Thomas and Kirsten are deeply in love. But that all changes when Thomas enrolls in the army. There are some misunderstandings and they find themselves drifting farther and farther apart. Will they fix their relationship or will they hate each other for the rest of their lives?


4. chapter 4

Betrayal (4)


I stood at the end of the isle in anticipation. I started to get sweaty with nerves as I clenched and unclenched my clammy hands. 

Then the music started to play. It was the same tune I had been humming just over an hour ago. The doors swept open and out came the bridesmaids, the maids of honor, and the flower girls. 

Then, behind the flower girls the most beautiful creature stepped into line. It was Kirsten. She looked like an angel with her golden hair put up in a simple braided crown. Her face glowed with beauty and she had the biggest most radiant smile I have ever seen.

And as I looked into the eyes of my bride, all of my nerves and fears vanished. I was happy. I was ecstatic. I was in love.

When she appeared at my side, I took her hands and bent down to whisper, "I love you Kirsten". She smiled as tears came to her eyes and breathed, "I love you too Thomas". Then we turned around to face the pastor keeping our hands tightly intertwined.

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