A Billion Things

What if you had to decide between friendship and relationship? Boyfriend or bestfriend?

The bestfriends Laura and Amelie live together in London and all they want is to live a great and funny teenage life but then suddenly two boys came into their lives and their whole world turned around...


1. Move on

„4 Euros from everyone of you, please!“ ,the woman behind the counter demanded and stared at us with an annoyed look. Soon Laura and I payed and hung our jackets in a little dark room. „It´s party time!“ ,I shouted and took Laura´s hand and together we pushed us into the crowded room. We were in a disco in the centre of London and the music boomed in my ears. The ever-changing lights difficulted my sight and I had trouble to look around the hall. It was mega busy but through one gap I could discover a little bar, with different drinks in it, right infront of me. In the background there was a little sofa and in the middle the teenagers danced and raged. The adrenaline shot me in every pore and I only wanted to go on the dance floor to forget about all the trouble of the day. It seemed as Laura would feel the same because she started moving too. Together we went on and were moving our bodys matched to the music. I felt how it came into my blood, my heart won and my brain controlled. I forgot all and I was swept completly into me. Suddenly Laura tapped my shoulder and shouted: „CAN WE PLEASE GO AND DRINK SOMETHING?!! I´M THURSTY!!“ I had no plan about what she just said and so I shouted back: „WHAAAAT?!“ „I WANT TO DRINK SOMETHING! DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME?!“ Now I understood her and realized instantly how much my neck branded. How long did I dance? Right at the moment when I turned around and wanted to go to the bar, somebody hit against me and I fell straight at the ground. Something cold and wet stuck on my tshirt. In my head everything shook and I couldn´t see anything. It felt as if I stuck in a tube. I heard voices but nothing got to me clearly. Suddenly it was quiet and I only heard a familiar voice. Somebody hit me on the cheek and I opened my eyes. Laura leaned over me and fetched already off again to give me a slap on the cheek. When she saw that I had my awareness back, she stopped. „Are you crazy?! Why do you hit me?!“ ,I said meanly and stood up fast. My head began to boom again and I waved a bit to the side but two strong arms hold me tight and so I couldn´t fall. I looked up at a boy confused. He was a bit larger than me and his hair was blonde. „Hey! Be careful!“ ,he said with a smile and looked down at me. Soon I went away from him and introduced my selfe in the middle. I looked at them madly: „Can somebody explain me what just happened, please? And by the way, who are you?!“ „That´s Niall from... One Direction... and... well, some minutes ago you collided together and you were fallen on the ground. I think you were hit on the head.“ „Niall from One Direction?“ , I asked puzzled.
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