I know who each of you are so no need for introductions because I'm going to do that myself so here I go, Kellan, Nikki, Robert, Taylor, Elizabeth, Peter, Ashley, Booboo, Chaske, Alex, Kiowa and last but not least Jackson."

They all look at me with wide eyes and I say,

"What didn't expect me to not know all of your names did ya? When I'm a major TwiHard!!!"

Peter takes a step forward and says,

"We figured you would know some of our names but not all and we didn't know you were such a fan."

"I thought my little scream earlier would kind of give it away!" I say.

I look at the doctor and scream right as Mackenzie and Adine walk back in,


He takes my camera and everybody crowds around me and he snaps a picture of us and then as it goes down the line I get a picture with everybody separately. I then start to work on my scrap as I'm talking with everybody. I open the scrapbook write 'HOLY SPARKLES BATMAN it's the Twilight Cast!' and put the picture of all of us under it. Then its goes from picture to picture I of course have them sign each page before I put the captions for each picture, 'Kellan aka Emmett he's my teddy bear (shhh he doesn't know yet!), Nikki aka Rosalie she's actually quite lovely, Robert aka Edward he's not as awkward as I thought he would be lol, Taylor aka Jacob Team Jacob for life b**ch lol (shhh he's also one of my teddy bears he doesn't know either), Elizabeth aka Esme she does have that motherly quality :], Peter aka Carlisle he does have the fatherly quality', Ashley aka Alice she is like a little pixie (but she's freaking amazing also), Booboo aka Seth OMG! He's way cuter in person! ( and has an amazing freaking smile and a contagious laugh), Chaske aka Sam carries himself like him too but also really laid back, Alex aka Paul amazing smile and great hugger!, Kiowa aka Embry lovely smile and contagious laugh and just great to be around period., Jackson aka Jasper what do I say he has that freaking southern accent! LOVE IT! (Gorgeous eyes and smile).' I get done writing each of the captions and we chat for a little while longer and then the doctor says,

"Okay guys! Visiting hours are over they have been for like 3 hours. You can come back tomorrow. Because I am pretty sure that she will be going home tomorrow."

They all look at me with sad eyes and I say,

"Hey! What's that look for batman!?!? I'll get yalls numbers so we can still keep in touch!"

They all smile at that idea and they each hug me one by one and the last to come hug me is Robert and before he leaves I grab his arm and say,

"Hey can you stay a minute I need to talk to you."

He looks at the doctor and he says five minutes only. I smile a big one and I look at Robert and say,

"Why were you able to calm me down so quickly earlier?"

"Honestly I have no idea, Do you know why?"

"If I knew would I be asking you if you knew?"

"Your right, well when I said look at me you kind of zoned out when you looked me in the eyes."

"I think it's because you have the same color eyes and the same accent as the guy who saved my life."

"So the guy who saved your life has green/brown eyes and an English accent?"

"Yeah I guess you that just reminded me of him a lot"

"Well I guess that could be a good thing or a bad thing"

"I would prefer it to be a good thing than a bad thing"

The doctor walks in and says,

"Okay Cat! Five minutes is up Rob it's time to go."

I give him a hug and he walks out of the room. My sisters walk back in and I say to them,

"He had the exact same color eyes as Zayn!"

Mackenzie looks at me and says,

"So you think that's why he was able to calm you down so fast?"

"Yeah, I mean When I was with Zayn at the crash site I literally just watched my parents blow up in a car that I was just in and I didn't explode into tears. There has to be something about that guy. I just don't know what it is."

"I think I know what it is. YOU LIKE-LIKE HIM!!!"

"Mackenzie how can I like-like a guy when I don't even really know him?"

"Oh well good point"

I look at her and laugh and I press the little button above my head and Mrs. Rathbone walks in and I say,

"The pain is coming back and I'm about to scream!!!"

