Harry potter and the witches eye.


2. Chapter 2

The gang used flu powder to get to Diagon Alley. They had agreed out a sense of nostalgia to
meet at the Wesley’s home first and all set off together to pick up their essentials for school.
They still could not believe it was happening. It was like going for the first time all over 
again and the excitement was palpable amongst them. As they stood in Diagon Alley, they
were all talking and pointing as one, no one was listening as the exclaimed and nudged each 
other, each caught up with the sight of the Alley, once again a thriving hub of magical 
mystery and enterprise
‘There’s the Cauldron’s Shop’ exclaimed Hermione

‘Look there’s the Eeylops Owl Emporium’ Ron pointed out

‘Ollivander’s back! yelled Harry

‘Come on’

With that Harry took off down the Alley, the others only a moment or two behind him.

The tattered old sign was back up, looking even worse for wear then usual

Ollivander’s – makers of fine wands since 382 BC

They burst into the shop all shouting greetings, so happy were they to see the shop back up 
and running. 

‘Good to see you back Sir’ said Harry shaking his hand

‘So good to see you, how are you feeling, you look much better now’ enquired Hermione.

Still shaking Harry’s hand Ollivander’s beamed, laughing along with the gang, as happy to 
see them all as they were to see him.

‘All is well, thank you Hermione, very busy of course, very busy, First term at Hogwarts 
since, you know when. New students and a few damaged wands from the older ones that need 
replacing, Can’t stop to chat I’m afraid, so busy very busy’

Ollivander was ushering them out of the shop as he spoke

‘Come again soon, when I am not so very busy, so good to see you all again, delightful, delightful’

With that he let Harry’s hand go, finally, turned and shuffled back into his shop

‘Who’s next, come along, very busy’

The gang looked at each other a little perplexed; they were in and out of the shop within a
minute, no time at all to catch up with Ollivander, no time at all.

‘He’s not quite back to his old self you know’ Explained Hagrid making them all jump.

So surprised by Ollivander they had failed to notice the giant form of Hagrid approaching.


They all yell, quickly forgetting any hurt feelings they had felt at the arrival of another old
friend. They crowded around patting him on the back, shaking his hand, hugs from Ginny and Hermione.
‘Can’t stop now, gotta see a man about a two headed snake, com’on see me when ya get to Hogwarts, we’ll have a nice cuppa tea.’

With that Hagrid was off. Clearly in a hurry as went down the Alley, people just managing to step out of his way.

Ron groaned ‘a two head snake’

‘It’s only a snake Ron’ said George punching his on the arm

‘Only a snake, remember that is like saying Fluffy is only a dog or Aragog was only a spider’

Ron had his arms stretched out wide mimicking the huge size both these creatures had become.

Harry laugh, ‘it’ll be alright, remember when he bought that dragon’

Hermione laugh aloud ‘oh gosh yes, it burnt his beard with its baby fire’
They all laughed and started moving down the cobbled lane, taking in all the sites, new sites in many places, but all familiar.

They entered Flourish and Blotts and breathed in the smells of leather and paper. Books were 
piled everywhere you looked, great tall stacks reaching higher than any could reach. But 
Flourish and Blotts was a magic book store, you simply stated the book you wanted and it
moved itself from the stack and floated down to the sales clerk, who was ready and waiting to 
ring it up in the till. Hermione, of course, bought way more than was on the list declaring 
that apart from Hogwarts this was her favourite place to be, before hurriedly including the flat 
she was sharing with Ron.

They went from shop to shop, buying their potion ingredients, their cauldrons, scales and of course new robes for all.

Harry insisted on buying them each the latest Nimbus broomstick The Lightening Bolt

The only sad moment was when they passed by the Owl Emporium again, on their way 

‘Aren’t you going in Harry’ Hermione asked tentatively.

She knew the loss of Hegwig was still a sadness he carried with him.

‘No, I think I’ll leave that for another time’ said Harry moving quickly on.

‘Come on; let’s get some butter beers at the Leaky Cauldron then head on home.’

With the mood lighten, their smiles and warm glows returned as they drudged up the alley 
arm in arm, tired from a long day’s shopping but happy, very very happy.

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