She Ah Keeper

Athena Washington is one of the most prettiest girls that are existing in the high life of Chicago. But Surprise? She isnt happy there. She's happy at her routes, the West suburbs. What they consider ghetto, she considers home.


1. Athena Washington

I looked out my apartment, sulking. Kaleb looked at me. " What is it?", he said slightly irritated.

" You know why.", I said angrily.

"You're one of the prettiest girls Chicago's seen in decades. Pretty, proper and famous.", he said.


"But I aint proper. I been being who I aint for a long ass time and I'm tired of it.", I said taking off my shirt throwing it in the pile. Kaleb looked at me. "Honey, I don't care how gay I am. I would rock your boat."

"And that is why you are gay.", I said laughing as I put on a shirt. He smirked. " But of course darling'", he said smiling. I smiled abit.

"I miss where I come from Kaleb! I feel so shitty staying in this cute expensive apartment, lavish rings on my fingers, three closets full of designer shit. It's fucking wonderful. Not to mention also a fucking nightmare.", I said venting. Kaleb nodded, seeing that he really didn't care.


Kaleb loved this lavish life. People didn't judge him for who he was, what he was. Everyone just knew him as Kaleb Abernathy, the 27 year-old fashion guru, and as Athena Washington's best friend, both of which are very true. I sighed. " You faggot, you love it up here.", i said hitting him in the head with my pillow. He laughed looking at me.


"Babe, its the high-life.", he said simply.


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