Teenage Dirtbag


2. One Carmel Frap for Miss.Batman!

I wake up to hear voices saying,

"I wonder when she will wake up?"

"Why don't you just ask her for yourself because I'm awake now!"

I look up to see Kellan, Nikki, Robert, Taylor, Elizabeth, Peter, Ashley, Booboo, Chaske, Alex, Kiowa, Jackson, Tinsel and Xavier. I see her and I smile and say,

"Thank you so much for the muffins they were Battastic!"

She looks at me and asks,


"Yeah it's a combination of Batman and Fantastic!"

"Oh okay makes sense now"

"Yeah, you'll soon find out that I have an odd fascination with Batman and many other things. You'll catch the phrases I say and wonder what the crap has she been smoking. But in all honesty I haven't smoked anything in 4 months but most likely all the stress from everything that has happen will cause me to start smoking again!"

"Oh! I never exactly found out just what happened."

"Well are you ready for a sob story?"

"Hit me girl!"

"Okay well it started when we got home from school Friday of last week, our parents would always surprise with these random road trips and they decided to take us on a trip to the mall of America in Minnesota then head over to NYC and we had the best time ever while up there, and we had such a blast shopping and just spending time with our parents; we always do, and well we were almost home and we were rocking out to my favorite song at the time 'A Drop In The Rain' by Ron Pope and out of nowhere this 18-wheeler swerved over the median and hit our escalade head on and our parents were killed on impact but Adine and Mackenzie got out with a couple of scratches and bruises and I got put in the hospital with broke leg, wrist and some cracked ribs and that's how we ended up where we are now."

She looks at me with tear filled eyes and walks over to me and hugs me lightly. Everybody behind her are staring at me like I have seven heads or something and I say,

"Okay you can stop staring at me anytime now!"

They all look in different directions and Taylor steps forward and says,

"Is there anything we can do to help you?"

"No, I don't think there is, I mean I lost two of the most important people in my life in a car crash yesterday and was saved by a boy band, met Simon Cowell and the Twilight Cast all in a matter of just sixteen hours."

"Wow! I just find it so amazing that you are staying so put together after everything that's happened."

"Yeah, you're just as amazed as I am. I thought I would have broken down and cried myself to sleep."

"Wow! If I was in your position I would probably still be crying right now."

"I actually haven't cried any since I got here."

"Wow! Well I think you deserve some starbucks for being such a trooper, my treat."

"Really, Taylor? You would get me starbucks for not crying about my parents dying?"

"I mean I know it's not the best thing to celebrate but I know your type you drink starbucks all the time don't you? Maybe every day at least 3-4 times a day?"

"Well it's not my fault that there is a starbucks literally down the street from my house and that my school had one put in and hey I go so often that the head honcho of the Starbucks corporation gave me a starbucks black card so take that and you won't have to spend your own money!"

"Your school had one put in? Hey I said my treat and plus I have my own starbucks black card!"

"Yeah, I go to, well we went to one of those big fancy schools that has pretty much everything."

"So what do you want from starbucks?"

"A Carmel Frappuccino with no whip and have them put the name Batman on the side!"

"Okay will do Miss.Batman!"

I wave to Taylor as he walks out to get our starbucks and I look up at everybody and see that Simon is still here. I look at my sisters and ask,

"Que fait-il encore ici"

"Il n'a pas laissé"

"Qu'est-ce au nom de toutes choses batman! Alors Simon Cowell me regardait dormir?"

"Il dormait! Il n'a pas simplement vous regarder dormir toute la nuit!"

"Bonne parce que cela aurait été maladroit!"

He looks at me and smiles and says,

"Λοιπόν έχω μια έκπληξη για σας!"

"Λοιπόν, να πάρει το δρόμο τους!"

"Τώρα δεν θα είναι έκπληξη αν σας είπα τώρα θα είναι;"

"Όχι, αλλά μισώ πραγματικά εκπλήξεις απλά ρωτήστε αδελφές μου!"

