A Dream Come True

A young girl named Cassidy Anne lived down the street from her best friend Liam Payne. They are only three months apart. They have went to the same elementry school and same middle and high schools. They grew up playing in the huge tree in Liams back yard. Cassidy develops a crush on Liam. Does Liam feel the same? Will they become a couple after a strange night in the tree?


4. The start to the finish

Liam's POV: 

After a three second pause i looked up to her beautiful face and said "Cassidy will you do the honnors of being my girlfriend?" She smiled and said YES! She jumped out of the lawn chair that she was sitting in. I picked her up and spun her around and gently planted my lips on hers. Then pulled apart and she gently said " you have know idea how long I have been waiting for this moment" 

Cassidy's POV:

I swear time stood still. After my dream had came true I walked Adri home and the boys went home. So did I. I have never ran in my house and up my stairs so fast. Once I reached my room i slung my windows open and looked out there he was. 

Liam's POV:

There she was. With the smile of hers that I loved. "I could stare at your beautiful face all night i wish I could hold you before I rest my head on my pillow tonight. I have dreamed of that moment for two years. I can finally call you mine, can finally want to kiss you and not have to hold back, can finally tell you how I feel and not have to worry what you'll say." She then said in the sweetest voice "Well what do you feel?" "I love you....................."

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