Fight for All We Know in this Rebel Love Song (ON HOLD)

My name is Nichole Steele, I am 22 years old. I am what you would call an emo fag. I have black hair and bright purple eyes. I wear nothing but black, leather, and cut up clothing. I wear gothic boots. I am currently single and My best friend is Jake pitts.


1. Meeting Him

I walked into the dressing where Black Veil Brides were getting ready. I saw him. Andrew Dennis Biersack. I inhaled deeply. Breathing in the smell of his cologne.  He looked over at me,

Andy- You must be Nichole. 

I nodded and he pulled me into a hug

Little more affectionate than I thought

Nichole- Nice to meet you too.

He chuckled and let me go. 

Andy's POV

Damn she's beautiful. She'd be all I ever asked for. 

Nichole's POV

I looked over to Jake. He was smiling at me. He was a good friend of mine. I could even say my best friend. He got the backstage passes for me. I walked over to him. He stood up and hugged me tightly. 

Jake- Hey girly!

Nichole- Hey girlier! 

He looked at me

Jake- Fuck you!

Nichole- Wish you could!

We both laughed. He let me go and smiled. 

Jake- You so have a crush on Andy. 

I pushed him back on the couch and got on top of him. Shaking him

Nichole- NO I DON'T JAKEY! *whispers* I like Ashley 

I winked at him. He made a "o" With his lips.  Andy looked over at us. He looked disappointed.. 

Ashley- Nichole!

I stood up and hugged Ashley


Ashley- Ok don't break my eardrums. I need them





Sorry bad ending  


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