"Λοιπόν υπόσχομαι ότι θα αγαπήσετε αυτό το ένα!"

I look at him with a scared look on my face and I turn back to Jackson and everybody and say,

"Well this has been a rather interesting day so far!"

Kellan looks at me with wide eyes and says,

"You can speak different languages!?"

"Uhh, yeah I can speak Spanish, German, Italian, French, Greek, Latin and of course English."

"Wow how did you find the time to learn all those?"

"Well, my school had a lot of different class choices and my parents ordered me rosetta stone."

"Oh okay I understand now!"


I hear the door to the room open and I see that it's Doctor Rathbone and Nurse Rathbone and I look up at them and smile my big cheeser smile. They walk into the room and Doctor Rathbone says,

"We tried calling your grandmother again and she should be here with in the next couple days."

I look at him and the smile that was plastered to my face left and I say,

"So I'm stuck here?"

He looks at me and says,

"I know how much you hate it but yes you are stuck here."

I left out a heavy sigh and I look at my sisters and say,

"Well at least I'll get my surprise soon?"

I look up at Simon and he says,

"Yes, you get your surprise soon"

I get an excited look on my face and Rob looks at me and says,

"What do you think your surprise is?"

"I don't know, it's gotta be something big if it won't be here for a while."

"True, True"

I pull my laptop onto my lap and log in and see I have a few new mentions. I look at them and I read them and I laugh and everybody looks at me like I'm insane and Kellan asks,

"What's so funny bunny?"

"Did you really just call me bunny?"

"Yeah you got a problem with it?"

"No I was just wondering why you called me bunny"

"I just felt like changing it up some, is that okay with you?"

"Well yeah it's okay with me, it's just I have had a lot of nicknames and Bunny has never been one of them"

"Well now it is, So bunny are you looking forward to Taylor bringing you back your coffee?"

"Well Kell-Bear I really am excited I haven't had starbucks since we left NYC!"


"Can I not give you a nickname since you nicknamed me Bunny?"

"Well yeah but why Kell-Bear?"

"Well Kell for your first name Kellan and then Bear because you are like a giant teddy bear"

"Oh okay understandable now"

As soon as he got done saying this Taylor walks in with our coffees. I look up with a very excited face and he walks over and hands me my coffee and says,

"A one Carmel Frap with no whip for a one Miss.Batman!"

I grin my cheeser smile and say,

"Why thank you my darling Tay-Bear!"

He looks at me with a weird expression and before he can say anything Kellan butts in and says,

"Tay-Bear is your nickname from her, Tay for your first name Taylor and Bear because your like a giant teddy bear. Mines Kell-Bear if that makes you feel any better"

He nods his head slowly as he takes a sip of his own coffee. I look at everybody else and say,

"Now time for yalls nicknames! Nikki; Nikks, Robert; Rob, Elizabeth; Liza, Peter; P-Fac, Ashley; Ashy, BooBoo; BB, Chaske; Chas, Alex; Beast, Kiowa; Ki-Ki, Tinsel; TK and last but not least Jackson; Jacksie."

They all look at me and smile and I look back at my laptop and I start a new tweet,

"Who can say they have personal nicknames with one of their favorite movie casts!? Because I can!!! #HospitalSwag!!!"

I then log into face book and see that I have like 69 new notifications and like 35 new friend requests. I go through them all and I then pull up my folder with my newest pictures in them and I start to upload all the ones that have been taken recently. After I upload them I go to youtube and I look up the newest Justin Bieber video and it says 'Beauty and a Beat' I pull it up and watch it and comment 'HOLY SPARKLES BATMAN!!!! I love this song!!!' I add it to my many play lists. I look up to see everybody starring at my sisters and myself like we have seven heads each and I say,

"WHAT!? It's not our fault were Beliebers!"

Simon looks at me and says,

"Don't let the boys hear that."

