No description. Making it up as I go along.


4. Three

As soon as I hopped off the bus, I noticed Josh walking towards me. I rolled my eyes. I knew he lived around this area but this still counted as stalking. It was like everywhere I went, there he was.  It was getting on my nerves. It didn't take him long to catch up to me even though I hadn't stopped walking.

"What a pleasant surprise to see you, again," I said sarcastically.

"I was passing by and just happened to run into you,"

"Ha! Sure! Whatever gets you through the night," I scoffed, "I better get home before someone sees me with you,"

“What are you so worried about? Why don’t you want to be seen with me? Is it because you don’t want to give people the wrong idea? Who cares if people think we’re together,”

I gave him a look.

“Me,” I said, “I would care. Good bye Josh,”

I headed down my street and didn’t look back. He didn’t follow me. Thank God.


I rummaged through my bag to find the key. To my surprise, the door opened. Mum, who would’ve usually been at work, stood in the doorway with a huge grin on her face that stretched from ear to ear. I hadn’t seen her this happy in ages.

“You seem overjoyed about something. What’s going on? Did we win the lottery? Did Grandma die and give us her money and her house?” I said, only half joking.

She motioned for me to come inside. I dumped my shoes and bag in the corner of the hallway and scanned the living room suspiciously. It didn’t look any different. My heart skipped a beat as I ventured over to the kitchen. I spotted him. My father sat at the kitchen table.

“I’ve missed you kiddo,” He said.


I half ran over to him with the biggest smile on my face. I gave him a tight squeeze. He was finally back from his work trip.

“It’s so nice to have you home; I’ve missed you like crazy!”

“Me too,” he grinned.

I sat in the chair next to him and listened intently about how the work trip went. Not that I cared. It really was great to have him home though. He was always going away on work trips. I was used to it. I still missed him but it just made it easier when he had to go away again.


“We have some news,” he said.

Uh-oh. Whenever both of them had news, it was always something huge. I looked for an excuse to get out of ‘The Talk’. Dad trails on for a while about how much we both mean to him, Mum stands behind him holding his hand, they both look at me with a sheer look of ‘oh God I hope she doesn’t hate us when she finally finds out’ and then, they spring it on me. Just like that my world turns upside down. He looked up at Mum who nodded at him. Just as he was about to open his mouth to tell me, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out. Perfect timing.

“I’m sorry, I really have to answer this,” I yelled out, already halfway up the stairs.

“What do you want George? If you’re calling me to pester me about Amber, again I’ll hang up, again,”

“I just want to say something to her but she won’t let me,” he replied.

I rolled my eyes.

His voice was raspy, the sound your voice makes when you’ve been crying too much.

“Fine, but make it quick and don’t make it too sappy or I’ll throw up on you,”

I was too nice for my own good.

“I want her to know I don’t expect her to talk to me ever again but I do want my stuff back,” he replied.

“Wow, how romantic,” I said bluntly, “I might give her that message, if you’re lucky. Bye, hope to not see you tomorrow,”

I hung up.

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