Life of Harry Styles Little Sister

You might think its easy to be Harry Styles little sister but it's not.

Hi my name is Jessalyn Styles and I'm Harry's younger sister by 1 year. So here's bit about myself I get into trouble a lot and always getting suspended or kicked out of school. I used to be a goody goody but that all changed when harry left me to go with his stupid band. At first I was okay with it cause he used to call and visit all the time, But now he doesn't call or anything and I couldn't not handle not having him anymore so I changed and became a "nightmare" as my mum would say.

So here's is my story of Life of Harry Styles Little Sister.


3. After the plane ride+meeting the boys



So me and harry just got off the plane. That plane ride had to be the longest I have ever been on. The whole time harry has tried to talk to me but I just ignored him. Yeah I do kinda feel bad but that's what's he gets for leaving me for all those years. He never even used to call me on my birthdays and I would always call him on his birthdays but after like 2 years of trying I jut have up.

So today I'm a suppose to meet the rest of my brothers idiotic band mates. Yayyy can't wait (note the sarcasm). Let's just say this is going to be so much fun. I will always get into trouble and always be the rebel and nobody and I mean NOBODY will change that....

"Jess let's go hurry up they are waiting for us" said harry. " I am not rushing to go meet people i don't even want to meet" I said rudely "whatever let's just go already" said harry irritated.

We had to have been walking for a. Good 15 minutes and my feet were killing me. "Hey harry over here" a guy who had black hair said. We started to walk over their and all there eyes were on me. " what the fuck are all you starring at" I snarled. Let's just say after I said that I got this big huge lecture on how to greet people Nicely by my fucking brother. OMFG he irritates me so much!!!

It wool us about a half hour to 45 minutes to arrive at the house. But I wasn't just a house it was a bloody mansion. "We'll I don't know about u people but I'm tired from the flying an all the walking around and stuff so I'm going to bed goodnight"

"Okay we'll we will see u tomorrow morning for breakfast and then we have an interview so make sure ur ready by 10:00 am."

I went upstairs to look at my room and it was amazing it had my own bathroom and walk in closet also my own balcony. It was amazing. I went to my bathroom and changed in to shorts and a sport bra and went back into my room, shut the lights off and cuddled into my blanket on my bed. I began to think maybe this a new beginning. After thinking for a whole I found myself falling asleep waiting for a new day tomorrow.

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