Harry potter and the witches eye.


4. Chapter 4

The train finally puffed into Hogwarts Station and the students spilled out onto the platform, all eager to get to the castle
First Years this way – a familiar voice boomed out over the hubbub of noise
As one the student body cheered and clapped with cries of 
Hagrid! Hagrid! Hagrid!
Hagrid stood towering over everyone, part giant he was the tallest man they had ever met, beaming with pleasure, dabbing tears of joy from his eyes with a table cloth he used as a handkerchief.
Now now, ‘hanks fur that ‘hanks fur that. First Years follow me, 2nd to 6th years to the carriages, 7th Years, your transportation’s in the waiting room’
Spying Harry, Ron and Hermione trying to get through the crowds towards him he called out over the crows
Hi ya ‘Arry, will meet up at the castle, times getting on, can’t be late
Harry waved and tuned towards the waiting room wondering what transportation 7th years used to get to the castle

To his delight, broomsticks were lined up inside, not just any broomsticks either, Firebolts2012s, the latest and fastest model on the market. Eagerly he took the stick nearest to him as the other 7th years crowded round, exclaiming over their good fortune. Most had never had the chance to ride a firebolt, none had ridden the latest model, but most of all, nearly all had not ridden any broom since being at Hogwarts.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione held back as the other 7th Years kicked off the ground and flew into the night sky towards the castle. Looking at each other, grins over all their faces they kicked off and with a whoop of joy flew through the air as fast as their brooms would take them. Soon they caught and passed the others, zooming towards the towers and turrets of Hogwarts, every window lit in welcome.

Harry and Ron finally touched down and raced up the main staircase towards the great hall and the banquet waiting for all, they marvelled at the rebuild, it was all exactly the same, like it never had been damaged at all.

Hope they put in some decent heating at least, moaned Ron, and sorted those draughts out’

Later again Mr Potter, Mr Weasly Professor McGonagall, Headmistress McGonagall actually stood at the top of the stairs, the 7th Years arrayed before her on the steps below.

Sorry Professor said Harry

Sorry Professor echoed Ron

Both grinning up at the Headmistress McGonagall until they spotted Draco Malfoy standing just off to one side, trying to look like he wasn’t bothered he stood alone.

What’s he doing here? Ron said in an audible whisper

Harry shrugged not taking his eyes off of Draco, not trusting himself to speak.

Year 7 will go through to the hall first, before the other students arrive and take their seats with their old houses. 

As the students filed through into the great hall, Professor McGonagall held back so she was abreast of Ron, Harry, Ginny and Hermione

I was as surprised as you when Draco was invited to return this year.

But don’t you decide who comes to Hogwarts? Questioned Ron

Before the Professor could respond
‘Honestly don’t you boys read’ Said Hermione with extra emphasis on the words Boys and 

Flashing a grin at Ron and Harry, who grinned back, recognising the throwback of the old Hermione

I read in the latest edition of A History of Hogwarts that it’s the sorting hat that decides who will be invited to attend the coming year at Hogwarts; It would have chosen for Draco to return.

All thoughts of Draco vanished as they entered the great hall, with its long tables and magical ceiling echoing the night sky outside, candles floating high, providing illumination along with giant candelabra’s dotted around the hall.

As they took their seats they heard the noise of the other students arriving, increasing as they approached and entered the hall.

Quickly taking their seats the buzz of the conversation steadied to a loud din as they waited for the teachers to enter and take their seats at the top table and the first years to be sorted into their houses.

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