A Dream Come True

A young girl named Cassidy Anne lived down the street from her best friend Liam Payne. They are only three months apart. They have went to the same elementry school and same middle and high schools. They grew up playing in the huge tree in Liams back yard. Cassidy develops a crush on Liam. Does Liam feel the same? Will they become a couple after a strange night in the tree?


1. The young stage

Cassidy's POV:

"LIAM WHERE ARE YOU!" i yelled as i walked inside. "I kinda need my homework that you took." Liam and I are in the same 5th grade class. we're in the same class every year. So today he decided to take my homework and run home. Well the thing is he sometimes forgets that we live literally right next to each other. I walked in his house after i told his mom what happened. She told me he was in his room, which wasn't a shocker. I walked in and there he was sitting on his bed with my homework thrown to the side as his eyes where stuck to the tv. Now that i think about it i don't even think he realized i was standing in the door way. After a few seconds of standing there he looked at me with this funny look on his face. I jolted to his bed to get my homework. It was a rough fight but he won like always. After a good half hour of begging I got my homework back. Liam and I go way back. All the way back to diapers. Me and Liam are only three months apart, he is the older one out of us two. 

Liam's POV:

I thought it was funny how she thought she could fight me for her homework and think she would win it back. I always win, this happens a lot. It's been a while since she went home i wonder what shes doing. The funny thing is we live next door from each other and if we look out our window we can see into each others room. The cool thing about that is i don't have to walk out of my house to see if she can hangout in the tree. I looked out the window and i heard her singing some really girly song. so i yelled her name. I guess she was scared because she jumped. Then after she collected herself she came to the window. "Do you want to hang out in the tree?" i asked as she rolled her eyes. She yeah and then raced over to my house. 


*******skip the summer and sixth grade nothing exciting happened*******




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