My life, My love

This is the story about Maria.
Maria is 18 years old; she is the typical girl you see in school, well-dressed, afraid to do something wrong because she wants to fit in. But what will happen when it all gets too hard for her? Will she keep up the wall or will it all fall to the ground?


2. Chapter 1: Let’s go back in time

Hello my name is Maria I am 18 years old I live in Florida, I still live at home with my parents, my life is complicated but I hope you will like my story, I have a lot to tell you guys and girls and it’s hard to choose what to tell you first but let’s just start from the beginning? Alrighty then, let’s go back to when I was 16.

Marias POV:

Maria: ‘’I am so excited to find out which play we are doing!!’’

She said really happy even though she had stage fright but she knew her friend liked I so she had to like It too

Liw: ‘’Yeah it will be fun, I hope it’s a musical I love singing!’’

Camille: ‘’Me too! I really want to sing too, i can’t wait till people will hear my voice I’ve been going to a vocal coach since you know… The last time’’

And then we were silent, we didn’t really talk about the incident but what happened was that last time Camille was supposed to sing people buhed her, don’t get me wrong she is a GREAT singer but she got so shy that she was almost whispering and not everybody could hear her so they just got impatient and then they never got to hear her sing. I don’t know what went wrong that day because she was singing from the top of her lungs at rehearsal.

Then I felt someone push me

Liw: ‘’HELLO Maria! Are you there!?!? She practically yelled’’

Maria: ‘’yes, yes what is it?!’’ I asked annoyed because she yelled and it hurt my ears

Liw:’’what were you thinking about?’’

Maria: ‘’Nothing…’’

Camille: ‘’So you heard what we just said?’’ she asked playfully

Maria: ‘’no… no okay I didn’t what did you guys say?’’  I said embarrassed

And they were just looking at me with big smiles at their faces, what did I do? Do I have something on my face? I quickly brushed my face with my hand and they were still looking, didn’t I get it off? What was It?

Maria: ‘’WHAT!?’’

And then a couple of minutes later they both pointed to the other end of the cafeteria.

Oh my asdfasdfasdf my heart started beating fast, and I could feel my cheeks getting warm, it was him..

He is a badboy, i like it.. i don't know what it is about me but something about him really turns me on! i've gotta talk to him someday... someday maybe today, now? nahh i'll wait maybe...

Camille: ''GO ON! Talk to him!''

Liw: ''Yes Maria talk to him you have the chance now he is sitting alone, talk to him before his friends are coming!!''

Maria: ''Okay, i'll do it! only if you guys dontt stare and smile and laugh like little girls!'' he is older than me of course i don't want him to think that im just a little child.

He is beautiful he has the most gorgeus blue eyes he is muscular and on those big arms he has tattoos, oh i would kill to have his arms around me, and before i knew it i was just staring so i got up and started walking over to him and we made eyecontact from across the cafeteria and i panicked I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!...



HEY GUYS, so this is my very first story it's short because i just want to see if people like it, if you do then i will write another chapter that is longer, the beginning was kinda boring i know but i really didn't know how to start it.

Tell me what you think, if you have some ideas to what i could do better please tell me i just want to do the story as good as possible 

- XO


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