A Dream Come True

A young girl named Cassidy Anne lived down the street from her best friend Liam Payne. They are only three months apart. They have went to the same elementry school and same middle and high schools. They grew up playing in the huge tree in Liams back yard. Cassidy develops a crush on Liam. Does Liam feel the same? Will they become a couple after a strange night in the tree?


2. This cant be happening, I must be sick

Cassidy's POV:

Ok, so I have noticed that Liam has been acting really weird lately. He has been like caring towards me and kinda mushy. I even told my bestie Adri whats going on she even thinks that something is going on with him. She's also is dating this kid Zayn Mailk. Hes one of Liams best friends along with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. They write and sing songs together. Anyway Adri said the Zayn told her hes been talking about me a lot lately.

Liam's POV:

"Shut the window i have to tell you lads something." *Niall and Zayn get up and shut the window* "You all know Cassidy right?" All the boys nod there heads as i looked around, they also have a look on there face that looks like they're confused. "Carry on mate" Harry says in a pushy way. "OK,OK,OK. Well i'm crushing on her big time. I've liked her for two years! Something about her makes me get shy and I get this feeling that rushes through my body. The lads freak out!! Niall and Harry are jumping on my bed, Louis is running in circles and yelling, and then Zayn ran over to the window which i had to pull him away from.

Adri's Pov:

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I think Liam just told the boys that he likes Cassidy... Or they're freaking out for nothing, which wouldn't really shock me. *Beep  Beep* I look at my phone and i see Zayn's contact pop up. I had gotten a text from him that said "GET CASSIDY HE DID IT! HE TOLD ME AND THE BOYS HE LIKES HER! HE HAS LIKE HER FOR TWO YEARS!" Oh my god its offical. Then as im dancing around Cassidy walked in and ask whats going on and i told her nothing. She then glanced at Liam's window for longer then a few seconds. I got this weird feeling so i finally got her attention and asked her what was going on with her.

Cassidy's POV:

"Whats going on with you" Adri asked. I kept thinking do I tell her? What if he doesn't like me back? But I stopped thinking about it and just came out with it. "I LIKE LIAM!" There was dead slience in the room. I opened my eyes and looked at Adri and her jaw dropped to the floor. She slowly smiled and jumped around yelling and screaming. What she didn't notice but what I did notice was that my window was opened... I broke out in tears I knew that all the boys heard. Within five seconds Adri got a call from Zayn. He told her they all heard. She told the boys how upset i was and that I knew he would never like me. I couldn't focus on anything.

Adri's POV:

As i was on the phone with Zayn I looked out the window and saw Liam have his head in his hands. I couldn't believe what was going on. I hung up with Zayn and then saw the boys shut the window and put something in front of it like a blanket or something. So I did what any best friend would do which was comfort Cassidy because she clearly needed it. It was a friday night so I spent the night because I knew I Cassidy needed me there that night.


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