Shot Down-Avengers

Oneshot involving Clint and Natasha! Might continue if enough people like it!


2. Chapter Two

Natasha woke up alone, panting and sweating. She turned in the bed and stood up, walking up to her full length mirror. She stood there, pulled up her tank top and looked at herself. Her once flat stomach now had a tiny, barely noticeable bump, showing there was something, or someone, growing inside her. She yanked her shirt down hastily as her boyfriend, Clint, walked into their home.

“Nat! Where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom.” He walked in, holding a big box.

“Um, where do you want this?” She walked over and opened it, showing all kinds of books.

“Put it over in the corner. I’l put them away later.” He nodded and walked out after doing what she said. She sat back down on the bed and sighed. He wasn’t around very much anymore. He never took her out to dinner, never did anything romantic. He was always just...gone. Natasha didn’t want to think it, but she thought, is he cheating on me?

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