"Why don't I want the boys to hear that?"

"Because they care about you three so much and they figured that you have heard of them before so they automatically thought that you were already Directioners!"

"What in the name of batmans sparkles is a Directioner?"

"A Directioner is a fan of One Direction the band the boys are in"

"Oh okay I understand now but I have never heard of them until now"

He looks at me and nods his head. I look around the room and take a sip of my coffee. The doctor walks in and says,

"Well I have some good news and some bad"

I look at him with a blank face and say,

"Well I do believe I want the good news after the bad."

"Well, that's different, anyways the bad news is that besides your right wrist, left ankle and ribs your left knee is cracked and you have a hairline fracture in your left femur. The good news is that you get to be released tomorrow."

"By tomorrow you mean the day after today and the day that starts in like six hours and thirty-seven minutes"

"Yes, the day that starts in six hours an thirty-seven minutes"

"Does that mean our grandmother is coming to get us tomorrow"

"No, it means that you get to go to your house."

"Oh well that's cool too"

I look at my sisters and Adine says,

"Are you ready to pack up everything?"

"Not really, I can't anyways!"

"Oh yeah!"

She looks at me then at everybody and says,

"Hey do yall want to help?"

They all look and say,

"Hell Yeah!"

I look at them and smile. The doctor looks at me and smiles and I ask,

"Wait! Who is filling out my paper work?"

Simon steps forward and says,

"Well I got in touch with your grandmother and she and your sisters gave me your information and she gave me permission to sign you out tomorrow"

"Well that's cool bro!"

I look at my sisters then back at the doctor and he says,

"Yeah, so Simons gonna sign your release papers and I'm going to give you a script of pain killers"

"Cool story bro needs more batman!"

I lay back down and I plug in my iPod and I see everybody moving around and I lean up and ask,

"Why is everybody getting so frantic?"

They all stop and look at me and P-Fac says,

"Were not doing anything bad I promise!"

I look up at him and I lay back down on the bed. I press play and 'Die Young' by Ke$ha comes on. I'm laying on the bed dancing around. The next song that comes on and it was Rob Popes 'A Drop In The Ocean' as soon as it started I start to cry. I lay there and cry myself to sleep. I lay there and sleep for three hours. I wake up to people singing I lean up in the bed and see five guys standing there. My vision clears and I realize that it's Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam and Harry. As soon as I see them I smile and I look at Simon and say,

"I freaking love you!"

He looks at me and smiles. The five guys finish the song and Zayn walks up to my bedside and says,



"How are you feeling?"

"Oh you know! So-so"

"I see"

"You knew about this didn't you?"

"About us coming to visit?"


"Yeah, but I only found out right after yall fell asleep and Simon called and set it up"

"Oh Okay"

"Yeah, so I heard your being released tomorrow"

"Yeah! I'm excited about getting out of here but I'm not looking forward to attempting to pack all my stuff"

"Well you don't have to worry about packing your things because were going to help you"

"Oh is that so?"

"Yeah it is so"

"Okay, then if your gonna help who's gonna help me up to my room? Because as you can tell I can't walk!"

"Me and Harry"

"Awe arent you just the sweetest things"

"Yeah! We know!"

"Well someones vain now arent they"


"Well good thing I was kidding"

"Well that's good"

"Yeah I know, so when were you going to tell me you were in a popular boy band?"


He looks at me and smiles and gets up and walks away. I look at him as he walks away and I just stare. My sisters walk over to me and Mackenzie says,

"What was that about"

I look down at my lap then back up at her and say,

"Well, Zayn and the boys are going to help us pack also and him and Harry are going to carry me up to my room"

"Well! That should be interesting!"

"Yes it shall!"

