Harry potter and the witches eye.


5. Chapter 5

School had settled in its routine of classes, feasts, fun and laughter in the common room, everyone was happy to be back at Hogwarts and eagerly waiting the start of the Quidditch season. As the months rolled into November, the weather turned chilly heralding the beginning of winter.

Harry, Ron, George and Ginny walked onto the Quidditch pitch full of confidence. The sun shone in a blue sky, the pennants snapping in the breeze and the grass holding on to its green of summer, a perfect day for Quidditch. It seemed everybody had come to watch the match; the stands were filled with students grouped in their houses, their colours worn proudly and the teachers pavilion was also full. Neville and Luna who had made surprisingly good chasers made up their team.

They were playing a Teacher's Seven to mark the start of the Quidditch season. Professor McGonagall was Captain/Chaser, with Professor Flit (seeker) Madam Hooch (Keeper) Madam Prince (Chaser) and some new teachers Harry did not recognise, Professor Smead, (Beater) who he would later learn was the new Defence against the Dark Arts Teacher, Professor Marks (Chaser) the new potions master and Mrs Jones (Beater) as she preferred to be called, teaching a new class at Hogwarts, Home and Health. 

The whistle blew and the quaffle was thrown into the air and everyone rose up high on their broomsticks. Harry hadn't wanted to embarrass the teachers and had instructed his team to take it easy. Within seconds they were a goal down. Professor McGonagall had grabbed the quaffle and flown straight for their goal, Professor Smead had whacked a bludger directly at Ron who was keeping goal, smacking him right in the stomach, knocking him off balance as the quaffle sailed into the open goal. GOAL!!! For the Teachers, Teachers lead by 10points. Very quickly his team were brushed aside again, Mrs Jones barging her broomstick into Ginny's as she went to collect a pass from Neville

FOUL cried the crowd but the referee waved play on feigning she had seen nothing. 

Professor Marks now had the Quaffle and was racing downfield; George was knocked off his broom by a solid whack from a bludger sent spinning his way by a fierce whack from Professor Smead

Only Ron now stood between Professor Marks and another goal. As he raced towards him, quaffle under one arm, he whispered under his breath and flicked his fingers up in the air. At the same time, Ron suddenly rose 20 feet higher leaving the Goal Hoops undefended

GOAL!!! Another 10 points for Teachers!!

FOUL!!!! Cried the crowd

The referee was busy cleaning her glasses and waved play on

Very quickly the House team realised whilst they were taking it easy the teachers certainly were not. Harry called a timeout and gathered his team together, most rubbing bruised shins or elbows. OK let's play our game and see if they can keep up with us, we are younger, fitter and faster. Remember our drills and we'll win easily. Kicking off the house team rose together and set off racing down the pitch passing the ball quickly. The Teachers were caught out by this change of pace and conceded their first goal. 

'Finally started to play Potter' McGonagall taunted, 

‘I was beginning to wonder whether your reputation was all hot air'

The teachers had the quaffle and begun to fly towards the House side. Whilst they may be older they were much more experienced at both Quidditch and flying. The three chasers were flying in formation, McGonagall in the middle with the Quaffle and then she flipped up and over the chaser on the right, who flipped with the chaser on his left, who flipped with McGonagall. Over and over they were flipped up and over each other, the ball passing between them. It was an impressive display of synchronized flying and the ball flew into the topmost goal, leaving Ron weaving right, then left as he had tried to cover all three goalposts.

The house team came on again, running one of their practiced drills, Luna was racing ahead of Professor McGonagall when she felt a drag on her broom, the professor was tugging her broomstick, next thing she felt a painful thud on her arm as a bludger was sent spinning her way by Mrs Jones, causing her to drop the Quaffle. FOUL FOUL cried the commentator and most of the crowd but the Referee again claimed she had seen nothing, sun in her eyes, 'play on, play on’ giving Harry a wink and a grin as he flew past glaring at the injustice. The teachers had the Quaffle and the three chasers begun to spin on their brooms as the tore down the pitch, passing the quaffle between them. It was impossible to see which one had it at any one time as they were spinning so fast. As they approached the goals they spilt each heading to one of the three goalposts. Ron, feeling quite dizzy flew in front of the topmost goal only to see the quaffle fly through the lower left. The Slytherin house were the only ones cheering on the Teachers, but their cheers soon turned to cries of disgust as Ginny and Luna both threw up as they hovered over their stand, having tried to catch the spinning teachers using the same move. This raised the biggest cheer of the day by far.

Suddenly Harry was off, racing towards his own goal, he had seen the glint of gold that could only mean the snitch. This is where his team would win the day; he was fast and would catch the snitch. Suddenly Professor Flitwick past him like he was standing still, leaving him open mouthed as he raced towards the golden globe.

Harry bent low over his broom trying to getting every ounce of speed out he could. He and Flitwick raced after the snitch as it darted and dodged just ahead. Harry was a great flyer as was the Professor and together they put on a fine display of control and precision flying with loops, dives, climbs, twists and turns. Professor Flitwick small lighter stature gave him the edge in speed and his fingers closed over the snitch just before Harry's


Everyone cheered and clapped as the Teachers Team flow information straight up then parted each throwing up sparks and fireworks that exploded with loud bangs and whooshes, painting the sky with the four house banners. Harry's team cheered with along too, a little disappointed but in awe of the teacher's skill and deserved win.

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