Dangerous emotions

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  • Published: 21 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2014
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The first had never experienced love
The second had lost everything he loved


1. Love?

Together they had formed a pact, together they were strong. No feelings held them down, both had they abandon such silly things. Nothing good came out of those two, pure evil they were. Or so people said. After they came to town people started disappearing, rumors went that the two outcasts were feeding on them. No one dared walking alone after moonrise anymore, no one was safe anymore.

The oldest had been a monster from the beginning, ever since childhood he had been an outcast, hated by everyone. The second became one after those dearest to him left for the other world. Both knew the suffering and pain living cost, both had experienced solitude and loneliness, that’s why they were so strong together.

Together they had sworn to free people from suffering, by taking them in and transfer their said emotions into themselves, they lifted their burden. However people didn’t see it that way, all they saw where two monsters slaying their community.

The first had no grudge, however the second had his doubts. Because he knew love, and felt that what they did was wrong. Still he continued his deed, not knowing what else to do.

Soon only few people where left, some had left one way or another. The first of the so called monsters found himself wandering restless around, there were no more people he could show his only way of love on, no more people he could free from suffering.

The second though had now cleared his mind, he knew what he had to do, knew who he was supposed to free from suffering.

And so that night the first one of the monsters got freed form suffering with his own kind of love, the second thought lost what was closest to what he could call a loved one.

Soon the towns people came back, no longer afraid of the one whom was left. They cheered for him, and he felt loved. His name, would always be remembered, he became a hero. However his former ally would never be remembered as anything else than a monster, no one knew his name except the one left. And as his name no one except the one left, would know how he really was.

The monster had in reality been a really kind person, even after being treated as he had been.  He only wanted to help people, and get loved. But one, who had never experienced love, would have a hard time ever showing it to other.  

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