At War With Thurst

Kidnapped by an unknown gang Alexandria Lucas Turner is destined to know and become the darker side of evil. As she faces unknown evils to man kind she is determined to become top of the food chain.


1. How It All Began.

Trudging through the never ending forest in the dark is definitely a new experience. Especially when it's for my life. Leaping over the tree roots and dodging the low hanging branches I try to use all the extra time I have. Have they even noticed I'm gone? Are they taking it out on the others?

My mind races through endless questions on what the vile human beings who kidnapped me are doing to the other people I saw in the room. What will they do with all the blood? Why was we all connected to a machine that took our life force? 

Light headed and seeing double I shake it off and try to concentrate on the main goal. Getting out of there. Behind me I hear rapid foot steps approach. It sounded like a pack of dogs had been unleashed upon me with the rapid sounds of feet pounding the floor getting closer and closer. Was it dogs? 

No it can't be there is no howling or barking, what is after me?

I strain my neck to look behind me and see people sprinting towards me with rage and hunger showing on their face like a neon sign above a strip club. "How are they nearly reaching me? I can't be that slow!" I think to myself right before I run into a solid, cold as ice....Man.

A man with eyes as crystal blue as a summer sky and a flawless complexion. "HELP ME YOU HAVE GOT TO HELP ME THESE MEN ARE AFTER ME THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME!" I scream and plead with him. He just stares at me as if I'm invisible. Is he deaf? I gather up the energy while catching my breath to grab the top of my t-shirt I had on for jogging before I was kidnapped. I pull down the collar and show the man the two puncture wounds near my neck where they had been taking my blood. 

At that point I knew he was one of them.

His eyes faded and darkening almost as in smoke to a deep piercing red and fangs poked out onto his bottom. This can't be happening to me, it can't be, they aren't real! Before I could turn and run the last thing I felt was a wound reopen. The puncture wounds on my neck. 

Life as I know it slips away as my eyes inevitably slowly shut forever. 

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