I Was Trying To Disappear, But I Got Lost In Your Eyes


2. Holy Carrots? Really?

Liam POV

I decided to go for a walk to clear my head after my argument with Danielle. I put my ear buds in and my hood up so nobody knows it me. I walk out of the loft building and start down the streets of London. I'm walking around downtown looking in the shop windows to see if maybe I can get Danielle to say i'm sorry. I decide that it's no use so i just keep walking around. I start down the road back to the loft when I see this girl with long brown hair, blazer, plaid shirt, shorts, batman converse, black beanie, purple sunglases and she's wheeling zebra print luggage. She looks at each side of the street every other second, looking like a very lost tourist, like she's looking for a particular thing. I walk by her and then I turn around and she runs right into me she starts to move around me and not even realizing I grab her wrist and say,

"Hey, my name is Liam Payne. I could tell you were lost and I thought I would see if you needed any help getting to where your going."

She looks at me with shock and disbelief. She stands there for a couple of minutes probably trying to figure out what to say to me. She finally catches her breath and says,

"Hey, my name is Lilliann Trayler but most people call me Lilli or Lill and yes I do need help getting to where I'm going. I'm looking for my fathers apartment complex, he said if I found the balcony with the presidents statue on it I found the right one. My father has never been really good with directions."

I look at her and smile and grab two of her bags while she carries her purse, backpack, and her purple striped duffel. I look at her to see if she's ready and then I tell her I know exactly where her father lives. She looks up at me and says,

"I do not know what I would do without you right now. Wait I think I do, I would probably be walking around all of London trying to find it."

I laugh a soft laugh as we walk up to the building. She looks up and there is Niall's status of the president of the U.S.. We both walk into the building and she looks at me and says,

"I do not know how to thank you enough. I'm going to make it up to you somehow."

I look at her and smile and say,

"There is no need to repay me. Just tell me you will come and hang out with me and the rest of the band."

She looks at me with her eyes wide and I guess she thinks out loud,

"Holy carrots! He is super cute and in a band WOW!!!"

I look at her and just crack up laughing when she realizes that she said that out loud she busts out laughing with me. She starts trying to compose herself enough to be able to walk she looks up and sees her dad walking towards us. She slowly starts to be able to breathe again. She drops her stuff and runs into his arms and says in between sobs,

"Daddy!!! It has been to long since I have seen you last. I am so happy to finally be here."

He rubs her lower back as she stands there and sobs in his arms. He looks up at me and says,

"Thank you so much Liam for seeing her out there. She probably would have been walking the streets for hours looking for it."

She looks up at her dad and asks,

"How do you know Liam?"

I look at her and smile a very mischievous smile and say,

"Me and the band live in this complex also."

She looks at me in disbelief and looks at her dad and asks,

"Can we go to the loft now? I'm getting super tired from the flight here. Liam I will take you up on that offer of hanging out sometime I want to finally meet this infamous band you keep speaking of."

I look at her and smile as she grabs her backpack off the floor and her dad gets her other bags from me. She walks over to me and hugs me one last time and thanks me again for helping her. Her dad is holding the lift for her and as the doors start to close I hear her say to her dad,

"How in the holy carrots am I supposed to hang out with him if I don't know which loft is his?"

Her dad looks at her shaking his head and says,

"Trust me, it will not be that hard to find him."

I watch as the lift takes them up to their loft. I wait for the next one to come and I get on and go up to my own loft. I walk up to the door and unlock it to find Louis and Zayn in an argument because Louis accidentally got something in Zayn's hair and I find Harry and Niall in the kitchen trying to cook. They heard the door slam and look at me and I say to them,

"I leave for 30 minutes tops and I come home and it's like WW3 broke loose. Louis apologize to Zayn and Niall and Harry get out of the kitchen!"

They all stop and look at me and say,

"Yes, Daddy Direction!"

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