Life of Harry Styles Little Sister

You might think its easy to be Harry Styles little sister but it's not.

Hi my name is Jessalyn Styles and I'm Harry's younger sister by 1 year. So here's bit about myself I get into trouble a lot and always getting suspended or kicked out of school. I used to be a goody goody but that all changed when harry left me to go with his stupid band. At first I was okay with it cause he used to call and visit all the time, But now he doesn't call or anything and I couldn't not handle not having him anymore so I changed and became a "nightmare" as my mum would say.

So here's is my story of Life of Harry Styles Little Sister.


1. chapter 1 :)

" Jessalyn Styles get ur ass down here now" mum called for me.

"What do you want now mom " I said rudely to my mother.

"Jess I just got a call from your school saying u got suspended today for punching a girl named Riley" mum said sounding really angry with me.

"But mom she deserved it so bad she kept saying how she ruled the school an kept calling me a slut and a whore so I hit her to get my point across that You don't talk to me like that and get away with it"

"You know what Jess I'm sick and tired with u always getting in trouble from something or other so I have decided to send u to ur brothers for the summer to see if u can get ur act together"

"Fuck you mom u know I don't like harry ever since he left and never calls or comes to see me anymore"

"I'm sorry Jess but I made my decision so ur going and u will not cause problems while you are there. Do u hear me? If I get one phone call from anybody saying u got in trouble I will not hesitate to put u in a boarding school to straighten u out" "oh and by the way u might want to go upstairs and pack I already called harry about u going an he said it was okay so u leave tomorrow at 5:30 a.m."

"Okay mom whatever I guess I have no chance on winning u over on not letting me go but I guess not so I guess I will go pack"

Mom came over to me giving me a nice Great big hug and saying how she loved me and goodnight. I want upstairs to my. Room and went to my closet and got out my suitcase and I went back in my room and packed some T-shirts and shorts and stuff like that. Then I packed my bathroom necessities except my toothbrush,hair brush, and shampoo and conditioner cause I will need that tomorrow morning when I take a shower. I packed my laptop, phone charger, extra phone cases, and stuff like that.

Then I went to my bathroom and changed into short shorts and a black tang top and brushed my teeth and put my hair in a pony tail. I went back in my room churned my lights off and got into bed thinking what will it be like live with y brother and his stupid band mates for the whole summer. By the time I stopped thinking about it I started to slowly fall asleep till I was knocked out.

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