A Billion Things

What if you had to decide between friendship and relationship? Boyfriend or bestfriend?

The bestfriends Laura and Amelie live together in London and all they want is to live a great and funny teenage life but then suddenly two boys came into their lives and their whole world turned around...


2. In a stranger´s car

I was a bit shocked but my head ached too much and it didn´t give me a chance to be excited. In the mirror I looked at me skeptically and realzied that Niall threw some lemonade on me too while we were collided. My red hair that reached me almost to my hips, was disheveled and stood away from my head wildly. Also I was quite pale but my freckles were as strong as never before. Well... it was summer. Laura also looked at me and I saw her deep brown eyes. She was a little bit smaller than me and here dark brown hair a bit shorter than mine too. The situation seemed to be a bit embarrassingly and uncomfortably and so I said to Laura: „I think it´s better if I go now because I don´t feel so well... You can still stay. Maybe I can walk home or go by bus“ „No way! I´ll come with you but I don´t really think that we can still catch a bus at this time now but maybe a taxi?“ ,she answered me. Suddenly Niall who I´ve already forgotten, reported: „uhm... if you want I can drive you. I mean as an excuse or something like that“ He smiled at us and before Laura could have said something I began: „I don´t really now...“ „But please, Amelie!“ ,he begged and I blushed. I have never really liked my name but Niall spoke it out like it was something special. I took a deep breath and looked at Laura: „Is it okay for you?“ „Yes, of course“ Now she grabbed my arm and we all went out. The night air was pleasant and immediately I felt much better. It was bit cool for the summer but I enjoyed it and took some deep breaths. When we arrived at Nialls car Laura and I sat down on the back bench. In the car it smelled well and immediately I felt comfortably and as if somebody would push a button I got tired too. I fought not to fall asleep but it was difficult and my eyes hurted. You can not fall asleep in a strangers car, was my last thought...
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