I Was Trying To Disappear, But I Got Lost In Your Eyes


4. Heart Skips A Beat

I'm walking down the hallway with my headphones blaring "Heart Skips a Beat" by Olly Murs whilest trying to find the boys flat. I walk over to the lift and press the up bottom taking a wild guess. The lifts doors open and I walk inside seeing this boy who has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair almost to the point it's almost black and he's wearing some black geek frame glasses and I'm gonna say he is extremely good looking. He looks at me and smiles and I almost melt and he say's,

"What floor?'

I look at him with a shocked face because he was talking with an english accent and he doesn't look like he's supposed to be english. I wipe the look off my face and say,

"Well, I don't really know what floor i'm going to because I'm trying to find this boy band that lives in this complex. One of the members helped me with my bags earlier and he didn't tell me which one he lived in so I just thought I would try and walk the hallways like a creep and maybe I could find it."

He looks at me and smiles that heart melting smile and asks,

"Wait, Are the girl that just moved here from america to live with her dad in the flat a floor down?"

I look at him and ask,

"Is it that obvious?"

He looks at me and just shakes his head and laughs and says,

"I take it your looking for Liam? If so just follow me, my names Zayn by the way I am one of the members of this 'infamous' boyband as you called it. We all live on the fourth floor, we kind of took over that floor and all the other residents moved to different flats because were loud and disruptive teenagers."

I look at me and smile and before he can say anything else I pull my camera up and snap a picture of him looking at himself in the wall of the lift, because it's one of those fancy ones with mirrors for walls. He sees the flash and looks at me and asks,

"What was that for? I know i'm super good looking and all but if you wanted a picture all you had to do was ask."

I look at him and say,

"Now where would be the fun in that? I promised myself that I would document my entire time here and this moment right here is something to document so look at the camera and smile pretty."

I turn the camera torwards us I flash my braces filled smile and snap a picture of the two of us in the lift. I turn the camera around to look at the picture and I stare at for a minute and realize that if I posted this to facebook right now I would be questioned so much on if he was my new boyfriend or what was i doing with a member of one of the biggest boybands out there right now. I look up at Zayn because he's a good 4 or 5 inches taller than me and he's just smiling and says,

"We make a pretty cute couple don't you know think?"

I look at him with an expression that says 'wtf can you read minds or something?' He looks at me and laughs and says,

"No I can't read minds, you're just thinking out loud."

I look down at the floor and blush and I wonder why we haven't moved and then I realize that neither of us has pressed the button to go to his floor. I look at him and say,

"We have been standing here for a good ten minutes. Are you going to press the button or not?"

He looks at me and leans across me and presses the button, which starts the lift moving upward. As the doors open I hear someone yell at the top of their lungs,


I look at Zayn a little scared to get of the elevator. He pushes my lower back to urge me off as I step off a nerf dart flys right past the front of my face and I jump back into Zayns arms as a guy with extremely curly hair runs up to us and says,

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, It didn't hit you did it? See Louis I told you we should have just played it inside the flat instead of the hallway I just knew something bad was going to happen."

I pull my face from the crook of Zayns neck and I turn to see a pair of the most piercing green-blue eyes ever. The only thing I can do right now is smile and stare into his eyes. I'm snapped back by Zayn saying,

"As you have just met this is Harry Styles."

Harry looks at me and says,

"Hi, I'm Harry Styles."

I look at him and giggle and say,

"So I've heard."

He looks down at me and blushes. Next you know I'm being lifted into the air and spun around by a pair of striped arms. He puts me down and says,

"Hi, I'm Louis Tomlinson and this bottomless pit of a leprechaun is Niall Horan."

I hear a voice that coming from inside of one the flats and it's saying,

"Guys, who are you talking to! It better not be some crazed fan again."

I pull out of Louis' arms and start to look in each of the flats for the voice. I finally find the flat the voice is coming from and I see Liam standing in the kitchen cooking. I stand there and get my camera and turn the flash off and I snap a picture and I say,

"So you're super cute, in a band and you can cook? I guess you are just a triple threat huh?"

He turns around and almost falls causing me to laugh. I walk over to him and he says,

"So I see you found me?"

I look at him and giggle and say,

"Well actually I found Zayn on the lift and he brought me to you. So technically speaking I found Zayn and then I found you."

He looks at me and shakes his head and says,

"I'm sorry the place is such a mess, I leave for 30 minutes tops and it looks like WW3 breaks loose."

I look at him and finally say,

"So you, carrot boy and mr.vain over there helped decorate my bedroom and bathroom?"

He looks at me and smiles and says,

"Uhh, yeah. He told you about that. Louis and I did your bedroom and Zayn did youre bathroom that's why there's so many mirrors in there, i guess he thought he would share his vainness with you."

I look at Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry and start laughing at them fighting over the remote. I snap a quick picture of them before they can realize it. I walk into the living room after setting my camera on the counter and I turn the tv off and i look at the boys and put my hands on my hips and I say to them,

"Okay boys I know I haven't known yo uthat long but Liam was gone for 30 minutes tops and you all made it look like WW3 hit in here and he and I both would really appreciate if you got off your butts and cleaned this up."

They look at me and Louis says,

"Well looks like there's a Mommy Direction in the house now. Liam you truely have met your match."

I look at Louis then at Liam then look down at the floor and blush. I walk back into the kitchen and as I'm about to grab my camera Harry runs in there and grabs it and yells for me and Liam to get together for a picture. I walk around the bar to stand next to him and when I get around to him he puts his arm around my waste and pulls me to him and he looks down at me and smiles and when he does that Harry snaps a picture and I turn to look up at him and I smile and click another picture taken and we both finally look at Harry and smile and the click of button is made. I grab my camera from Harry and start to look at the pictures and I smile at the fact that we look like a legit couple cooking dinner. I show Liam that pictures and he just smiles.

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