She looks at me and laughs and puts more medicine in the IV and she says,

"This will make you fall asleep so you might be able to sleep through the night another nurse will be here to check on you later but I will be back in the morning with everybody else"

I raise my fist in the air as I start to fall asleep. I roll over and hug my penguin, Mr. Niall Sassy Pants. I fall asleep hugging him and thinking about Zayn and his gorgeous eyes.

6 hours later

I wake up to a voice singing and playing an acoustic guitar. I look up to see that it's Jackson and he's singing 'A Drop In The Ocean' By Ron Pope. As soon as I realize what song it is I break down crying. He sees that I'm crying and he stops and comes to my side and says,

"What's wrong? Is it the pain?"

I look at him and shake my head no and say,

"That's the very last song I ever listened to with my parents before they died"

He holds me to his chest as his dad walks in and asks,

"Jackson what did you do this time?"

He looks at him and says,

"I didn't do anything I was just playing the guitar and singing A Drop In the Ocean and she started crying because that was the very last song that she ever listened to with her parents before they died."

His dad looks at me and says,

"It's okay to cry you know. Jackson cried for 2 months after he lost his pet ferret died."

I look up at him and let out a little laugh and Jackson goes and sits back down and pretends to cry. The door opens and I see my sisters walking in carrying a plate with a muffin the size of my fist, a big cup of apple juice and a couple cans of red bull. My eyes light up like I haven't seen food in months. They laugh and set the plate down in front of me and I dig into the muffin when Jackson says,

"You want to know who made that muffin?"

I look up at him and guess,

"Tinsel Korey? Because they look just like the ones from new moon!"

He looks at me shocked and says,

"How did you know?"

"I didn't, there was a note under the plate that reads 'I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to come meet you yesterday, I had to show Xavier where Jackson lived but I'll be able to come with everybody else today. I hope its okay that I sent the muffin up there to you. After you fell asleep last night your sisters' text Chaske and asked him if it was okay if I made you some of the muffins because you always wanted to try one. The rest are at Jackson's if the guys haven't eaten them all yet. Those guys can eat like 4 batches of those muffins, it's insane how much those guys can eat. Anyways I cannot wait to meet you!'

He looks at me and shakes his head understanding. I look at my sisters and they smile and I say to them,

"So guys has grandma tried to get ahold of yall yet?"

They look at me and say,

"Her plane got delayed in Aspen Colorado and she won't be here for another two days"

"So you're telling me that I'm stuck in here for another two days?!?!"

"Yeah, but you get to see everybody more!"

I pull my laptop out and I get on youtube and I see this video for this boyband One Direction and its called 'More Than This' I clicked on it and it started playing and I sat there and just stared at the screen and my sisters look at me and ask,

"What's wrong Cat?"

"The guys who saved us today, did you know that they were a very popular boy band?"

"No, why are they?"

"Πλάκα μου κάνεις έρθει ματιά σε αυτό το βίντεο!"

Adine looks at me and says,

"Calm down Ms.Sassy Pants no need to go all greek on us!"

"Λοιπόν, αν θα συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι μια δημοφιλής μπάντα αγόρι μας έσωσε από το να σκοτωθεί θα έχουν την Sass, επίσης"

"Sérieusement, vous savez que je préfère parler français au grec!"

"Ναι, ναι ξέρω ότι θα μιλήσει γαλλικά μάλλον σας από Έλληνες μου"

"Je sais que vous avez raison!"

Mackenzie looks at us and says,

"E 'tutta una questione di italiano"

I look at them and laugh and say,

"Guys are we seriously having this argument again???"

"Yeah I guess we are, it wouldn't be the first time though!"

After we get done with that I look at the video that's playing in front of me and I want to start crying. I lay here thinking 'I cant believe that a band this popular would just stop on the side of the road and help.' I'm sitting here thinking about everything that happened when I hear a knock on the door. I look up and see none other than Simon Cowell himself. I look at my sisters and say,

"Πλάκα μου κάνεις ότι είναι Simon Cowell!"

He looks at me and says,

"Υποθέτω ότι είστε ένας ανεμιστήρας;"

"Ναι, εγώ δεν ξέρω που θα μπορούσατε να μιλούν ελληνικά."

