I Was Trying To Disappear, But I Got Lost In Your Eyes


3. Well Well Well

I'm walking around my room unpacking my stuff while listening to "Well, Well, Well" by Duffy this has been my favorite song since I heard it when someones phone went off on the plane. I instantly downloaded it to my itunes on my computer. I'm dancing around my room and singing along to the song. My dad walks by the doorway and just stops and stares at me and I keep dancing and when I turn around and notice he's standing there is at the part where it goes well well well so i stop dancing and say,

"Well, Well, Well!"

He looks at me and just shakes his head and laughs and asks,

"Is that all that song says is Well Well Well?"

I look at him and dance around some more and then I pause the song and say to him,

"Do you want to hear the story behind me discovering this song?," he shakes his head yes so I continue, "Well, it was on my way here and I was on the plane and they just told us we had to turn our phones off and someone a few rows in front of me their phone went off and it was this song. So as soon as I heard it, I pulled out my laptop and I instantly downloaded it."

He looks at me with a worried expression and just walks away. I walk over to my door and close it and I go to my dresser and get my favorite hollister pj bottoms, 'you & me were meant to be xxx' tank top, my knee high green striped socks, my black and white varsity sweater, and my cupcake slippers, and I put on my panda beanie, my two turtle ring and my jack wills ring that i rarely take off. I grab my camera that I got for Christmas from my mum out its bag. I walk out of my bedroom with one of my ear buds in and one out. I see my dad sitting at the counter eating a bowl of cereal. I look at him and say,

"Smile Dad! I plan on taking lots of pictures while I'm here so get use to seeing the flashing lights!"

I snap a picture of him as he's taking a bite of cereal. I look at the digital clock on the wall and I look at my dad and smile my big braces filled smile and ask,

"Daddy, I have heard so much about the boys can I go look for them???"

He looks at me from head to toe and looks at me and says,

"Yeah, just don't get kicked out of the building for being, well you."

I look at him in shock and say,

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Before he could answer I'm already walking out the front door.

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