Imagines (Requests)

Ask me for an imagine on anyone!


1. Emily_Tomlinson<3 (Ashley purdy)

"Ashley! I'm home!" I said walking through the door. Footsteps echoed across the room and I was swept off my feet. 

"I missed you Emily," he said kissing my face repeatedly. I giggled and he put me down. 

"Oh you did? huh?" I said with a big smile.

"Yes! 2 weeks is way too long without you!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his soft lips. His hands went down to my waist and he smiled into the kiss. We pulled away.

"Wanna help me bring my bags in?" I asked.

"Umm.. Sure!" He said running out to the car. He grabbed my two bags and brought them in. I sat on the couch and he joined me. 

"I need major Ashley cuddles!" I said laying my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. 

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked, his voice sweet. I nodded and he turned on Warm Bodies. I giggled at his choice, "What? It's a good movie!" He defended. 

"I know, Ashybear," I snuggled with him some more and buried my face in his neck at the scary parts. He chuckled every time.

"Emily?" He said at the end.

"Yes Ash?"

"Don't ever go away for 2 weeks again ok?" He had the pleading look on his face. 

"Not unless you're coming or I'm going on the road with you," I said. He smiled widely and started to sing to me.  He kissed me softly and I fell asleep. 



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