Hedwig's Eyes (Year One)

This is going to be a series of 7 story's all of Harry Potter through Hedwigs eyes. It is too in first person, of course. Hope you enjoy this is my first story on this site/app. :-)


3. Hogwarts

     We then went to King's Cross Station and i was apparated strait to Hogwarts. I know that you can't do that on the grounds, which confused me. But then an older looking witch with a big, pointy hat and glasses explained to us pets that animals are aloud to apparate, as long as they're not an animagus. she then fed all of us and it made us sleepy, well, me sleepy, as far as i know. so i thought "why not take a nap? Harry won't be here for a while." So I decided to take a small nap, just for a little while.       I awoke to the sound of the students coming through the door. The first years hadn't come yet, because they were still rowing in. He came in and I was taken to his room, while he was in the welcoming ceremony. While i waited, i took another nap. All I could think about was Harry going into Slytherin. That would be awful. Let's just hope he get's Gryffindor.

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