I just don't fit

Catrina May tries so hard to fit in, but she just can't understand why she doesn't. But one day an amazing turn in her life forms from finding one person she doesn't have to fit in with, who she can be herself with.


2. Chapter 2

It took me an hour and many songs to walk to the school that was only fifteen minuets away from my house. I kept on turning back and walking half way home, and then turning back to school again. They do say two steps froward one step back but I think I took the saying a little too literally. But I did it. Even if it took me a whole hour I actually got to school. It may not seem like much but it was to me.

Standing among the crowd of lower sixth students, I attempted to gather my thoughts. My heart raced as I drew steadying, ragged breaths. All around me the milling crowd was dispersing, entering the main hall for assembly. I followed reluctantly. The year leader stood on the stage as the students filed in, taking their seats. I sat discretely at the back of the hall, hoping nobody would notice me. Just my luck. I tall, dark haired boy waved at me from across the room. I pushed my dull blonde hair behind my ears, trying to look normal. He approached and took a seat next to me. "Hey Catrina, long time no see, how are you?"


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