A Dream Come True

A young girl named Cassidy Anne lived down the street from her best friend Liam Payne. They are only three months apart. They have went to the same elementry school and same middle and high schools. They grew up playing in the huge tree in Liams back yard. Cassidy develops a crush on Liam. Does Liam feel the same? Will they become a couple after a strange night in the tree?


3. The BIG day

Zayn's POV:

Last night was crazy. So Adri stayed the night at Cassidy's house and me and the lads stayed at Liam's house. We had stayed up all night writing this song for Cassidy. Today is the day that Liam decided to grow a pair of balls and ask her out. Its going to be perfect! 

Liam's POV:

I have never been so nervous in my entire life. She isnt just a girl she is perfect. Every time Iook at her i just want to pull her to my body and kiss her. I mean when ever me and the lads write a new song her and Adri tell us what they think. But she is blunt about everything. If she doesn't like it she will tell you straight up no questions about it. I'm scared she wont like it and will turn me down and never talk to me again im super nervous. But right now i have to shake this all off and just set up the back yard and practice with the lads.

Adri's POV

So when Cassidy went to be last night i opened the window and talked to the boys and they told me about the song the wrote for Cassidy. I think she will love this! I mean i hope last night didn't make her change her mind. Cassidy just woke up, so now its my turn to get her ready, all nice looking, and get her over there.

Cassidy's POV:

"Cassidy get up were going to get our nails done." Adri says as im still thinking about last night. But maybe if I feel like it after we go get out nails done I may just ask him out. I just dont want to lose him. I'll never forgive myself. It will depend how i feel after we get our nails done. *got home from nail salon* Well apprently Liam has to talk to me. I'm kinda scared but im going to suck it up and go. But i want to look some what good looking. So I curled the bottom of my hair did my makeup up and finally got dressed. I pulled this white floral lace dress that stops a few inches above my knee. and to top it off i put on a pair of brown sandals and a brown braided belt to spice up the dress.

Adri's POV:

I'm sooooo happy for Cassidy. She looks beautiful, and she going over to Liams house expecting to grow the balls to ask him out. Well the tables have turned and she is about to be so happy, if not i'll cry seriously... Well anyway she looks okay and she sounds okay. Who knows how this is going to go down?

Liam's POV:

I hear her laughter from a mile away I could tell she was coming. I yelled at the boys to get in there spots. I had Zayn stand next to the wall so once they turn the corner he could lead her and Adri to the lawn chairs in front of the the mics and instruments. "Here they come" Zayn whispered as they turned the corner. She looked stunning, she had offically took my breath away. But then I forgot that i had to sing.

Cassidy's POV:

As Liam started singing with the boys the words sunked into my brain. The verse that meant the most to me went a little like this:

"I'm sorry if I say I need you

I dont care i'm not scared of love

Cuz when i'm not with you i'm weaker

Is that so wrong

That you make me strong.........."

After that i was in tears. I couldn't help but cry, I couldn't fight the tear any longer. But then it hit me. Was this Liam's way of asking me to be his girl friend? After he finished he ran up to me and grabbed both of my hands tightly, and looked at me and asked why i was crying. I just looked at him as i slowly stopped crying. There was a quick three second pause.


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