"Καλά φαίνεται όπως είναι εκεί πολλά πράγματα που δεν ξέρατε!"

"Ναι, έτσι νομίζω!"

My sisters cut in and say,

"As much as we love hearing a bunch of Greek but why are you here?"

"Well girls, as I can tell from the way Cat here is starring at the More Than This video you just found out that the boys who saved you today are in fact a very successful band named One Direction."

I look at him and say,

"Yeah! You would think that I have heard of them before but I haven't"

Mackenzie looks at me and says,

"Questo perché la testa è stato spinto i vostri libri di Twilight mozziconi, anche se i libri non hanno mozziconi!"

I look at her and stick my tounge out and she does it back and I hear Simon laugh and I ask

"So you never did tell us why you are here!"

He looks at us and says,

"Well girls, the boys wanted to come see you but they had to get to LA to record some of their new album."

I look at him and say,,

"Do you think maybe I could skype with Zayn?"

"I don't see why not."

He walks over to me and logs into his skype and he requests a skype with Zayn and next thing you know Zayns' face pops up on the screen and Simon says,

"Zayn I have somebody here who would like to talk to you!"


He turns and looks at me and mouths 'Are you ready?' and I shake my head yes and think 'Thank God I did my makeup and hair earlier!' He turns the computer towards me and I say,


"Vas' Happenin? Oh My Gosh!!! Your okay!"

"Yeah, I just ended up with a broken wrist and leg."

"How did you end up with that and your sisters end up with nothing"

"Well they didn't end up with nothing, they have some cuts and bruises and a few burns here and there"

"Oh Okay, well i'm glad that you lot are okay and I'm so very sorry about your parents"

"It's okay, So Bradford Bad Boi ey?"

"Uhh Yeah! :) I'm from Bradford and I have the reputation of a bad boy even though I'm not one"

"Well I want to thank you for the flowers"

"It's no problem"

"How do I even begin to repay you? I mean you and your friend literally saved our lives"

"You don't need to"

"But I feel like I have too."

"Well you shouldn't"

"But I do"

"I have some people who want to finally meet you"

"Can it wait till i'm not in the hospital and when I dont look horrendous?"

"Nope and you don't look horrendous"

"Okay guys come on over!"

Next thing you know I see four other guys come into the picture and they all have huge smiles on their faces. I say,

"Thank you guys so much for everything you did and for the flowers that was really sweet"

LP- "No problem darling"

LT- "Yeah it was no problem"

NH- "Your Welcome!!"

HS- "Yeah no problem"

"Well guys I really want to talk to Zayn about something, I'll to you boys later yeah?"

LP,LT,NH,HS- "Okay Bye!"

As soon as they walk away I see Zayn come back into the picture and I say,

"Why did you save me?"

"Because I had too, I just couldn't drive by with out doing something to help"

"Well thank you again, i really mean it!"

"Your welcome again :)"

"So i hear yall are recording some new stuff for yalls new album?"

"Yeah, how did you...Simon tell you?"

"Yeah, he came in and we talked a little bit in greek and he then told me that yall wanted to come see me but yall had to get to LA to record some new stuff for the new album"

"You speak greek?"

"Yeah I speak greek, italian, french, spanish and a little bit of german and latin"

"WOW! That's really interesting."

"Niall can speak spanish, Harry can speak french, Liam can speak italian and Louis can speak a little latin"

"Wow! I can have inside conversations with the rest of the boys but what about you? Can you speak any languages?"

"Yeah I can speak greek and arabic actually"

"Wow now I can have inside conversations with all of yall! You want to know something really funny?"


"I can be having a conversation in one language and someone start talking to me in a different language and I can start talking to them in the same language and then go back to talking to the person before them in other language so I'm going to warn you now that might happen because it seems like all the guys like to talk over each other."

"Yeah they tend to do that a lot"

"I bet they seem like a very lively lot of blokes"

"Well darling I have to go record some!"

"Okay I'll guess I'll talk to you later"

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