Life of Harry Styles Little Sister

You might think its easy to be Harry Styles little sister but it's not.

Hi my name is Jessalyn Styles and I'm Harry's younger sister by 1 year. So here's bit about myself I get into trouble a lot and always getting suspended or kicked out of school. I used to be a goody goody but that all changed when harry left me to go with his stupid band. At first I was okay with it cause he used to call and visit all the time, But now he doesn't call or anything and I couldn't not handle not having him anymore so I changed and became a "nightmare" as my mum would say.

So here's is my story of Life of Harry Styles Little Sister.


2. the day I leave

The next morning I woke up to hear my stupid alarm going off. "UHHHH shut the fuck up already" I yelled while hitting my stupid alarm clock to turn it off. I rolled out of bed and trudged my way down the stairs to hear my mom talking to the one person I don't like.

"So Jess I was thinking maybe we could go out and go shopping today" said harry " how about NO U CANT JUST COME BACK INTO MY LIFE AND THINK THATS EVERYTHING IS FINE CAUSE ITS NOT U LEFT ME WITHOUT A GOODBYE AND U NEVER TALK TO ME ANYMORE CAUSE UR ALWAY WITH YOUR STUPID BOYBAND"I yelled angrily "Jess that is no way to speak and treat ur brother" said mom

"Whatever I will be In. My room packing for this stupid tour that my mom is making me go on with my stupid brother"I said through gritted teeth.


"Mom is she always like this"I asked. "yes ever since u left with out saying a good bye she has been acting up and not listening. Getting into fights at school, getting arrested a couple times."

" okay well she is coming on this tour and maybe all of the boys can help me get her back to normal and maybe not be a pain anymore"I said hopefully.

"I'm willing to try anything harry to get my little girl back" my mom said truthfully." Okay we'll we have to leave so JESS GET DOEN HERE WEE HAVE TO LEAVE IR WE WILL MISS OUR FLIGHT" I screamed up the stairs.

" Damn ok no need to scream"Jess said rudely " okay well let's go bye mom I will miss u so much love you" I told my mom while giving. Her a hug and a kiss. "Bye mom love and u and I will miss u" Jess said while gaining mom a hug and a kiss.

"We'll let's go the faster I go the faster I can leave this stupid tour" said Jess


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