I get my laptop and get on itunes and I buy a couple of new songs and the boys album 'Up All Night' the ultimate edition. I plug my iPod in and sync my library. I unplug it and start listening to 'Up All Night' I'm laying there and just mouth the words to each of the songs. I look around the room and land on the door and I see the doctor standing there smiling at me and I move my way into the wheel chair that's sitting next to my bed and I wheel myself to the door. The doctor opens the door and asks,

"Is that too much excitement for you?

I look up at him and say,

"Yeah just a little, I can handle a little but not that much with the condition I'm in."

"Yeah, I understand and plus you're a fan of both sets of people and meeting them is a lot of excitement in one small room"

"Yeah, I want some starbucks"

"Okay I'll have someone go get you some"

He rolls me back to my room and Adine says,

"Where the hell did you go? We turn around for five minutes and turn back and your gone!"

I look at her and say,

"Well I needed a break from all this excitement and Dr.Rathbone just so happen to be walking by."

"Ah gotcha!"


He rolls me back to my bed and him and Jackson help me back on my bed. As soon as I'm on my bed I pull up twitter and I see I have new followers I click on my followers and I see the Nikki, Kellan, Jackson, BooBoo, Peter, Elizabeth, Ashley, Kiowa, Alex, Chaske Tinsel, Zayn, Simon, Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis. I smile and go back to the home screen and see that I have almost 31,000 followers and 47 new mentions. I look at them and see that the boys tweeted me,

'@zaynmalik; My girl @catriscott is getting released tomorrow! #LikeABoss

@niallofficial; YAY! My fellow leprechaun is getting out tomorrow =) Glad your getting better @catriscott #IrishSwag

@Real_Liam_Payne; Happy that @catriscott gets out of the hospital tomorrow #MuchLove

@Harry_Styles; The gorgeous @catriscott is getting released tomorrow #WootWoot

@Louis_Tomlinson; My best friend @catriscott gets out of this place tomorrow! #HospitalSwag

@simoncowell; So happy that @catriscott is getting out of the hospital tomorrow =) #LovelyGirl'

I look at those tweets and smile as I favorite and retweet them. I log out and pull up my twitcam and I start one,

CS*Hey everybody, how is yalls night going?


CS*That's great guys, I've seen all the tweets and I want to massively thank you

*...your welcome....no problem

CS*Do yall want to see a member of One Direction?

*...yes...are you kidding me....HELL YES

CS*Hey Zayn come here

ZM*Yes love!

CS*Come say hi to the viewers

ZM*Vas Happenin!

CS*Hey Zayn!

*....are you dating?...yall are so cute together!

CS*No we arent together

ZM*I don't know, I think I see a date in the future

CS*When did I agree to this

ZM*Well love, would you do me the honor of going on a date with me

CS* Well Zayn, I would love to

*...aww...so cute...lucky b**ch

CS*Well guys its time for me to get some pain meds in me because these injuries are getting to me so I bid the fare well for now! Zayn say bye!

ZM* Goodbye lovelies!

I sign out of twitcam and I press the little button to get nurse Rathbone. She walks in and I say,

"The pain"

She walks up to me and puts more pain meds in my iv. I lay there and put my headphones on and I slowly fall asleep listening to Ed Sheeran. I wake up to the feeling of someone taking off my headphones. I look up to see Jackson setting them on the table next to my laptop. I smile at him and fall back asleep. A couple of hours later I wake up to Niall playing the guitar I roll over and smile and say,

"You know that if I was one of your more passionate fans I would probably scream right now but since I already know you I'm just going to sit and stare at you like a creep and listen to you play!"

He looks at me and laughs his adorable little laugh and flashes me his famous 'Niall Smile.' He continues to play and I sit and stare and smile. I say,

"I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar"

Niall looks up at me and he smiles and asks,

"Well love when you get out and your all healed up would you like me to teach you?"

I look at him and say,

"OMG! Yes! That would be amazing!"

He smiles and continues to stum on his guitar. I sit there and watch him play when my sisters and the boys walk in and Louis says,

"Look out Zayn the leprechaun is trying to serenade your girl."

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