Thomas and Kirsten are deeply in love. But that all changes when Thomas enrolls in the army. There are some misunderstandings and they find themselves drifting farther and farther apart. Will they fix their relationship or will they hate each other for the rest of their lives?


15. chapter 15

Betrayal (15)


I could hear the bloodcurdling screams coming from the other side of the door. I wasn't aloud to be in the room because I wasn't her husband. 

I sat in a chair on the opposite side of the hallway. The screams went on for about an hour and I had my head in my hands pulling at my hair because I jut couldn't bear to hear Kirsten in pain.

Then the screams stopped. I got up and ran to the door trying to see through the window. I saw Kirsten with a look of relief and happiness. I saw the doctors huddled around the baby. It was so small. It was much smaller that a baby should be.

I looked back at Kirsten. She had a scared expression across her face. I could see her lips move but I couldn't understand what she was saying. 

A nurse slowly walked over to her and said something to Kirsten. 

Then I saw her break. She just collapsed into tears of hysteria. I barged in and collected her frail body into my arms. 

"What happened?" I shouted at the nurse. "What's wrong?" 

"Mrs. McGriver had a miscarriage. The baby was just too small and weak to survive the birthing process. I'm truly sorry Mr. O'Darrin."

I kissed Kirsten's head and whispered soothing words into her ear. She was shuddering and shaking in my arms and silent tears had started to stream down her face.

A few tears slid down my cheeks as well. I knew how much she wanted the baby. She had explained to me how it was the only thing of Thomas she had left. 

My thoughts were interrupted as a different nurse came over to us with a little pink blanket. 

"Would you like to hold her? It is highly recommended for the parents of a deceased child to say a proper goodbye for future therapy reasons."

I nodded my head and she gently slid the baby into my outstretched arms. 

She was beautiful. Her head was already covered with soft fuzz. 

I took her little hand in mine and wrapped her tiny fingers around one of my large ones. 

Then I just broke down crying. Kirsten leaned forward and kissed my cheek. Then she gently took the baby into her own arms. 

I watched as Kirsten whispered into the baby's ear, "Goodbye my sweet girl. I will never forget you. Mommy loves you very, very much."

"Did you have a name in mind? For the birth certificate." The nurse whispered, embarrassed for interrupting this precious moment. 

"Evangeline. Evangeline O'Darrin." Kirsten breathed in response. Then she handed the child back to nurse, took my hand, and kissed me.

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